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  1. Probably a little late but if you make it to Melide you have to try the pulpo at Ezequiel Pulpería. Simply octopus EVO, pimenton, and sea salt served in wooden bowls, and it comes with a nice cloudy ribeiro at a great price.
  2. There is a great market in Santiago also. I don't rememver exactly where it is but it is the Cathedral area and any local can tell you when and where.
  3. I really like this book. It is great for the home chef. A lot of the techniques remind me of what I learned in cooking school, only simplified. The pizza crust works great, and the focaccia made my nieces love bread. There are not any little "tricks" just different techniques.
  4. I am waiting for this book to come from Amazon I will review after going through it.
  5. Where is Nate Appleman at? I heard he left SPQR and A16 in San Francisco but had not heard anything else.
  6. I like Capp's Corner. It is not fancy or high end at all. It is a classic North Beach neighborhood eatery. http://www.cappscorner.com/
  7. I have to disagree. the last time I was there I had a pig ear salad, and salted pig liver brusschetta with a beautiful fried egg on top. in my opinion there is nothing tame or boring about it. What was thge menu when you were there. I believe the menu changes depending on what is currently fresh and available. As for A16 I had a great meal there the porchetta I had was great, the only complaint I had was that therer was to much cheeses on the pizza so it was very soggy. I am biased as I like light sauce light cheese. For me a pizza is all about the crust. It is close but I need to give it to Incanto
  8. I had a great time at this event, and now I need to go eat at Incanto. http://sf.eater.com/archives/2008/11/03/ha...muse_cochon.php I hope the briannaise is on the menu, and does anybody know where I can get some uterus?
  9. I guess soft serve is going to be the next big thing, here is the link to the NY Times article http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/23/dining/23soft.html
  10. mroybal

    Here come the tomatoes

    I like to do a large dice of a variety of tomatoes, then saute some sliced garlic a little bit of chili flakes. I toss in the tomatoes and any juice that has come out and give it a quick toss then add a little bit of fresh chopped oregano, finish with some whole basil leaves then toss in some linguini (or any pasta) then plate it and enjoy.
  11. mroybal

    Napa Dining

    I have to agree that Redd is great, but the only thing that disturbs me is the menu you describe is the same thing I had 2-3 years ago when they first opened. There is nothing wrong with keeping things on the menu but I would expect Reddington to change things up a bit.
  12. My boss likes the product, and now he wants to start doing a large promotion behind our soft serve. I guess he read the article in the New York Times and thinks we can capitalize on the trend early. They have another restaurant that already is.
  13. mroybal

    Pizza Dough

    Hi thanks for the suggestions, I will try them and run a few pies by the owners. I know the reason we go for an overnight fermentation has to main reasons the first being the owners like the flavor development from the extra fermentation time, and a more practical reason is we go through so much dough a day, our counter space is limited, and a new catering company that the owners opened stole our 30 gl hobart forcing use to have all our dough made at our main restaurant. I plan on going to pizzaioli this tuesday, and possibly a16 the same day to try their food, the executive chef says the pies at pizzaioli are the best he has had in the U.S. and he has spent some time in New York. I hope my expectations are not so high that it squews my perception of the food.
  14. mroybal

    Pizza Dough

    I can't promise a pie as good as those in New York, I think the water and natural yeast in the air make a difference, much like San Francisco sour dough bread
  15. mroybal

    Pizza Dough

    Here is the recipe, it is not scaled down yet but dividing by 10 should give you around a 3 pound batch, . I also add some old dough but it is not required 1 oz of dough should be good for a scaled down version. 20 lbs AP Flour 3 oz dry yeast 6.5 qt warm water 6.5 wz kosher salt In mixer combine yeast and water and mix w/ dough hook for 5 min. the add salt, then flour. Mix for 25 min on medium speed(2 on a hobart, 4 or 5 on a kitchen aid. Remove form bowl and place in an olive oil lined bowl, and cover, make sure you leave enough room for the dough to rise. I leave the dough in the walk in(refrigerator) over nigt. The next day I portion the dough 12 oz will make a nice 12 inch pizza. O shape the dough into balls and cover with plastic. It is best if the dough is left to rest about 5 hours, or over night. I prefer to shape the dough by hand, there are some good demo videos on youtube http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=SjYqw1CLZsA Let me know if you need any help This should work scaled down 2 lbs Ap flour 8.5 grams dry yeast 21 wz warm water 18.5 grams salt
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