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  1. I would personally like to witness Guy Fieri in pain.
  2. Thanks, I obviously didn't investigate the sights deep enough. I want to make vegetarian sausages. What do I do if I can't find the right product?
  3. thanks for the help. At least I know they're out there. Now I just need to buy the kitchenmaid attachment.
  4. Does anyone know where I can order some vegetarian sausage casings that are comparable to the natural, edible ones? Ones that have that snap when you bite into them.
  5. I found that using a whisk like a masher (stabbing down on the taters with the tines) works the best. We have a potato masher in the resturant I work, and I've never used it in leu of the whisk. I also like melting a little cream cheese in some cream and butter on the stove then throw in finely chopped fresh rosemary to the liquid. Mash this into the taters. Good stuff.
  6. I quick pickle the cukes by bringing the brine to a boil with a pilsner in the pot and poor the hot liquid over them. Throw 'em right in the fridge and enjoy when chilled. The beer leaves an awesome finish on the flavor.
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