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  1. any idea how much is the tasting menu? I would rather splash the money to our local Midsummer house, or some other stared restaurant if Roka is on that price...
  2. Has anyone eaten there recently? My missus saw the chef Saturday Kitchen, and thought the food looked interesting. I said that before we book I should consult with my uber-informed eGullet peeps I was surprised I cannot find anything with the search function. also surprising is that the online menu does not show prices.... Many thanks
  3. A bit off topic, but I love when eating alone most of the times the staff things I am a food critic. It happened in San Francisco when I went in March for a conference, and it happened that 4 out of the 6 days to eat alone. never had better service!! I have to admit that staff and service in SF are impeccable in most places I ate, very friendly.
  4. That is great news! They still have the menu from May, I am waiting for a menu change from Mark until I visit again. Their fixed-price menu is a steal, 17.50 for three courses, especially on Mondays you can order it all-day (instead from 5-7 in the rest of the week). I cannot think of a better value for money meal. It is also great that they have a big selection on half-bottles. I am not visiting as much as i should...
  5. thanks for the photos, Kitchin is one of my future visiting places. I really like the plating and the saucing specifically. No smears, no wiped purees, no dots. just a good amount of sauce over the food. good stuff!!
  6. hahaha!!! Cool name SF!! Fan of the great David Firth as well?
  7. I think the lamb dish needed a bit more variety in the veg section, but I think had I seen both dishes in the menu I would have gone for the lamb. Mark does come up like a douche though... I saw yesterday's episode, where he was driving his Ferrari and he said that when he was a kid he said to himself that when he will have a Ferrari before he turned 35.... wtf is that about...?
  8. I think this all "taste of home" and "cook for the soldiers" theme has crippled chefs a little... I don't think it is very clear what they are asked to do, hence we see some weird dishes... The previous years were much more defined, each chef simply cooked the best dish he could come up with, with many dishes ending up on restaurant's menus, and others now being classics (like the BLT starter, the custard tart and the cockles and oxtail turbot). not many memorable dishes this year...
  9. I cook chicken the Keller method. In the and, after basting it with the juices, I put it underneath a very hot grill, which crisps up the skin. The blowtorch idea that someone mentioned could work! I will try it next time are report back
  10. I am really surprised with Nigel. It seems that his food is full on flavour, maintaining a high culinary standard though. He whipped Flynn last year, he should whip Byrne this year, he seems to be able to adapt to whatever dinning situation you throw to him. Never was in my primary dinning destinations, but I guess this should change...
  11. that pour piece of fish covered with something that looked like coming from a sick pigeon was one of the worse looking dishes I have seen... what are these people thinking off??? The crab dish on the other hand, although it looked quite simple, I am pretty sure that tasted great.
  12. Has anyone worked with GR to confirm this? For some reason I always thought his on-screen personality was a bit of an act (even the first TV programme about him striving for the 3rd star). t times on "Kitchen Nightmares" I though I saw a chef who liked to develop talent by giving people a chance, coaching them and stretching them as evidenced by people like Wareing, Harnett, Atherton, Sargeant, Zanoni etc. Which does seem at odds to the TV persona. Which is the real Gordon...? ← Of course anything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when TV in concerned. I think Boiling Po
  13. I thought that lobster dish was divine, but it a Gordo dish, he did it on telly in the F word when he was using farmed caviar. Corrigan is a tit though... so annoying...
  14. I have seen the youtube videos Gary Marshall has put on when MPW was 27, he still had the same demeanour on screen, calm, not talking much, though he was much different in the kitchen (as we all know). I think what Gordon very successfully did was his kitchen persona on screen, the full-mouthed swearing on-8ball-energy type of chef. He was the first to do it, and no one has done it successfully on screen since. On the other hand, watching MPW work in the kitchen when 27 was amazing, I have never seen a chef on screen with such elegant way of moving in the kitchen and such immaculate technique
  15. wait a moment... I have bashed Ramsay in this thread, but come on.. wasn't he 13th last year? I find it impossible that the quality of the restaurant dropped more than 90 places with in a year... I suspect it was a mixture of loathing, jealousy and envy for the tons of money he has made...
  16. the only reason I wanted to watch this was for his masterclasses. Seeing him cook is a pleasure, and seeing how he does thing very instructional. what happened?
  17. I think you missed my point (or I did not convey it properly...). It is not the quality of the ingredients, I am sure the ingredients he uses are top notch, properly prepared, cooked, stored etc. It is the notion of "cutting corners in the kitchen", used ready-mades whatever the quality is. He bashed Delia and MPW for approving ready-mades, because it takes away of the cooking pleasure, the care that goes into the food. I have heard GR over and over and over and over and over mentioning these in his "preaches".
  18. MPW sounds like he is under heavy doses of diazepam and anti-depressants... The pace of the show is painfully slow, I have to admit that good ole boy Ramsay is much better on TV.
  19. in my mind it plays like this: -GR makes a few million quid from making TV programs, where he bullies pub/restaurant owners for being lazy/incompetent/not caring enough/, because their food is bought, is not fresh, etc etc... -He repeatedly goes on TV saying how freshness, putting in the effort, showing love and care for the food products, makes a difference, and customers appreciate it. - He bashes MPW and Delia for their decisions to start incorporating "ready-made" products in their cooking -he opens a bunch of gastropubs - he provides the gastropubs with ready-made products - he replies
  20. I like Ramsay, and I like his food and TV shows but this is bullcrap... He has made it his gospel to preach about seasonality, locally sourced, seasonal, freshly prepared food. He even went as far as saying that out of season ingredients should be banned from restaurant menus. In Kitchen Nightmares he takes on small restaurants and pubs and murders them if they have anything prepared outside of the kitchen. And then he opens places where nothing is cooked in the premise, while people are paying good money for the food? Say whatever you want, but if a place offers a pre-cooked/packaged potato
  21. That is a good lineup. I was a bit curious when MW was telling the chefs off on how simple their dishes were, while he cooked a custard tart, but I then checked his whole menu for the competition and it was awesome. Menu structure is very important, and if you have very complicated and extravagant dishes for starter, fish, main, I guess you could have something simple (yet delicious) for a dessert. I have to admit that custard tart is my favourite dessert, and have used his recipe to cook it. If myself can make it taste so good, I cannot imagine how good his was
  22. this week has been very boring... the food uninspiring, the chefs not witty, the only thing that interested me was how the red wine sauce was made for the beef dish... whose up next week?
  23. I think "Chopping Block" has been... well.. chopped... very bad ratings
  24. I think what is happening with the new chefs is that because they have never been on TV or in the competition, they try to go balls out both in their cooking and their demeanour. I know both Purnell's and Kitchin's cookign is simple, and they both are nice blokes, but you can see the calmness in the way they act, as they have both been lots on TV. The "new" chefs try too hard to impress. Regarding last week, if I were to pay I could have eaten Clifford's menu, but I understand that for the occasion Glynn's was a better choice. I also think liked Kitchin's starter more, but I agree that it is
  25. I am excited Clifford from Midsummer house is in the lineup.
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