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  1. Thanks Pastry girl. That's a good idea. I'll give it a try as well.
  2. I bought a copy from Chocolat Chocolat in Montreal. Looking at their website they have them in stock $90 CAD and comes with a mold - bonus Here's the link http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/home/books-dvd/c378158985/p17171712.html
  3. I am retiring so I am selling a single arm confectionery guitar cutter. Reduced to $3400 CAD. It’s professional quality equipment. It is in great condition. Purchased new from Design & Realization. I used it for cutting square and rectangular truffles which were a nice alternative to the round truffles. They were popular shapes for both weddings and retail. Here's the description from the Design and Realization site: "The Single Chocolate Guitar Cutter is a time saving precision cutting machine that is designed for professional Chocolatiers to cut into precise sha
  4. Kerry I am looking forward to a video on your EZTemper - sounds like a marvelous machine.
  5. That's what I thought. I'll see if I can find a pic.
  6. I recently saw some molded chocolates. The description given was hand painted with raspberry and apple juice (and cocoa butter I think) as they were very shiny. I like the idea as it's natural unlike colored cocoa butters. Anyone know of this method or used it? I'd be curious what the ratios are.
  7. Beautiful work -how do you get that wonderful textured finish on the cheesecake?
  8. Thanks minas. I have the Grewelling book, but had forgotten about that recipe. I'll give it a try.
  9. Does anyone have a favorite candy thermometer when making caramel? I have used Taylor digital and a traditional glass mercury type.
  10. Minas -your citrus jellies look so cute and tasty. Very interested in how you use puree in the banana caramel. I purchased Artisan Caramels by Sandy Arevalo. Lots of interesting flavors but I was disappointed to see she uses banana flavoring instead of real bananas in her recipe. I like to use natural ingredients whenever I can. Would you be willing to share your knowledge of how to use puree in making caramel - ratio puree, cream, sugar, etc and method?
  11. Just wondering if you have the dates for the 2015 conference. Would be interested in the Master Class.
  12. Lots of great ideas. I'll be using the ideas for my new space. Thanks
  13. I have several tubs of Boiron fruit puree in my deep freeze. I am wondering what the shelf life is of this puree if kept in freezer.
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