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  1. This sounds like a really bad idea. I think I'd disregard their instructions and keep it in the fridge. You can always br4ing it up to room temp right before cooking it.
  2. MaryJ

    Double Cream

    miladyinsanity: The filling sounds like a sort of lemon curd; lots of eggs and juice. pastrygirl: I never thought of using melted butter, but it makes sense. Thanks to all who responded. I'm dying to try this. MaryJ
  3. MaryJ

    Double Cream

    Is there any kind of American substitute, homemade or otherwise, for the double cream sold in the UK? Searches I've done suggest making creme fraiche, but they do warn that the final product is a bit acidic. My problem is that the recipe I want to make, a lemon tart, already calls for the juice of five lemons. I love all things lemon, but I'm a little worried about just how acidic the final product might be. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. MaryJ
  4. MaryJ

    Dinner! 2008

    It's been way too long since our old food processor died, so to celebrate our finally replacing it, I made a big platter of potato pancakes the other night. Served a few fresh brats and some kraut alongside, but they were definitely singing backup to those heavenly latkes. No picture, I'm afraid. The software that came with our new camera isn't playing nicely with my ISP. In any case, it's not the world's most photogenic dinner, especially compared to so many of those gorgeous ones I drool over here every day!
  5. Maybe if you could describe the "dirty" taste? I'm wondering if your liver could have had a run-in with a broken gall bladder; that will make it bitter and inedible. Did it taste bitter? The posters upthread who suggested chicken livers as a "starter" were right on targwt. They're tender, delicate and yummy. Try giving them a quick rinse under the cold water faucet (no need to soak.) Pat dry. Throw a little flour, salt and pepper into a bag and give the livers a good shake. Saute on medium until they are slightly gold on the outside and the insides have just barely lost any pinkness. (You might want to partially cover your pan; they can pop and send hot oil flying! I learned this the hard way.) Serve with garlic mashed potatoes or rice. Peas with pearl onions would be nice on the side. My mom's veg of choice with these was a bowl of creamed onions. Then if you like this, the next step would be veal liver, also tender, delicate and yummy.
  6. I've learned the hard way that no amount of grandkid-induced Thanksgiving stress can excuse starting a turkey at 425 degrees. (I must have lost a month and thought it was our Christmas prime rib!) I caught my mistake about a half-hour later, but I was one red-faced cook when that sizzly, burny smell overran the house! Our favorite family story involves one of our teen grandkids and a box of brownie mix. His brownies looked beautiful, but as our daughter told it, they tasted . . . different. When she asked him what he'd put in them, he said, "Well, you always say extra virgin olive oil is the best cooking oil there is, so that's what I put in them."
  7. MaryJ

    Vile Recipes

    One of my worst childhood memories is a dish that I innocently took a bite of at a potluck. Lime Jello with grated carrots and canned peas. The horror! The horror!
  8. After reading through this entire thread, I knew that I had to have the book. Now I'll be haunting the window watching for the UPS truck. A few days reading and absorbing, a grocery list, a trip to the Asian market in the next town, and hopefully before long, I'll be cooking some of those gorgeous meals instead of just drooling over the pictures. I really have come a ways from the young bride who thought a curry was yesterday's leftovers in a white sauce with a little grocery store curry powder mixed in. Now I'm even ready to brave the dreaded shrimp paste!
  9. This is my first post, so hope I don't mess up too badly! I already accidentally clicked on the "added" button; don't know what that did. For me, it's snails. I don't even like looking at pictures of the little beasties. I think I associate them too much with garden pests. Oddly enough, I love clams and oysters, even though I know they're cousins to snails. Maybe it's just that I don't expect to see them in our yard chomping on our plants.
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