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  1. I'm doing a bit of a Kolache tasting in West tomorrow and was wondering if anyone else had any other reccomendations. Actually, after the pastries, I'll probably want a proper meal. Has anyone dined at Sulak's Cafe or had anything other than breakfast at Czech American Restaurant? Oh, Turkey Shop & Cafeteria has closed.
  2. Lyle

    dallas korean

    Which one? I assume one of the corners of Royal and Harry hines? Mrbigjas, Seoul Garden is wonderful, and you can call for directions. You just have to prod a bit for the details. Most of the places in that area are greater than decent. Just don't make the mistake of wondering in to Korea House Restaurant. Other than that, you'll do fine.
  3. Lyle

    Olive Garden

    I may simply show my family's dining habits, but I remember the gleeful looks on my parents eyes as we first ate at the Olive Garden after it opened in Abilene TX in the mid-80's. And we went back. Again and again and again. I always ordered the eggplant parmesan, side of spaghetti (tomato sauce was a given). I learned the trick of crisping soggy leftovers in the oven. I hold more nostalgia with OG than any other restaurant. Don't laugh, it's just when and where I grew up. Too bad I've long ago passed it by. Haven't been back in almost a decade. edit: Even a better thing I won't go back. Nostalgia is often a wonderful thing.
  4. Lyle

    Olive Garden

    That is the only way for a restaurant like this to come anywhere close to delivering the same product from restaurant to restaurant. OG is far from the only restaurant that does this.
  5. What was the most surprising aspect of the professional kitchen when you first started working?
  6. Lyle

    Olive Garden

    But I find that true of most restaurants.
  7. Would members care to contrast the new and old Larousse? I own the newer edition and would love to know what I'm missing or getting that I simply don't need.
  8. At the Katz Deli in NY too... (although they call it "pastrami" there) ← Good. That's how I order it there too as I didn't know what deckel was. I'd hate to, ya know, look like a tourist.
  9. Enigma closed about three years ago. rasputin1072, what type of food/price range are you interested in? You're in a greatly varied area of town. Sorry, my question was to the wrong person.
  10. Both were serving deckel, and you could specifically ask for it if you were willing to be patient and have the folks in the generic white staff shirts ask the real staff doing the carving for you. That said and having tried the deckel at both, I still liked Salt Lick's brisket better. Elgin's was much moister than what they were mostly serving and still managed to keep the slightly firmer texture that Fat Guy liked. Salk Lick's though was much more seasoned especially towards the end bits which were practically caramel. Not sure who I was talking to but there was a blond woman wearing a denim Elgin shirt who didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for deckel. Her husband was right behind her though doing the carving and looked up to say "That's the side you like Honey." ← In Texas one orders "fat" or "lean" brisket.
  11. Thank you Don. Been away for a while and I forgot the great number of specific regions represented on EGullet.
  12. For those in Dallas, TX; El Pollo Campero appears to be opening on NW Highway between Webb Chappel and I-35. It's on the north side of the street but I didn't catch the exact intersection. No clue when it will open but the ediface appeared complete and windows were installed, as was the identifying signage. Will update it's opening as it's (loosely) on my way to the bank. [moved from DC & DelMarVa forum into Texas - Rocks.]
  13. Just curious; do you mean Trinity college or Trinity, TX?
  14. Rafa's on Lover's Lane has them. Edit: As do several taquerias near Marsh and NW Highway.
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