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  1. Been consuming a lot of Fried Rice in Hong Kong during a recent trip, different types, with char siu, shrimps, salted fish, etc. They have a distinct aroma that I cannot get from cooking at home. I would guess this aroma comes from the shine/sheen that you can see on the rice. Is it the oil? lard perhaps? Or is it the light soy sauce? What is their common ingredient?
  2. Reading Thomas Keller's Under Pressure, a lot of the recipes, or probably most, DO NOT utilize the meat/poultry juices retained in the vacuum bag after cooking SV. Does anyone know the reason why?
  3. Hello! Anyone got any suggestions for chicken? I do chicken quarters or eights at 65C for 2 hours, then I grill them with some bbq sauce or do a fried chicken. The chicken is somewhat bloody in the thigh area near the bone and also near the small drumstick part of the wing. Anyone got suggestions?
  4. Could anyone here give some tips on how not to run out of water (by evaporation) during very long cooking times, like 48 hours? I usually set an alarm for myself to wake up around 3 hours after I do my last "refill" or addition of water, just to make sure my pot doesn't run out of water which would shut-off my thermal immersion circulator.
  5. CAV at Bonifacio High Street is great. People Palace at Greenbelt 3 is also excellent.
  6. CAV at Bonifacio High Street is great. People Palace at Greenbelt 3 is also excellent.
  7. What do you think of the following ingredients for a salad? Would they all go together? Assorted Greens and herbs Tomato Confit with some garlic (slightly salty, not too sour) Candied Cashews (sweet and crunchy) Citrus (mandarin or some lime) (sour and soft) Balsamic Vinaigrette (sour and slightly salty) Soft white cheese (soft ad creamy) caramelized pears or apples (sweet and crunchy) fine julienned carrots
  8. I am building a stainless steel tank to hold 12 racks of pork spareribs. I will position the ribs standing up vertically in 2 rows of 6 ribs each. Do you guys think I should position my immersion circulator in the center? Or near the corner walls of the tank (like the tank that Polyscience has)? And why? Thank you.
  9. When cooking PORK BABY BACK RIBS sous vide, what happens to the smelly scum that comes out of the bones? Would you guys suggest blanching them first to remove some of that smelly scum?
  10. Great info, guys! Thank you! In a restaurant business there are trade offs. Four or six hours on a steam table does far more damage to quality than a ten minute reheat on a grill. Jim ←
  11. I'm planning to buy a smoker, probably a Traeger or a Fast Eddy for my restaurant. What should I do with the unsold smoked ribs at the end of the day? I'll probably quick-cool them and store in the chiller after service. What do I do the next day? Smoke them again?
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