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  1. Kerry with Julian Rose from Moonstruck chocolate. Kerry teaching session on tempering, and her booth.
  2. The above is Kerry making bathtub ganache with Ill gotten goods. Jam from breakfast, cream from waiter, Chocolate we brought. Heated cream with hair dryer. If we can figure out how to post video, you can see her in action.
  3. Kerry drinking her $20 Nigroni. Kerry at the Ferry Building.
  4. So @Kerry Beal and I spent a few glorious hours touring Recchiuti Confections. Amanda gave us the tour, and Michael stayed with us. Two of the nicest people in the business.
  5. When did NEED enter the equation?:)
  6. You need to use direct heat. Round bottom copper pots are the best used with the correct heat source. There is no water to boil off. You are melting the sugar at about 300F. You don't need a thermometer as you go by color. You should be able to get a used Savage furnace reasonably.
  7. Not sure why, but today I was on a nostalgic kick. Haven't made some of these candies for years. Starting upper left, bark made with tiny fruit marshmallows (for grandkids), Crackle bar with rice krispies, chocolate fudge with almonds, penouche with hazelnuts, big peanut clusters, and finally peanut brittle. it will probably be next year before I make them again:). I'm thinking I might make some cherry cordials tomorrow.
  8. Wondering what chocolate you are using. Is it couveture? Looks thick, but might just be cold.
  9. It happens rarely, but usually that mold. Other times, we use that mold for months without a problem.
  10. Oh how I hate to have something to post here! Chocolate has such a way of humbling you! Just when I think I know what I'm doing, this happens. I lost about 30 out of 220 pieces. When they stuck, the whole tray stuck. I can't figure out why. It is always at the tip. I cut them and the chocolate at the tip is no thinner than the rest. It happened on lightly sprayed as well as heavily sprayed. CB was at 90F when I sprayed. The key lime ones were sprayed at the same time, shelled at the same time with the same milk chocolate. Piped at the same time and sat overnight together. Color and shape of the mold are the only differences I can see. Green are lovely and didn't lose a single one. Someone tell me why oh why.
  11. I just talked to Dana at Fiddyment Farms. She said the only difference is in the amount of refinement. The butter is grainier and thicker than the paste, which is smooth. Flavor is the same, texture is not.
  12. This is Cherry-Pistachio. Flavor isn't exactly what I want, yet, but needed something in white chocolate.
  13. @Jim D. Yes, I make a Maillard caramel for my cut caramels and a burnt sugar caramel for piping. I too am chicken when it comes to using my guitar to cut:). I use a large diameter roller knife. I really think the texture of the caramel is important to cut with guitar. Also, the exact final cook temp. I guess with practice, changing wires isn't so much of a problem?:). Great that some have figured how to do it without a lot of wire changing.
  14. On the caramel issue more generally, do you also find that a few degrees makes all the difference in the world? Do you have trouble achieving consistency from batch to batch? I make Maillard caramels and take them to 232F at 5000 ft. French caramels I take to 244F plus. If my ingredients are consistent, so are my caramels.
  15. That is a French caramel. You cook those to a higher temp than a Maillard. Cook 2F less than at sea level. In caramels, that is a big difference.
  16. Jim, are you making a french caramel like Jean Maries, or a Maillard caramel? What is your altitude?
  17. Another option for you is to use Costco gift cards. You don't have to be a member to use them. If you have friends or family that are members, have them buy gift cards for you. Also, my membership allows me two others to join for free.
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