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  1. I've been looking on Amazon to see what I could find in terms of vegan, gluten-free baking books, but not really sure which ones would be good... I find sometimes these sorts of books don't have very appealing recipes, and the results turn out to be poor imitations of the "real thing". Does anyone have any recommendations on which would be good books to start with? I don't have true allergies, but food sensitivities to wheat, soy, eggs, dairy, and cane sugar, nuts... *and more ... ugh* But I love baking obviously and all the traditional baked goods and pastries like everyone else! I still eat these things in moderation, but I sure don't feel good after eating them = ( Can anyone recommend books/websites/recipes/other resources...? Sure this information would be helpful to others as well.
  2. I've got chocolate on the brain.... Does anyone frequent Cocoanymph on W. 10th near Alma? They have really good artisan chocolates and the thickest, richest hot chocolates anywhere in the city that I've tried. I'm wondering if anyone has taken chocolate classes here in Vancouver (or anywhere in N. America) and has any recommendations? Also, does anyone have any chocolate books to recommend?
  3. Can anyone recommend some bakeries in Oahu that could do a simple cake for approx 14 people (it's for a wedding, but I don't need tiers or anything fancy)... My budget is around $50... Doesn't have to be custom made. I'm happy swinging into a shop and picking up something in the display case for a reasonable price... I'll be staying on the North shore... not sure if there is sanything suitable up there. I know there's Ted's bakery, but I think they do more pies? Thanks!
  4. I guessing the popular choice would be Thomas Haas... anything in Vancouver though? I'm going to try patisserie lebeau again... but I find them a bit on the small side...
  5. I signed up for the Serious Pastry classes this month... I am DYING to make almond croissant
  6. Thank you for your comments. I know some French but I need to study again! Wish me luck = )... Off to your wine blog!
  7. Not sure if this is better here or in the France forum. Can anyone recommend some nice wineries to visit in this area, particularly in the Sancerre area? Or anywhere else in the central Loire area? I was told by a coworker who tried to tour Bordeaux in her car that it was very rustic... basically just driving up to people's farms and not really set up commercially. I really just want an "authentic" experience... welcome arms from a small family vineyard or something a bit bigger and a chance to buy some wine that isn't stupendously expensive.... Merci bien...
  8. Anyone have suggestions on a good day trip from Paris... I am looking for a good guided tour that isn't too expensive and will run on a weekday (thursday or Friday). I am thinking of going to either Loire Valley or possibly Burgundy. I don't know much about wines... so a guide that will provide a good education as well! Hope this is not too tall of a task. I apologize if this topic has been covered before... search terms didn't come up with anything relevant.
  9. I don't know about the best, but definitely one of the better ones in town. Wazubee on Commercial Drive. Be prepared to pay though. I think it's almost $8! Making your own is preferable = ). I use Tyler Florence's ultimate tiramisu recipe... hehe.
  10. Where can I find it? (I was going to make my own, but I think buying 7 pounds of shelled clams is going to cost a pretty penny! Will canned clams suffice if I were to make my own?) I'm planning on heading down to Granville Island. Hope there is something worthy there! Thanks!
  11. I am pretty sure the translation on Chinese dessert menus is "Double boiled egg white with milk and ginger juice" But I just threw in the yolks because I didn't want to waste. Sounds something like "doon dan" ?? I don't think milk + ginger would set up like custard. Old ginger. I didn't know. I bought fresh as I have no old!
  12. I made this last night, freestyling from 3 recipes I found online. I used this: 2 cups milk 1 tb ginger juice (clearly not enough!) 3 tb sugar (also not enough!) 2 eggs I heated the milk with ginger juice and tempered it into the sugar/eggs mixture. I put the custard into my steamer for approx 10-15 minutes... The texture on top had a bit of a curdled appearance. Is this because of the steam droplets from my pot cover?? Underneath however, the custard was very smooth. One recipe suggested the use of rice vinegar to prevent "egg curdling"... this had little effect. Please help, thanks.
  13. None of those sound familiar.... but I will try to see what I can track down at the local safeway! Thanks guyz...
  14. I would like to make some chili cheese dogs.... the lazy way. Does anyone have any (canned?) chili recommendations for me? Bare in mind that I live in Canada and don't get all the fancy american brands... I have tried Stagg's... I didn't care for it too much. Thanks!
  15. Well, They really aren't making the prices very accessible for lower income families, of which there are many in Vancouver. Honestly, it feels like I have to be an elitist to afford more than one bag of apples... Good point about the prices of apples from smaller producers being higher than I had expected, as apples in markets are usually subsidized in some way. Yeah the line-up for the apple tasting was ridiculous. My friend went on Saturday afternoon and that was the only thing she wanted to do but she didn't bother because she was there a bit too early and didn't want to wait around for so long.
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