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I'm a young 20-something from the NYC metro area with a degree in Women's Studies (and a minor in Anthropology) trying to get experience before going on to try and get a PhD in cultural anthropology. I seem to have an almost unnatural love of food and the culture of food. It's probably because besides language (which I've failed to learn well), it's one of the few ways that I feel (as a first-generation American) I can connect to the ethnic heritage of my mom (Cantonese, from Hong Kong) and dad (Jewish, from Eastern Europe).

Eventually, when I have money (I hope!) or necessity (such as for anthropological fieldwork) I'll make my way out of the US to travel and eat all sorts of different things. Mmmmm...

Ideally, I would focus all my anthropological energies on food and just learn and write about food for the rest of my life, but I don't know the plausibility of doing that and still having enough money to survive (without being financially dependent on anyone, obviously). I'd love to get more serious about cooking (as in beyond amateur home chef) as well, but that's probably not going to happen unless the food anthropology thing happens.

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