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  1. I read that there can be significant energy savings with induction because of the lower venting and cooling requirements. Seems like it would make for more pleasant working conditions, too.
  2. I liked induction at my old house (actually 2 induction and 2 radiant burners for flexibility). Planning a remodel here, where I have natural gas, which is actually more expensive (don't get me started on the politics of energy). I think for induction, having lots of power levels is really important. The high-end brands here didn't have fine enough adjustment imo, although there was one cheaper one that looked ok. In the end I decided to stick with gas so I could have a wok burner, although it appears some induction burners pump out enough heat.
  3. haresfur

    Sous Vide safety question

    I drove some SV pork about 2.5 hours and put the meat and SV water in a cooler for the trip. The water was getting down near the the danger zone when I arrived. I suppose it depends on the starting temperature, how much water you have, and the quality of the cooler. Wrap it in a few blankets to be sure (and to catch any water that slops out). Minimal reheating on the other end, too. I don't see why it would be a problem anyway, since you food will be pasteurized in 72 hours and the bags will still be intact with no way for bugs to get in.
  4. We go on about cocktails and such but what are you sitting down with to sip on its own? Maybe with some liquid or solid water, maybe neat? A dash of something else, perhaps, who am I to make rules? I'm sure you know what I mean - for me it is something to contemplate, or keep me company while I contemplate the universe. Today, I dug out my bottle of EL LADRÓN REPOSADO from Venus Spirits in Santa Cruz California. For me it is best in small amounts, neat. I am very happy.
  5. You can get Ranch in Australia, but it is far from the religious sacrament it is in the US. I don't think it sells well.
  6. haresfur

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    I think of a pizza base as a blank canvas - there is plenty of room for all kinds of things to create. That being said, I don't get the Aussie Pizza with fried egg, ham and maybe pineapple +/- bbq sauce. Even putting fried egg and beetroot on a burger makes more sense to me.
  7. haresfur


    Yeah, kind of. I must have jinxed my Aldi one because it stopped pulling enough vacuum. So I bought a new one from them (still way cheaper than a foodsaver). Decided to give the old one a last try. It worked fine. I don't shop at Cabela's anymore. I bought camo sheets and a camo nightie for my DB... She disappeared. (joke - we don't have Cabela's here).
  8. haresfur

    Tequila Cocktails

    Australians love their lemon-lime and bitters. A standard drink for designated drivers. They come in bottles but a good bar will mix lemonade (like Sprite, not american style) with lime and Angostura bitters. But grapefruit soda is hard to come by so I was excited to find soda grapefruit lime and bitters for a Paloma. I used 2 oz of a somewhat ordinary blanco, squeezed 2 wedges of lime and topped with the soda. A little sprinkle of pink salt as garnish. The bitters are a nice touch.
  9. It's infantile but the Ball Blue Book, still makes me giggle.
  10. I prefer wide mouth jars, too. But I usually find the regular mouth ones seal better. I thought it was because the smaller circumference made the lid edges pull down tighter. The lids on the regular jars seem harder to pry off to me. I guess you have a different problem.
  11. Probably just you. Do you care for chicken breast prepared other ways? What don't you like about SV?
  12. haresfur

    Cold Brew

    Probably the only water bottles he had when he first started selling it. They would crack open the screw top, pour a little out, add cold brew then re-cap. They also do cold brew with milk and vanilla syrup, but I'm not big on that.
  13. haresfur

    Cold Brew

    Yeah, I don't know where my coffee man came up with it. You use the mineral water to dilute the coffee concentrate.
  14. haresfur

    Cold Brew

    I don't know these brew packs. I use a French Press and brew for a half day in the fridge. I hacked together a cold drip system but it is more of a pain and doesn't seem significantly better, although I need to do a side-by-side test. Cold brew in fizzy water is surprisingly ok.
  15. Belted-Galloway Tri-tip at 59 degrees for 24 hours then smoked on the gas grill for about 15 minutes. Served with chimi-churi as suggested by a couple of online recipes which was a bit weird. Texture was good but should have dropped the temp was a couple of degrees high for this.
  16. An induction burner doesn't throw as much heat as radiant electric or gas.
  17. Christmas is usually too hot for cooking in Australia so most people forgo the turkey and eat cold food. Prawns are popular as is sliced ham. Here is my version from last year. Clockwise from top left: smoked salmon & capers, tomato & basil, ham, fresh snow peas, olives, nashi pear, bresaola.
  18. haresfur

    Drinks! 2018

    Not sure if it is what you are after but Libation Legacy recently posted Curley's Favorite to twitter:
  19. haresfur

    Blanco, Reposado or Anejo?

    I prefer reposado to blanco in a margarita, but have decided a 50:50 mix is "perfect".
  20. haresfur

    The Dishwasher-Loading Topic

    My mother always told me "Incompetence won't get you out of doing the job." She was wrong.
  21. Australians call live chickens Chooks. Seldom used for the meat.
  22. haresfur

    Gardening: (2016– )

    Keep piling dirt on top of them. The stems will send out new roots and if you are lucky you get more potatoes. I grew some in a ring of tires and kept adding tires on top, with some success. Found some potatoes when I was putting in raised beds over the spot so I think I'll try again.
  23. haresfur

    How to cook aubergine / eggplant?

    I have had success cutting it in cubes and roasting it with garlic in a clay pot on the grill while cooking meat so it catches some of the smoke. I usually peel it because the peel can make my mouth itch, unless it's had the shit cooked out of it.