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  1. How much of the creamed spinach can be made hours or days ahead? I'm trying to shy away from recipes that require immediate service. Wondering if I could perhaps refrigerate after the cheese is folded in.
  2. It would be really nice to have a temperature probe inside the PC so you just adjust to a consistent temperature rather than a consistent pressure. Wireless RTD, anyone?
  3. http://www.amazon.com/American-Weigh-AWS-100-Precision-Pocket/dp/B001ODPFXE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1353299482&sr=8-2&keywords=aws-100
  4. Oy, good luck cleaning that thing haha Cleaning a drum pump is not that problematic. There are no valves and pistons. It's like a centrifugal pump, except centrifugal pump is not self-priming. Inside drum pump: http://www.globalspe...0eaf4c9186e.png A peristaltic pump is ideal, but difficult to find one with high capacity. dcarch A centrifugal pump can be CIPed. A vane pump cannot - and I am sure many of them cannot be disassembled for COP.
  5. Yeah, the only problem was that the included QR code reader on my BB 9700 wouldn't recognize the code. I had to download NeoReader to check it out. And man oh man do programs want access to damn near everything now.
  6. Silicone but it is expensive. We use it in brewing. Dcarch- it's called a peristaltic pump. If moving the liquid were a usual part of the work flow I would recommend a peristaltic pump. Very easy to clean, robust, quiet, self-priming, does not shear the fluid much.
  7. Oy, good luck cleaning that thing haha
  8. Did convection affect the results? I suspect that oil cools rapidly when in contact with cold food and that the oil does not "get out of the way" of hot oil quickly enough to maximize the rate of conductive heat transfer. Perhaps if you swish the piece around, you would get better browning for the same oil temperature and duration of immersion.
  9. Not necessarily, but you can certainly do so. All you need to maintain the flow is to have the discharge of the tube lower than the level of the supply. You just need to make sure you prime the tube first (evacuate the air). This can be done in many ways.
  10. This will not work, if it is based on the Venturi effect, which I think it is. dcarch Yes. Unless you want to dilute your soups and stocks with water of unknown quality.
  11. What the heck. Now I have to learn how to use those things...
  12. The book specifically says you cannot substitute. I read that. Is your answer that it cannot be done, period? I understand the difference is that the powdered lecithin has been de-fatted. Is that an irreversible change?
  13. Is your thermocouple calibrated?
  14. 5) I would rather do a dry brine than a wet brine for poultry breasts. Is there any reason why I should not salt and vac seal a breast using s1 grams of salt (and s2 grams of baking soda) for T1 hours and then allow the skin to air dry for T2 hours? 6) 2% NaCl concentration by weight is an acceptable salinity? 7) How do I ensure that the baking soda I use is sufficiently non-degraded? If I checked the pH of some mixed into water, would that be useful?
  15. 1) Has anybody tried the sweet potato puree variation of the potato puree? Is the starch retrogradation still necessary? As the text does not say this can be omitted, I would assume that it is, but I am not aware that sweet potatoes have the same starch structure. 2) what temperature/time is necessary in SV to gelatinize poultry skin in order to enhance its texture after sear? Does a regular bath at ~135F accomplish this? 3) How can one substitute powdered lecithin for liquid lecithin in these recipes? 4) Would it make sense to use deboned turkey legs for the turkey confit?
  16. Hate to bring up a necro thread but I'm trying to verify my ownership of MCaH and I cannot find anything on the MC site to help me do so.
  17. Maybe it isn't compatible with whatever coating came from the factory. Try stripping it all with lye or abrasive and starting fresh.
  18. Did you follow their recommended temp for the turkey confit?
  19. What's the shelf life of this stuff? Indefinite?
  20. Just looking for suggestions is all, preferably those that need less than a half-day. Thanks, rotuts.
  21. I'd like to make the braised short ribs but I don't want to go to the trouble of making the red wine glaze. How else can I sauce/garnish it?
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