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  1. I've been told by the importers of Plantation Rums to the UK that all of the Plantation Venezuelan rum has been sold, and there isn't any more stock. They're also releasing a Panama rum to there family very soon.
  2. I've got a bottle of the Elements 8 platinum & gold for you to taste but sending alcohol to the states from over here in Europe in a nightmare. Any suggestions?
  3. The man in question is Duane Dove. He has over 200 rums in his restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden and he also has a cocoa plantation in his native Trinidad. His web page is http://www.rumchocolate.com/
  4. Try Elements 8 rum. They have a 4 year old white rum and a 6 year old gold rum. Both are distilled and blended in St Lucia. And the bottle definately has a contemporary image. http://www.e8rum.com/
  5. Tanduay Rum from the Philliphines is the 2nd most consumed rum in the world selling 14.5 million cases last year. Most of the rum (98%) is drunk locally. India is another rum market that is growing every year with Old Monk, Mcdowell's No.1 Celebration, Contessa and Old Cask rums in the top 100 selling brands in the world.
  6. Some Cacachas are unaged but there are quite a few that get to spend some time in Brazillian oak barrels. These are normally pot-stilled "Handmade" Cachacas as opposed to the industrial type. Yes technically they can be called rum because they are distilled from sugar cane juice but so are some vodkas and gins. But we don't dare call those products rum!
  7. Nope it's unaged. Rum in the rawest sense. Bottled at 126 proof. And the top selling overproofed rum on the market.
  8. If you use a better quality rum in a Mojito or Rum Punch, you will have a far better tasting cocktail. And what is the definition of a bad rum ?
  9. If i'm in a party mood it's got to be Rum,Old Jamaica ginger beer, angostura bitters & a squeeze of fresh lime. If the mood is more serious or the company more reserved then it has to be a rum old fashioned. HMMMM. But the Mojito is still a good long drink. Especially if you drink it to the original recipe. Ice cubes as opposed to crushed ice. Limes & mint slighty muddled instead being of pummled to death. White sugar and lots of soda water with a dash of bitters. Alternatively add some fresh fruit or puree to the drink to give it a fruity twist. (Passion fruit is my favourite)
  10. I'll send you a sample bottle, once i get hold of some
  11. 1919 is definitely the best of the Angostura range. I agree with Ed that the 1824 tastes somewhat artificial. I shall be drinking plenty of 1919 with ginger beer, a squeeze of lime and Angostura bitters during Trinidads brief experience in the World Cup. Come of Soca Warriors...
  12. There is a big rum festival planned for London nexted spring...watch this space.
  13. 2 new premium white rums that have been launched here in Europe are BAQUBA, a blend of Caribean rums aged for up to 5 years then charcoal filtered. Its the only rum in the world bottled in an ALUMINUM bottle. The 2nd rum is Elements 8, a four year old charcoal filtered rum from St. Lucia. The packaging is great and the rums not bad too. Both rums are to be marketed as super premium, similar to 10 Cane. Don't know when they will reach the states but as soon as they tell me I will post it to let you all know.
  14. I think you should add Appleton VX to that list Mr Heatmiser. Its tasting notes definately will broaden your horizons. It's one the rums I always go for when educating whisky or whiskey drinkers palates.
  15. While in London, also try Cottons Rhum Shack & Restaurant in Camden Town. They list over 200 rums on there shelves from all over the world. Its run by Uk rum Ambassodor Ian Burrell. www.cottons-restaurant.com
  16. The rum from Mauritius is called Green Island,bacchant036.They also make a spiced rum. Worst rum i've tasted is STROH from Austria. Taste like a little bit petrol and nothing like rum. I have no idea how they market themselves as a rum ?
  17. The Sikkim rums are very popular in India. Teesta XXX, Black Cat, Striking Lion and XXX prize rum are the popular ones.These rums are column-distilled from fermented cane juice. I think the locals call it "Jaggery"
  18. If you fancy something completely different why not try COTTONS,London's No.1 Caribbean restaurant, for Sunday brunch. They do an excellent buffet at £7.50 per head. Food includes Jerked Chicken, Caribbean style salmon, Curried Chicken, Salt Fish Fritters and many more Caribean style tasties. With their clientel normally paying £25 per head for a meal there, their Sunday lunch is definately a bargain... Cottons 55 Chalk Farm road, Camden Town, NW1
  19. Hey Bean you've got a point but THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT !!!
  20. Has anyone ever tried Coruba Dark from Jamaica ? I'd be interested to hear your views if you have.
  21. Ha Ha Ha ha obviously these guys couldn't get hold of any decent rums for their tasting ...and the rums that they did finally taste were obviously too complexed for their taste buds ? Cruzan pineapple rum, (sorry pineapple liqueur) 85 and Mount gay Eclipse 83 ??? No Ron Zacapa, No Guyanese Demarera rums and No Barbancourt ??? Some Raspberry rum given the same rating as Appleton VX ??? and tasting flavoured/spiced rums against Aged rums is like tasting Baileys irish cream against Single malt Whisky or Grand Marnier against Hennessey XO. HA HA HA AND STROH 80 rum from Austria ????? give me a break....or a Bunderberg Black
  22. Oh Ed. I take it take you are indeed a brave soul to try bundy.. If you do want to mix it I suggest firstly get some GINGER BEER ( D & G old Jamaican is the best) some fresh lime and a dash of Angostura bitters. This will taste very similar to Goslings " Dark n Stormy. The 2nd mixer is a bible...! But on a serious note Bunderberg and ginger beer is so popular in Austrailia that the Bundy company have now started selling Bunderberg Ginger Beer to mix especially with their 3 different rums! They also sell Bundy and Ginger in a bottle called...Dark and Stormy.
  23. Its gotta be Appleton Extra (12yrs old), Neisson xo from martinique, El dorado 15yr oldand if you can get a bottle then try the new Appleton 8 year old reserve...
  24. Hi Laura. If you're ever in London and you want to aquire a 250 Anniversary decanter, then drop me a line as we have 10 bottles at our office here in England. They cost about $160 each.
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