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  1. In addition to cat's great list, Eugene also has two great fish markets, Newman's and Fisherman's Market. I happen to like Newman's the best, but they're both great, good selection and prices. I would say the restaurant culture here is pretty dreadful once you get past burritos from local chains or tacos from Plaza Latina. I don't actually require my gustary boundries to be pushed, gels and foams etc. aren't really my favorite, but I want it to be taste better then your average Sysco supplied restaurant. A lot of places here seem like they're cooking for the culinary equivalent of a 4 year ol
  2. I think I might have been hallucinating and mixed up San Crispino with Il Lab. But I'd swear that I've been to an Il Laboratorio del gelati in Italy. I think our goal is to hang out in certain neighborhoods and walk around while eating a cool spots in that particular 'hood. Il Lab was only on the list because of it's proximity to Katz, R&D, etc. But I'll keep an eye out for Otto too. regards, trillium
  3. The bottled kind that you squeeze and white stuff comes out of. Er, Japanese mayo. Too sweet for me. regards, trillium ← no, what I meant was...which menu items were using it? ← a lot of the non-local momofuku/chang press discusses his use of kewpie mayo.. ← right...in a couple dishes...most of which aren't even on the menu anymore. ← Um, I was referring to not being very crazy about okonomiyaki and raji's suggestion that one made in his kitchen would make a convert of me. They're frequently served with kewpie squirted all over them, and a bottle on the side to add more. I was
  4. The bottled kind that you squeeze and white stuff comes out of. Er, Japanese mayo. Too sweet for me. regards, trillium
  5. Order a knish at Katz's; different type of knish, but serviceable in a pinch. DiFara's probably not worth your valuable time to schelp, wait on line, be aggravated, etc. Don't forget the whitefish salad at Russ & Daughter's - they'll try to sell you bagels (H & H), but get your bialys at Kossar''s...remember, Kossar's is closed from Friday evening till Saturday around 8 PM. ← I think I would make the trip to DiFara's if I lived in the city, but since I don't, I feel like you do, not worth the time with only 3 days. I totally forgot that some of these places would be closed for Sab
  6. Thank you all very much for the suggestions, I'll keep them all gratefully in mind. I appreciate forewarning about relatives expense and waiting times. I have to be in a special mood to wait more then 30-40 minutes to be seated, and it doesn't happen all that frequently. On pizza, at this point I'm completely overwhelmed with the adamant opinions both pro and con that pop up for the most commonly mentioned spots, which is why I didn't ask for opinions here! I like pizza, I do. I've waited to be seated for at good spots in north America and Italy. But I'm not sure I'm up for the madness that is
  7. Because we have to eat? And are really not that good at making ramen? regards, trillium
  8. Exactly. Momofuku (either Noodle Bar of Ssam) doesn't produce anything remotely resembling any Asian "fusion" food that I've eaten in KL, Singapore, or the like, unless I missed the restaurant that served ten kinds of artisanal bacon, oysters with kimchi mignonette, or an old-school sauteed skate with Old Bay. It's a very distinct, very personal style of cuisine. Other than the fact that it's run by a chef of Asian origin and features some Asian ingredients, it's not the kind of food that you seem to think it is. ← I'll give you that it might not be the kind of American Asian fusion food
  9. Actually, that's my spouse! Can you give me 4 good reasons a ethnic Chinese from Singapore who has travelled (and eaten voraciously) in SE Asia (one of the cradles of Asian 'fusion' food) should get over the Momofuku block? Not trying to pick a fight, just telling you what you're up against. regards, trillium
  10. 4 adventurous and obsessive cooks/eaters/oddballs are meeting up in Manhattan next weekend, myself and the the partner included. Besides our fancy pants lunch planned at Jean Georges for Monday, we're hoping to keep it pretty econo in style. We're also planning to seek out things we don't normally cook or eat on home turf(Singapore, Seattle/Portland/SF and Boston are the culinary backgrounds). We're planning on doing a LES walking eatathon for Katz, Russ and Daughters, Yonah Schimmel's, egg creams, Kossars, Gus's Pickles, Il Laboratorio del Gelato (3 of us have been to the one in Rome, is the
  11. I think I must be pretty lowbrow, because I wouldn't call TAC Quick a dump at all (the neighborhood maybe, the interior no). I thought I was in the wrong place last weekend because it looked too fancy for a place serving good Thai food. I would give them a B-. The khanom jiin was a total disappointment. The yam kraphao plaa (fish maw salad) was decent and the thwat man (fish cakes) equaled what I ate in the night markets in Thailand. Depending on your tastes, you may enjoy going to Mysore Woodland, the dosai are good, the sadarava dosai not something you see in every South Indian restaurant an
  12. Wow, google really let me down! I did a site search and din't pull up anything. Thanks. I think my curiousity is just going to make me purchase a bottle just to find out how different it is. regards, trillium
  13. Dammit, I wish I'd have know about Warehouse Liquors sooner. I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and went to Sam's to fill out our bar supplies, there was stuff I just couldn't find in Madison. I was disappointed that I couldn't find any bitters there besides the usual. I also couldn't find Marie Brizard creme de cacao, which the last time I was there (ok, it was 6 years ago) they carried. According to an employee some investment firm now owns 80% and they're being encouraged to not stock interesting things, but just things that sell well. I also couldn't find the cognacs from small makers
  14. Anyone know what this is? There are a couple of dusty bottles at our favorite booze store in Madison, but I can't find any info on them. They were priced about $3 more/bottle then the Luxardo maraschino. regards, trillium
  15. I'd like to know when good times to visit are too. I'll be in Chicago this weekend and would love to stop by for a drink or two, but I'm not really into standing in lines for them, especially since we're pretty cocktail-fluent all on our ownses. On a beating a dead horse note, I was pretty happy to read about a cocktail devoted bar opening in Chicago, especially since we've moved back to the midwest and are still adjusting. But I was surprised that some people were surprised by the location or needed to defend the superiority of other cocktail-loving places as being more "serious" (Samuel, I'
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