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  1. The beans sat all night (good for me I remembered!) then I boiled them and threw out the water. I then added new water and cooked for about 2 hours till soft. I keep the water for use later and for cooking soups... Then I thermomixed the garlic I add a bit of the humus water to the garlic Then I add the beans and more water and grind well, adding more water until I get the right consistency. I add at least 1/2 cuplemon juice. cumin,salt pepper and some olive oil. Then about 300g tehina paste. Blend again, put in a jar,decorate and keep in fridge.
  2. I realize christms in nearly in, so merry christmas to all celebrate it. I will be finishing the blog tomorrow as I would like to include the Romanian christmas lunch... For today I will add some lunch pictures and making humus.
  3. ready just on time! oops the chanuka menorah!! B'tayavon! (Bon Appetit- it's time to eat!)
  4. the dressing is quite yum- soy sauce, silan,balsamic, olive oil and herbs/spices. Pour on salad half an hour before serving (when the fish goes in!) Husband got the table set. He also does clean up...
  5. While fish is waiting in the micro so the cats dont get it, the potatoes are roasting, the soups are made, I give the fish trays to the animals tolick to the very last drop. Two cats missed out on the treat somehow and two got extra! WHile they lap it up I make the salad.
  6. Half an hour before the fish goes in, one hour before dinner, the potatoes need to go in. I use olive oil, paprika, galic, parsley,thyme and marjoram, mix it all in well and that is it! roasted
  7. Believe me it is delicious. Now I cut vegetables for the fish stuff with vegies decorate with vegies for those who hate seeing heads and eyes (!) My bass oil. lemon juice,paprika, garlic and parsley In the preheated oven 200C for 30-35 mins.
  8. wrong thermomix cooking picture-never mind, I cooked for 14 minutes at varoma... here is the right one! speed 10 to blenderize, add coconut cream and cook for a few more minutes.
  9. Carrot soup, which is a favorite in my house The thermomix chopped the onions, garlic and ginger slices and then sauteed for a few minutes. Then I added the carrots chop up the carrots Add broth using the vegetable paste cook
  10. Yes, he did heat it.It was quite hot. SO now we are post dinner. It was challenging taking photos and cooking. I was a bit time limited as my il laws were arriving at 7:30pm and they get tired rather quickly so I don't like them having to wait too long for dinner. Funny thing is that my MIL brough that Lachuch (2 gutteral sounds here...), that Yemenite bread similar in looks to Enjera!! I made mushroom and carrot soup, my son doesn't like mushrooms... fish, red and white cabbage salad and roasted potatoes I think I said this all earlier ) I used my thermomix for the soups. I documented the thermo during the carrot soup-cant recall exactly when-mad rush... Getting mushroom soup made: It was a bit too thick but delicious.
  11. yes I know that one also!! I know from georgian people here that the cuisine is amazing...
  12. Gruzia-Georgia? You also had to drink it? I actually loved it-but I am very weird!!!haha!!
  13. Just popped in before shabbat dinner. We have fish-Denise (have to look this up in English) and a bass for me, roast potatoes, carrot soup ,mushroom soup and a red and white cabbage salad. I wanted to make roasted vegetables as well, but my oven is too full. I always make too much anyway. Nikkib-thank you ever so much!!!!!!!! Ladybug, I honestly thought of you when I read that on the menu!!!! YOu need to go to the fresh market for this stuff-ask around-you want me to find out for you? Lovely weekend to all, I know many of you are celebrating christmas-so merry christmas! SHabbat shalom!
  14. Well, now I need to make the shabbat dinner. I will also post photos on this. Bye for now!
  15. The enjera bread reminded us a bit of a yeminite bread that my family loves called Lachuch-it also has those bubbles only bigger ones. The enjera is sour and has a faint twangy taste to it. At the end we had a small taste of "taj", which is a fermented honey drink. A bit like beer, only from honey. More customers arrived This group asked me which "channel" I was from... I told them "an international food forum, not really a channel"
  16. The bread is made from a gluten free grain, called Teff. Here is a picture of a small jar of teff. It has a sticker on it reading, "from me is what Enjera bread is made from" SInce not many items were available we ordered a vegetarian lentil dish and a beef dish (which my husband said was not so great) No forks,knives or spoons I really enjoyed my lentil dish dish, it was well flavored.
  17. At first we were the only customers but soon it started filling up a bit The menu-they even had an English one!
  18. Well I am too full although I didnot eat much. That Injera is very satiating!!! We drove about 45 minutes north to south Tel aviv, near the old central bus station. Being Friday it was mostly closed as many businesses close Friday and Saturday. We found Habash, the Ethiopian small restaurant being cleaned and washed. Even though I had called the day before and made reservations. No big deal, we went for a brisk walk and returned 20 minutes later to a clean restaurant. The person in charge was also the cook and waiter and cleaner. He was very smiley and nice. He apologized that most of the food was left overs from last night (!) since they do not cook on Friday, because the Sabbath comes in early. Okay, so we will eat leftovers. Go with the flow. From the outside inside photos
  19. Good morning! AT least for me it is one! SO, let's see. Pastellim... okay, they are either triangualr shaped as in the photo here of cigar shaped. I dont make the dough. The dough can be bought frozen. You can also buy frozen pastellim and "cigars". The dough is similar to phyllo but not exactly the same. It is called "warka" dough-basically just flour, water,salt. It is thin like a leaf. Calipoutine! Hi!!! I am honored... The burp producing donuts was hilarious to read!! It is so funny to think of people lining up like that, and yet, at Rolodin's restaurant here that is what happens when Chanukah rolls around. I am completely Ashkenazi, however,my MIL is yeminite,which is not exactly sephardic either, different. Lots of neighbors and friends are Morracan or Tunesian etc and my kids love the food! Who doesn't? My FIL is hungarian (holocaust survivor)and he always talks about how they ate pasta with something similar to cottage cheese and with preserved plums, if I recall correctly. He is busy writing a book now on Hungarian food at home as his memories recall from his life before the trouble began. Funny, but he has a Yemenite section as well because when he was dating his wife, her parents kind of adopted him and so he had plenty of their food and it became a part of his youth. Amazingly enough, some foods were similar-milk soup, goggle- moggle, and other dishes. Today we are off to an Ethiopian restaurant, which I will obviously post about later. My friend, a lovely lady from Romania has been busily preparing Saturday lunch, Romanian style, using her mother's recipes, inorder to give respect to her husband, who celebrates christmas. She has been documenting the process for me, and on Saturday I get the camera. From the beginning to a set table. She even makes a snowman from vegetables.
  20. I am not sure what Krispy Kreme is!! Anyhow, beet leaves are "Alay Selek" - עלי סלק then there are similar ones with the red "veins" or stem - "alay mangold" - עלי מנגולד mustard greens are "ALay khardal" (the kh is a horrible gutteral sound like a gargle!)עלי חרדל You can maybe copy the hebrew and past into google pictures to see what they look like...? I love greens- I stir fry them, and add spices. ESpecially on rosh hashana-since beet leaves are a part of the sephardic "seder" or ceremony.
  21. In most vegetable stores or markets or supers you can find beet greens. I have to see what the others are in Hebrew and I will let you know. The cottage sandwich? So simple. Usually it is just cottage on a roll-the long type as in the nutella sandwich picture or on the regular bread as served with the shakshuka. ANy bread is great. The older kids eat whole wheat now. I cut green olives in half and decorate the cottage with them. Of course A lettuce,tomato and cucumber sandwich with cottage is fantastic but not if it has to sit around awile. Where are you from if I may ask.
  22. Lunch out the other day. At the beach front in Tel Aviv port. I love humous with fried mushrooms. I even love dipping my chips in this. Sunset couldn't resist taking this of these ladies. This is a huge yogurt with granola
  23. After biting a tiny tiny hole in the corner, they suck the chocolate out while gently squeezing the bag. This is done on the way to school, at school break, in the car, on picnics-rarely at home where one can use a scissors.
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