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  1. There seem to be rice cookers that can cook rice only. If the cooker is turned off while it is baking bake, this means that you cannot bake it with that rice cooker. Simply give it up. So, I would suggest getting a cheaper model and using it for purposes other than rice cooking. ← This really stinks! My Zojurushi is worthless as a cooker of breads and cakes. But it makes wonderful porridge, mixed rice and of course plain rice.
  2. Yeah, I've seen that. I heard it was from a manga comic. That bread is a yeast bread and firmer so it's easier to flip.
  3. Well I flipped it twice and sent it through 3 rice cooking cycles and it's still doughy in the middle... I guess I will try baking half a loaf next time.
  4. Ovens are hot. Hot apartments on summer days are not fun. The Japanese have many more uses for their cookers since small apartments and dorms sometimes don't have ovens. I'm just trying it out. But no, I'm cooking banana bread. I just flipped it and reset the cooker so I'll see how it comes out. I was just seeing if anybody has experience with this type of cooker and maybe knows how to set it to cook for longer periods of time than the automatic settings.
  5. I've been seeing recipes pop up about how to back breads in a rice cooker. But I'm having a problem. My rice cooker is a really expensive Zojirushi (this one) The only thing the timer seems to do is turn it on at a certain time. I want it to stay cooking to bake the bread but the sensors keep shutting it off as if it was cooking rice. Does anybody have experience baking bread in this thing? Maybe I need to leave it longer while it's on the "keep warm" setting? All the directions online are very vague and makes it seem as if it keeps at cooking temperature for an hour. It doesn't say anything about the keep warm function.
  6. I got a little further in my search for noodles. This time I used hot water and a mixture of unbleached all-purpose and cake flour. Then I kneaded the heck out of it and then used my stand mixer to knead it even more. I noticed a difference after a while and the dough got really smooth. But I think I overkneaded it though as the noodles were soft! Next I'm going to try experimenting with baking soda as the Chinese use an alkaline solution to add a yellow tint and a different texture to the noodles.
  7. They all want $60 to ship it to me! A case of 12 butane only cost $15!
  8. I can't find any good recipes online for Chinese style chewy wheat noodles! It's impossible! One recipe had me use 2 cups flour and 1/2 cup water. When I ran it through my pasta machine, it came out the other side full of lumps and holes! And that was on the widest setting! All I want is a simple wheat noodle recipe for soups and stir fries! I don't care to know how to hand pull them. I had really good fresh noodles at a Chinese restaurant in Korea in jajang myeon and jambang. They made them chewy and delicious with a machine and I have no idea what the recipe was! Can anybody help?
  9. Have a look at the recipe for pad thai in RecipeGullet:here -- the first few ingredients are for the pad thai sauce. I make large batches of something similar to keep in the fridge. I use a mix of white and palm sugar, but otherwise it's pretty close. ← Thank you so much for that! And it uses tamarind, which I have a pouch of!
  10. I spent a lot of money recently on a Thai cookbook on Amazon because it had high ratings. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to 'pad thai' and found the author uses tomato ketchup in the sauce. Not only that, but all the ingredients are added separately. I'm looking for a pad thai sauce I can make up ahead of time, keep in a jar in my fridge and add all at once to my pad thai. And one that doens't use ketchup!
  11. I've heard a couple things regarding vanilla extract, maybe someone can help me out: Mexican vanilla is the best. In fact, it was one of the things many people considered a reason to go to Mexico, and family bakers, moms and grandmoms would ask their family to pick some up while we were down there. Any reason? I wasn't interested in baking that long ago so I have no idea. I heard of a company has invented a way to extract vanilla without using much (or any?) alcohol. Are either of these true?
  12. Wolfgang Puck products sold on HSN and in warehouse stores. I love this man for some reason. I have mixed reviews on his products though. I know I abused the pans and that's why his stainless steel products are pitting (I think). But his small appliance line stinks. I bought a food processor (all plastic junk) his rotisserie oven (worked beautifully for the first several months and then kaput) and his panini maker (which is superior to the Foreman as it has deep, narrow grill marks that prevent food from steaming unlike the Foreman. And the panini maker and some lesser used pans are what I still have and still use, along with his santoku set which I throw in the dishwasher, re-hone and their still pretty decent knives.
  13. I've had several experiences when buying imported foods from Mexico and Asia where the ingredients listed or the nutrition information is obviously wrong. The latest two: A brand of Japanese buckwheat noodles. Listed as no fiber. It obviously has flecks of wheat hulls and a nutty flavor with lots of fiber, and other brands reflect that. Another odd one: Wang brand Korean sweet cake. A chewy cookie made with rice. It's ingredients list wheat flour, glutinous rice, malt syrup, cotton seed oil, sugar, sesame seed. Do you see any animal ingredients? No! Then why does the nutrition information list that each cookie contains 7% of your daily allowance for cholesterol, only found in animal products? I've called, emailed and written manufacturers and importers with errors and when confronted, they never respond. How do I change this?
  14. porkfat

    Soda Syrup?

    Here you go: https://www.baristaproshop.com/catalog/class.php?classid=15 My favorite brand as they're made with real fruit and sugar. You can look around the site for diet versions as well.
  15. Check out this link, there are some recipes. I prefer Mochiko brand sweet rice flour. There's chocolate and coconut ones, also ones coated in Chinese dates. http://www.geocities.com/scocasso/mochi/mochi02/mochi02.htm
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