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  1. i think antony misunderstood "modern" with "inedible"... sorry but some of the things he did were inedible, all judges said so. olive oil ice cream with white chocolate? awful... fish with mozarella balloons? yuk! you have to be able to eat what you cook, and from what I saw, 3 out of 4 of his dishes, apart from his main were just inedible. now.. I will be the first one to support those plonkers that are the judges in GBM, but sorry.. some things just dont go also antony came out very annoyingly arrogant and snooty...
  2. I saw that program with Antony in GBM. I really did not like his personality, at least as ti came out in the program. I also did not like his food. Olive oil ice cream with white chocolate and olive oil foam?? that mozzarela balloon? with fish? sorry, but some things just dont work, however pretty you make them look. also having 25 different ingredients is not my cup of tea... I guess there is a reason why it took a few years for him to get that michelin star...
  3. I am a burger purist. nothing goes inside the meat apart from salt, 1% of the weight of meat. Form the putty rub with sunflower oil (to withstand high heat) and heat your pan until it is scorching hot. place putty on pan and flip every 20-30 secs. For puttys of 1.5-2cm thickness that I usuall do, it should take about 6-7 mins until core temperature reaches 65-67C. USE A PROBE! remove and cover with tinfoil for 5mins, they will reach 70C in the meantime. sorry but anyting above 70C is impossible to be kept juicy, unless it has a lot of fat in it... I cannot eat more that 15% fat burgers. the
  4. RedRum

    Vinaigrette Question

    0.5% of guar gum in dressing works great.
  5. RedRum

    Sushi Brining

    I last few months I have been trying to eat a lot more fish (3-4 per week). usually is salmon, sea bream and bass. But I love sushi and would love to make it at home. I can get fresh fish, but is there any other processes that needs to be done for the preparation of the fish to be safely eaten? I friend of mine told me that all sushi is left in brine to sterilise it. Does anyone know a bit more about this?
  6. that was great! thank you! now if you can find me sources for algin and calcic I am cooking for you!
  7. does anyone have a good source in the UK for hydrocolloids (alginate, xanthan, etc) apart from the texturas line? I think they work well, but they are overpriced. anyone with any other sources? many thanks
  8. I use my panini toaster to make salmon skin crackling, which as I serve with fish soup. oil and salt the skin very well, put in in the toaster in medium to high heat, after 10-15 mins you will have the most delicious skin.
  9. Hello, great to see people are interested in this! I had almost half a liter of bacon drippings that I warmed up with peppercorns and bacon bits. let it cool a bit, and then poured it over the eggs in a taperware sealed and then in fridge. I washed and rubbed the eggs before putting the drippings to unclog pores. I have to admit that the bacon taste was not very strong, but it was there. I am trying to find ways to intensify this, which means a lot of research in egg physiology;)
  10. Hello, this is something I experimented with. We know that the eggshell is porous and permeable, hence is can absorb smells and flavours. What I did was to dip 6 eggs in a container full of bacon drippings and pepper corns. left it in the fridge for a week and then boiled poached, fried and boiled the eggs to soft yolks (2 for each method). I was really surprised!!! the method that had the strongest flavour of bacon and hints of pepper was boiling, although frying and and poaching also gave hints of smokeyness and meatiness. Has anyone else tried this? I think the possibilities are endless!
  11. this is a huge thread, may I ask something? is there a problem to cook in a bag without creating a vacuum? I was thinking of doing chicken breasts, with some garlic, olive oil, thyme, lemon, green peppercorns, in a zip lock bag (without removing air), and then putting them in the griddle pan for 3-4mins for crispening the skin. I know it is not sous-vide, but is there a problem with that?
  12. RedRum

    Porterhouse steak

    This is an old thread but I would like to add my experience for a good steak. Until now the Alton Brown method was the one for me, but I added a bit of butter when grilling the steak in the pan, to give more colour. I now do the same BUT dont put it in the oven. I follow what Blumenthal and McGee do (partially). - very hot cast iron griddle pan (I like the lines) - 1minute on each side to get the marking and colour, then add butter and cook 30 sec more on each side. and turn the heat to medium - I then flip the steak every 15 seconds for 5 mins (20 flips). According to Henston, this is similar
  13. here is a website with the products essential to achieve Adria's spherifications and foams. http://www.texturaselbulli.com/ENG/contacto_01.html I have not bought from them, but it seems pretty good. Next time I buy my ingredients I will inquire from them, will let you know of their prices. Has anyone bought from them? would be glad to know.
  14. It depends on the consistency you want to achieve. for Adria'a Caviar, it is 2g of Sodium alginate for 500g of juice, and 2g of calcium chloride for 500g of water. I have gone up to 4g in of alginate to achieve firmer textures, but any more makes things unchewable.
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