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    Ketchup Recipes?

    BUMPETYBUMP with BBQ season in full gear, this topic should be more hawt than ever! i have nothing to add but a few good sounding ideas from some real foward thinkers: ideasinfood that actually has their ketchup tutorial on youtube: using charred onions and cumin sounds pretty hot. and another cool idea from heston blumenthal - he makes a tomato concentrate using the seeds and the pulp of tomatoes and just reduces it. apparently the seeds and the pulp contains as much as ELEVEN TIMES as much umami flavor as the actual tomato meat! im guessing you have to have like a kilo or something of pure pulp to try this at all so maybe not that easy to try for a home cook but it sounds fascinating.
  2. breaded flatfish, brown butter, lemon juice.
  3. woops, meant AFTER reducing
  4. yes u guys have got to realize that the comments that was edited in during the dinner they had was probably said during her peak of annoyance and bitterness during the exit interview, not directly after the meal. she was probably rightfully pissed at getting booted. although one has to wonder, isnt it pretty fkng standard procedure to salt your stuff BEFORE reducing?!?!?
  5. ive owned the crap out of predicting this season. the quickfire was straight up awful. so much potential gone to waste. i love my oats tho but come on. every goddamn one of them made oatcrusted whatever. sooo many cool things i can think of off the top of my head.
  6. for the longest time, i preferred canned haricot verts to fresh ones. i cant really say ive switched sides on the issue - its just a different vegetable than fresh ones. different appeal. as much as i love the crispy fresh sweetness of fresh ones, i also love the mushiness and slight pickled taste of canned haricot verts.
  7. Salmon caviar, pepper and creme fraiche. ← oh man, sweet idea...
  8. my girlfriend just told me about this "fast food" place that apparently serves a bunch of different varieties of baked potato. sadly she was just passing by and it was closed at the time so she didnt get to see any freaky variations. i love having creme fraiche, bacon, parmesan and chives on mine. shrimp, dill, mayo is also great. but im looking for new ideas. i am gonna try asparagus and hollandaise next time. what is your favorite condiment?
  9. YPants

    A year of a deer.

    wow, fantastic thread. do u smoke any of it? i had smoked shoulder the other week, it tasted great. also, i think smoking the heart is considered a delicacy up north here in sweden.
  10. it will be 4-5 people, me and the gf included. no meat allowed but fish and seafood is more than ok. no other neuroses than i know of, everyone should be able to enjoy whatever we throw at them. my preferences? i like butter, expensive stuff and i like to challenge myself. three or four courses! this little italian deli has these black truffles that are quick frozen when fresh that we bough last year, they were really great so i want to buy one again this year. i have this salad that i actually mentioned in some other thread that i am considering... was thinking artichoke hearts (steamed?) on frisé lettuce with super aged comté, shaved black truffle, shaved radish (you know so they become this beautiful little red-bordered transluscent bite) and some form of vinaigrette. ive never made this but it sounds awesome in my head. a fish course is probably required too. this thread got me curious about butter poaching, another thing ive never done but would like to try - butter poached monkfish? also my gf will be getting a pasta machine for christmas so she would probably appreciate a pasta course. ravioli, openfaced or otherwise, served in consommé or otherwise, would be cool. deserts are just not my arena. but id like it to be refined and elegant, fit in with the other dishes and also, i have a strong preference for finishing meals with ice cream. ps, all ideas are 100% scrapable! i just want it to be elegant and exciting.
  11. apologies if this has been covered but i thought it was "important" enough to warrant its own topic. feel free to remove if im missing anything. what are you guys doing for new years eve? anyone hosting any dinner parties or anything? what are you making? im looking for inspiration. have a couple of ideas but nothing is set yet. i will share my ideas in a few hours.
  12. if you ever plan to dine out in gothenburg, stay away from la cucina italiana then, the place is terrible
  13. YPants


    god i love horseradish horseradish is a very classical accompanyment to stew beef meats like brisket etc here. it's also very popular with cod and other fish, mostly as a cream sauce. i almost always use it in mayo based beetroot salads and stuff like that. it also works great with roasted root vegetables. i think L'arpege serves a horseradish foam with some vegetable dishes? (these are all using grated horseradish, havent ever used it whole)
  14. hey wait, i was just and ate at a awfully awfully expensive italian restaurant here in town that boasted "alba truffle risotto". i was slightly suspicious because a) they werent all that pungent at all and b) they were BLACK truffles... are there even black truffles coming from alba? im guessing this restaurant is just ripping ppl off then?
  15. i really don't know why but the vinaigrettes i make never seem to turn out the way i want them. there's clearly a secret to be discovered somewhere. the tomato salads served at better lunch places here usually comes with a really delicious parsley vinaigrette and once i had a purely amazing chervil vinaigrette for a grilled white asparagus + pata negra salad at a michelin starred place here in town. now i know the secret is supposed to be "really good evoo + really good vinaigrette", but is that really it? that doesnt' seem to be enough to put it over the top for me. does anyone have any suggestions? i usually just whip together some evoo, some white wine vinegar, s+p and some herbs. more specifically, i want to make this salad for new years eve consisting of artichoke hearts, radishes, shaved black truffle and aged comté cheese. does good quality truffle oil sound like a good idea to use for the vinaigrette base? what else should i put in there?
  16. oh man almost died laughing there beautiful stake op
  17. i got a bunch of results by amazoning for benriner, some of them werent that expensive at all. check this one out http://www.amazon.com/World-Cuisine-Tri-Bl...25968747&sr=8-6 seems like a pretty simple tool, so i don't know if a $100 piece would be that much greater than a $35 one like that one. they seem awesome anyways.
  18. i just saw iron chef Sakai tear a carrot to one long beautiful uniformly thick shred using a strange kitchen contraption i haven't seen before. it was equipped with a lever and that's all i saw. help? amazon linky linky? thanks in advance
  19. id be tempted to say that chefs getting sponsored by knife, pots, pans, stoves, cheeseburger etc companies are more in the danger of "selling out"...
  20. very interesting read. and btw, that beetroot soup w braised oxtail ravioli sounds insaaanely delish.
  21. whats wrong with "pan frying"?
  22. are those notes readable for anyone? i cant read a word.
  23. i'm sorry, but i'm pretty sure this recipe can't be improved upon: 1 eggs 1dl wheat flour 1dl milk pinch of salt multiplied by any number. fried in good amount of butter in cast iron skillet. served with raspberry jelly and whipped cream. thin, slightly crispy around the edges, delicious.
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