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  1. "If you have time to lean, it's time to clean" when cooks, servers, dishwashers are leaning on the counters.
  2. Great news indeed! Anyone know when it's set to open?
  3. I really like this book, not only for the recipes but I really appreciate the stories, and seeing some of the things that made d.chang successful. I tried a few of the recipes out at work. Like the pickled mustard seeds, which worked out awesome. Except don't bother trying it with black mustard seeds, I don't think they have enough pectin to work. I made some kimchi puree also, tried it with oysters. I also made some tare. Overall I think it's a good value cookbook.
  4. No restaurants claim to be "molecular gastronomy" but I know that 'C' restaurant quite reqularly uses these techniques ie. caviars, meat glue, etc.
  5. I'm not a picky eater by any means, but one thing that I cannot stand, is when there's toast crumbs in the butter. My family keeps some room temperature butter, and every time I look for some, there's always breadcrumbs. Double dipping the butter knife is a big time no no. I'm sure I could live with it, if they were brioche crumbs, but no, it's that damn generic multigrain!
  6. I have a copy. I have seen it for sale for up to 350$ cad. Which in my opinion is too expensive. (for almost any cookbook) The photos are really beautiful, they look more like they are presented on a canvas then an actual plate. And the first 40 or so pages are a dialogue between the two brother about memories and inspiration, which is awesome. They talk about there first visit to a Michelin 3 star restaurant in France and about the experience. And the origins of Le Calandre. As far as the recipes go, it's quite complex, I haven't tried any of them at home. although there's a recipe for sea urchin spaghetti that I would love to try. Each dish has several components to them, a lot of use with the Paco-jet. But also, there's still traces of authentic italian roots. Overall, I think it's an awesome book. It just depends on if you want to pay that much. It seems like cookbook prices have been going down recently in my opinion.... ex. Alinea, Crillon at home, A day at El Bulli, were all really good bang for your buck.
  7. For me Motomachi is king in Vancouver. Their shoyu ramen is on another level compared to anything else in this city. The design of the restaurant is awesome, it's really relaxing and they have friendly service + a couple cute servers. Also, they do serve beer which Benkai does not and for me beer is a necessity with a boiling bowl of ramen. Motomachi's garnishes are by far the best and the sexiest... watercress and pepper threads come on. I realize ramen is more about what's in the bowl and not the aesthetics of the restaurant, either way Motomachi is my joint... that is until someone comes out with Sloping Hills pork Ramen.
  8. I drive Hwy 3 from Vancouver to Osoyoos often. I wish there was more choices for eats a long the way. I hate being forced to dine on fast food. If you do make it to grand forks you have to try and find Borscht! My family used to drive to trail to visit our grand parents, and we'd always stop for Borscht along the way. The main spot that served it had a fire and never re opened, but most recently we went to a little diner on the main street and had some out of styrofoam bowls. It's not the typical borscht made from beets. It's tomato based, and insanely good. Otherwise definitely check out the Colander in trail. It's legendary.
  9. Where can I find zucchini flowers? in the lower mainland?
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