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  1. 10%, that's pretty sick to be honest. for the cost of less than what the meat is in many cases, it's just unbelievable. getting one right now.
  2. they're kinda sorta popular here in sweden, but i'm sure they're not indigenous. they're mostly used to make a sweet soup in which you crumble almond biscuits and whipped cream. i adore them, but i haven't seen them used anywhere - no cooking shows, cook books, e-recipes, anywhere really. can they be found in the states? have you ever used them?
  3. changed it up a bit. this is more to your liking? def looks better to me. * salmon tartare (topped with salmon roe, as an amuse served in a spoon probably) * salad of goat cheese, beets, apples * eel, quail egg (not sure how to serve this yet, suggestions very very welcome) * loin of cod, chantarelles, blanched leeks, lemon dill emulsion (clarified butter with lemon juice and chopped dill) * brisket with creamed sunchokes * rosehip parfait, blackberry compote, toasted almonds
  4. first of all, thanks a lot for the well thought out response. it means a lot especially, as i said, i am a complete novice when it comes to things like these. this is pretty on point... tyvm. this chevre-apple-beets-pine nut thing is something i've done sporadically and i really like it. it feels pretty seasonal now aswell. in the past i've roasted the apples and beets and kinda of layered everything vertically and that turned out fine. i like the baton idea though, that would leave a lot of room for beautiful plating and it would probably not stain the apples if i placed them on top of the beets. maybe some microgreens or something like that on top of the apples even...? and yeah the beets will be sous vide. good quality truffle oil mixed with créme fraiche or ricotta or a combination of the two. i actually think the soup seems kinda boring and pointless - it doesn't utilize the immersion circulators, i don't have any appropriate plates for it and it just kinda seems to not bring much to the table apart from autumnal vibes. it's just a soup. the wasabi+mushroom thing is a valid point indeed. it was really a horseradish foam at first, but then i figured "wouldnt it be nice to make it green to spice up the plating a bit?". plan is fake wasabi made out of horseradish anyway . i guess the chantarelles seems like more of an afterthought when you think about it right now. problem is, chantarelles here in sweden are MAGNIFICENT right now, absolutely beautiful, so i want to serve those in one way or the other. ugh i dont know. the brisket will be seared and then tranched before it is served (hopefully it will be quite pink/red). also the creamed sunchokes will either have chopped dill folded in to them, or chopped chives sprinkled on top of them so that will lend some color to it for sure. yes. i was thinking of cutting the kinda boring soup for sous vide eel + sous vide quail egg + something - perfect seasonality, i get to use the sous vide machines properly and its an exciting and probably delicious dish(never had sous vide eel but in my mind it seems like the perfect way to prepare it). are there any more threads similar to this that maybe someone could link to? there's clearly a lot to be learned! menu building would probably be a pretty good eGCI course...
  5. how big of a difference does the jaccard make anyway? it seems amazing that it isnt more widely used since it's something like $30 to get one. even a marginal difference in meat retention and tenderness should be worth a measly thirty bucks imo.
  6. don't know if this is the proper forum, saw someone else posted something similar here. if it's inappropriate, could a mod move it to the right place maybe? to celebrate the advent of my two immersion circulators arriving soon, me and the girlfriend are preparing a dinner for a couple friends so i just thought i'd ask the crowd for some help - i'm not experienced in this kind of thing so i thought i'd try to get some feedback, maybe avoid some pitfalls or improve upon the evening beforehand. does the menu make sense? the items, the overall picture? any way to make it more cohesive, more seasonal, more delicious? * salad of beets, apples and goat cheese with roasted pine nuts and a honey vinaigrette (not really a salad... more of a slice of good chévre topped with a brunoise of vegs and nuts lightly drizzled with the vinaigrette) * black salsify soup with truffle créme * poached loin of cod with butter fried chantarelle mushrooms and wasabi foam * braised brisket with creamed sunchokes * rosehip parfait with honey almond brittle i also want to make some sort of amuse bouche to make it complete, but i'm drawing blanks at the moment. thoughts?
  7. thanks for the helpful comments. this might a nooby question but how do i calibrate it? do i just keep in mind that the analog setting "55" on the IC really means 57? or can i set it straight in some way?
  8. YPants

    Any good eel recipes?

    ps, i've only had them at swedish smörgåsbord buffees which seemed like a great fit for them. they're so incredibly rich that i don't know if i could chow down more than a couple of pieces.
  9. YPants

    Any good eel recipes?

    i've only had it smoked and served cold. it's very good. someone in the sous vide thread said he very successfully cooked eel en sous vide. incidentally, this was one of the first things that came to mind when i first considered getting a water bath. trip reports anyone? my equipment won't be arriving for atleast another week.
  10. hey all, first post on eGullet. excited to participate and learn from u guys in the future. i recently bought a water bath on ebay, i think i slightly overpaid but the shipping was cheap and it looked like a nice piece of equipment so i went with it. it hasnt arrived yet, but here is the model: fisher isotemp 10l. anyone tried it? anyway, before i won tis one, i put out a silly tester bid on an immersion circulator, also from fisher, that i didnt expect to win. it looked super nice and it retails for $1150, so i have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why i managed to snag it for $100. here it is: now, i pretty much just wanted to make sure i haven't effed up somehow. do the both seem like decent purchases? will the FoodSaver V2840 be good enough with this other equipment? grateful for all help, ben
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