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    Using a Pacojet

    paco it twice like i said, the 1 time will mix most of it, then the 2nd will mix it completely, and then freeze,and after paco it bit by bit and everything is sorted, its what we do with our basil/mint/ coriander sorbets.
  2. Beurre noisette ice cream Ingredients 500g milk 500g whipping cream 100g trimoline 150g sugar (light caramel) 120g yolks Sabayon 50g sugar 250g beurre noisette Make beurre noisette and leave to cool Make a light caramel and add boiled milk, cream and trimoline. Make an anglaise Mix together and pass. try that and see how u go
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    at work we poach them in champagne and white wine, with blueberry's, raspberry, 1 bay leaf spring of thyme, cinnamon stick and star anis, poach them slow, the berry`s with help them go a pink- deep red depending on how many you put in. then blend them up really well. and with the puree we make parfaits, mousse`s and souffle base`s. then with the poaching syrup we do sorbet and jelly.
  4. Is there a french- english one? ← after searching around i am going to say no there is not, but i was just hoping, oh well guess ill have to order it like that
  5. http://www.derecoquinaria.com/lista_eng.as...a=14&subcat=138 i`ve just been having a look around and found the spainish one`s, and also that in december they are releasing it in english, and wondered if it was any good.
  6. bargin. ok i am going to be difficult here, i`d like the french-english version. failing that ill go with adey73 one. cheers
  7. does anyone know where the best place would be to order this from, i am not having much luck in finding it. cheeers
  8. alcohol helps them separate, or use something called dextrose if you can get it. or try churning a little more than normal. other than that could you not just re-churn it when it starts to split, because if your happy with the taste then dont change anything, this way you`ll have fresh churned sorbet.
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