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  1. Supper last night Gong Po chicken - Fushia Dunlops recipe - with me adding red peppers and using cashew nuts instead of peanuts as my wife is deadly allergic to peanuts Gai Lan - garlic & oyster sauce I went to a cooking demonstration that Fushia Dunlop did at a store in London, and it all finally clicked to see it
  2. This is what it turned out like I used a mixture of Oyster, sesame and light soy for the sauce - I could not find fresh fish stock at the local supermarket so I used a prawn noodle soup stock packet instead .... it was not to bad - 6.5/10 - the red peppers were a mistake with the celery and carrot - I should have used straw mushrooms ( I had some but I saw the use by date as being over 6 months previously while I am sure it would have been fine - my wife wouldn't let me ).
  3. thanks for the link - but I was hoping for recipes that people have used and found successful....
  4. Hi Everyone Anyone got good Scallop recipes they would like to share? I have 3/4lb of King Scallops -diver caught - but out of their shells. - If they were in the shells I'd steam with alittle soy and ginger.... a couple of weeks ago I had Scallops in XO sauce at aChinese restaurant in London and it was delicious - I have no XO or time to make it.... what else can you all suggest? Thanks - if it turns out okay I will photo and post! William
  5. They do these at the Red Pepper, Causeway Bay in HK - I love them and also at the American Restaurant in Wanchai HK I don't see them on the menu in China Town in London - although I have had them at Oriental City in north London ( Colindale ) there is a food court there and there is Beijing place that does them ....
  6. It is a Horseshoe crab - It would be a shame as they are supposed to be endhangered through loss of habitat - buy it and release it - as I did once! Frankly I am amazed there is enough to eat on it to even bother - mostly it ordered for face....
  7. okay some more images firstly lunch after a visit to Zhuhai & Zhongshan on business Roast pigeon . sadly some of it had already disappeared before I got the camera out ye heung kei gi - nice one as the dried fish was not too strong. ordered by one of my Chinese colleagues - promise!!! steamed prawns and garlic... delicious... hong sui dao fu they call this four seasons pork - so good... braised lettuce with garlic no meal is complete without... beef chow mein. then a day later quick meal in Jaffee Road in Wanchai in a local Beijing restaurant... their dumplings are really good so was the soup and the fried rice.... fried rice with ham, chicken and prawns and lot of eggs... sliced pork and pickled vegetable soup. fried pork and chives dumpling. a trip to Shenzhen hong sui dao fu sadly this ye heung kei gi is not so good - very strong dried fish over powering the flavours... and guess what.... beef chow mein then supper at my sisters and her husband's flat cooked by their Thai housekeeper who is a really fantastic cook red chicken curry prawn and lime soup - never had this before - so easy and good.... vegetable stir fry chau siu from Canteen at Prince's Building then we had a trip to Macau and we went to Fernando's which I love - fantastic bread salt cod - not my favourite though African chicken - super crispy skin and very moist flesh sardines - actually 4 but one was taken before the photo beef stew - flavoured with alot of garlic and cinnamon - very good... famous garlic prawns salad Portugese.... they soak the onions in vinegar... very nice, and tastey tomato.... thats almost it as I am returning to the UK in the next few days - will post more if they are interesting....
  8. more from my trip - a spot of lunch with my mother at the Ka Ho Restaurant at Lok Ku Street - just below 'Cat' Street and Hollywood Road - western end - just the sort of local restaurant I like - noisy and full of bussle outside yee heung kei gi (spicy aubergine with minced pork hong sui dao fu - 3rd version so far oh no that's beef chow mein again - doesn't he get sick of it ( you must be thinking)- err ....no! I also mentioned I would show pictures of Sai Kung wet market and our lovely meal - Italian but using ingredients from China so allow me some leeway - please... on the hunt for the clams and prawns - prawns and other goodies scallops looked really good - menu almost changed ... a couple of catty ( 2 2/3 lbs - 1.2kg) HK$90 clams from here - 4 catty $60 ( clams cheap in HK - mussels expensive) more market photos you have heard of the floating market in Bangkok - here's Sai kung's version a couple of prawns and a cray fish and a small fish managed to make a break for freedom .... back to the village house my sister and husband have in the country park cooked with garlic ( alot ) olive oil and chilli.... gambas a ailos ( spelling might be wrong) clams cooked in their own juice and water, garlic, shallots, tomato and parsley etc lovely shells left over Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did eating it!!
  9. I found I don't have enough time to post and work and eat - I still take photos except tonight when I plain forgot and spent most of the evening in Lan Kwai Fong catching up with an old school friend.... until 2.30am.... Supper at Tsui Wah Restaurant on Wellington Street - offers a mixed Chinese, European and Asian menu - again with the Beef chow mein as I love it and a plate of Young Chow Chow fan then a trip the next day to Stanley and to a restaurant owned by the same group that owns Hutong on 1 Peking Road very nice Dim sum with rice and daofu... will post more when I have time tomorrow.. enjoy Shu Zhai, G/F 80 Stanley Market Main Street pickled vegetable appetiser spring roll chau siu bao har gau siu mai yeung chow chow fan braised dao fu with soya & blackbean sauce views of restaurant nicely done with old Chinese Tea house ambiance - we were the last to leave after lunch hence it looking empty - delicious food and lovely atmosphere and happy staff....
  10. So supper at the Red Pepper .... sliced pork and pickled vegetable soup... with glass noodles nice touch - delicious with numbing hot flavour... part of the onion cake.... one of my mothers favourites dry fried string beans and pork ( and alot of garlic) salt & pepper squid their signature dish hot garlic prawns on a sizzling hot iron plate - the prawn mixture is poured onto the pre-heated ( searingly hot) plate as we hide behind raised napkins... all show - but the scent of the chilli is very strong and can make you sneeze or cough - almost everyone orders this... smoked duck with small steamed breads my sisters favourite - hot garlic aubergine and sliced pork... hong siu daofu - family favourite ( not quite as nice as the Guangdong Barbeque Restaurant... but still good ) kumquat beef - soooo crunchy spicy and sweet too... nothing like this in UK as far as I know - love it love it love it love it.... that was between four with Tsingtao beer and bolay ( puerrh tea) hmmmm Sorry about the image quality - the restaurant has slightly lower lighting and the flash just overwhelmed it and the table cloth is a lurid orange and has been for as long as I remember which means taking great photos is difficult... I thnink they use alittle MSG as I had bit of a buzz - or it could have been the huge protein fix... Next is the trip to Sai Kung country park and to the Wet market in Sai Kung and our clam and prawn lunch ...
  11. I went to my tailor in Hankow Road and opposite is the Guangdong Barbeque Restaurant which has been discussed before in Ah Leung's trip - I love the local atmosphere and had a nice chat with a couple sharing my table. I am here on business but have also brought out with me from London my 77 year old Mother who incidently was also born in HK .... I nearly always have the same thing here - fortunately with my mother with me it is less greedy between 2 than just me! I am abit of an afficionado of beef chow mein ( ngau yuk chow mein) but this was particularly good and the noodles had a different taste to just your normalegg noodles - possibly they use the noodles with scallopor seafood favouring what ever it is they don't taste as good in the UK.. my mother was in raptures about this - she loves hong siu dao fu.... really sweet and succulent chau siu nice suckling pig - could have ordered more of it but that would have been sheer greed.... and my tailor would kill me if I put on weight between being measured and a fitting..... then in the evening we went to the Red Pepper with my sister and her husband and frankly it was disgusting how much we ordered... I know people can be sniffy about the place and it was half full of gwailo's like us - but it has been a family favourite for over 28 years or more... and we always have the same thing..... I'll post that later. Today I am going to my sisters house in Sai Kung in the country park and she and her husband are Italian food fans but we will be going to the wet markets to get clams for clam soup and prawns for gambas a ailos ( spelling might be wrong). Although not strictly Chinese food - they are local ingredients and will post them as they are delicious....
  12. Late breakfast or early lunch 10.30am at a 'chop' house on Peel Street - nothing fancy here - lots of takeaway duck, chicken and chau siu while I was there nice use of the common cabbage as a green vegetable in the chausiu fan Further down - near Lyndhurst Terrace and Graham Street - local food market with some nice sea food..... vegetable sellers and butchers.... I love this style of aubergine - I can only get it at China Town in London - but never as long and as nice as these will post lunch later! I have go to bed!
  13. I don't post much but I am on my way to HK today and will report back what I end up eating - I can't promise it will be as interesting as Ah Leung's but I hope it will be of some interest to you all - I just have to learn to hold the camera steady when all I want to do is dive in and eat.... on my facebook page are some pictures of a previous trip http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1235...a2&id=605007723
  14. I really don't think you can't beat Fernando's - yes you can't book - but get their at 11.30/11.45 no problem - the menu is only in Portugese - but there are pictures! Its a once a year treat for me to eat there and I'd recommend it to anyone. I love the garlic prawns and the roast chicken - they do something special to it because the skin is so crispy and the flesh so moist - and the beef stew is a revelation - I am hungry just thinking about it - my 3rd favourite restaurant in the world....
  15. If Ah Leung wants a recommendation and he likes szechuan/sichuan food, I can fully recommend Red Pepper Restaurant 7 Lan Fong Rd Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Phone: 852/2577 3811 I love this restaurant - the sizzling prawns are ordered by everyone!! The kumquat beef is heaven on earth as are the aubergines in hot garlic sauce
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