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  1. Well Shelby, I apologize that my melissa does not look so great. I hope you are also an anti depressant to those around you! You always make me smile -you always have something nice and kind to say. I also like the Bedouin guy You are very lucky to have an international isle in your neighborhood super. Ladybug! Are you new here in this country? I am so glad you are enjoying my blog-thank you! You can pick that "Arab bread" and make something from it. Kids pick it when it has these fat seeds before it flowers, as they are delicious and crunchy and look pretty. About milk bags. First, they are cheaper than a plastic jug or a carton. They are part of the list of foods which are under under price control as it is a real basic-like bread-plain white or black. It is considerably cheaper than cartons or jugs. It is also a small amount and therefore doesn't go off. And it is better for the environment. It can be thrown in the recycle for plastics and carton cannot be recycled. Lastly, it takes up much less space in the garbage! I used to buy only bagged milk, but I had too many tears and messes in the fridge. It also requires a plastic jug thing and when drips of milk spill into it it smells!! One of the Israeli kids' favorite is a small bag of shoko-chocolate milk. It is very popular. It has about a cup and a bit of chocolate milk in it. I hate it because they have to bite it open after it has been who knows where and touched by who knows (they never get sick strangely enough,from this).
  2. We all love adamame-soybeans. It is fun to chat over food and adamame especially. Put into boiling water and cook for 5-6 minutes. Add plenty lemon juice and sea salt -coarse is best
  3. We cannot survive without fresh salad and humous My daughter had "Pastell-im", which is filled with either meat or potato, so here it is potato-more potatoes... Oh dear!! Well she is very skinny so I guess once in a while... fried till golden
  4. I decided to do an oily lunch in honor of the oil for chanukah. I made french fries, which we call chips. For many chips-in plural, we add the hebrew plural so it becomes a double plural really. Chips-im soak in water for a while to get rid of starch boil for a few minutes Dry off well fry till golden and crispy serve hot
  5. Melissa. Good in tea, good to lift the spirits sage and basil Parsley
  6. A few pictues of my herb garden. We have a bad drought so the garden is suffering a bit. I water it with water that drips from the air conditioners (used for heat, but hardly needed as it is not cold at all, like it should be). I often also collect water from the sink, whilst waiting for hot water to come out, quite a lot can be saved. Same with the shower water. We have about 20 aquariums and do partial weekly water changes but this water we use for the plants and grass, not things we would eat as sometimes my husband puts antibiotics into the water. We really need rain. cinnamon basil. Lovely aroma and flavor Lemon geranium-has a great smell and we use it in tea a lot. You can also see leaves from the Passion fuit hedge lemongrass, also in tea or in ganache Louisa-good for tea. Has a lemon smell and taste. Good for a sore tummy
  7. my daughter's purple nail polish-sorry!
  8. A well loved sweet here is the Krembo. It has a biscuit on the bottom and on this is marshmellow fluff. It is all coated in chocolate.
  9. Then, of course my son had to grab the candies and pretend to take them all. A chase ensued, he got caught, she got her candies back! stollen
  10. Package arrived today from a dear friend of mine who lives in Germany. She sent cookies, some for my high school pupils, and some cookies and candies for us. It was fun seeing sweets from somewhere else and my son and daughter tried some right away! inside this long "bar" looking thing were smaller packets and inside the smaller packets were wrapped up bite sized fruit chews/toffees. The kids liked them
  11. your Bubbi. Do you think they know what our memories are of times spent with them? Those precious moments. I remember waking up early to bake with mine. We made babka and small ones-I cantrecall their name right now but surely it had lach on the end. I made her figure out the recipe as it was a completely granny type recipe. A pinchof this a handful of that, if there is no milk replace with this or that... It took forever as I would remove what she had put in the bowl and measured it. My cat just jumped onto the keyboard and typed all sorts of nonsense. Then she tried to catch the arrow from the mouse!! SOmetimes I sit here and two cats are strolling around the keyboard, the computer and me. Oh I love animals so! Kitchen pictures. I dream of a huge american kitchen... Oh well!! My pantry is a room that has so much stuff crammed into it, I should have made it bigger. I suppose there is never big enough.
  12. I took some kitchen pictures... My pantry is in better shape than ever before because of a food moth attack during one summer. It all began 2 years ago when my husband, my youngest daughter and I went to the states. We took her to Disneyworld etc. The boys were home from traveling and university. The pantry was attacked by moths and the boys decided to just close the door to the pantry so that they don't fly all over the house. Mom will take care of it when she returns ! So we had a 2 year battle with the moths. No matter what I did, they came back. I still find one or two every week or so. My cookbook shelf
  13. Genkinaonna-thank you! I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. My daughters as well-from an even younger age,however, my eldest daughter has begun eating meat recently. The boys are all meat eaters. I have begun eating some fish- long annoying story with my food limitations, but some fish I can eat even though I was told to stay away...
  14. ON the topic of "Israeli couscous", here it is called P'titim, which is flakes or little pieces or even "chips" as in chocolate "chips". Israeli couscous
  15. I mentioned that my kids prefer macchiato to all other coffees. Here my son made himself one to help him "study" for his entrance exams. opened to show you get the glass ready with sugar (!)
  16. hand grate the potatoes beat two to three eggs depending on number of potatoes ("apples of the ground/earth") Fry grated and squeezed onions (wipe your tears) add breadcrumbs to squeezed potatoes add eggs and spices (you can add parsley as well-chopped well and fine) mix fry
  17. LAst night we lit the first candle and said the prayers. and sang Chanukah songs. I made levivot: grate 4-6 potatoes (best by hand with a traditonal grater)(you can replace some of the potatoes with zucchini) in handfuls, squeeze out the liquid. IN any case the re will always be more liquid,which sits at the bottom of the bowl-but try to anyway!) grate an onion and also squeeze out liquid -your eyes will burn so I close them while grating and squeezing. It always amazes me how the fingers know how to do this while grating! beat two-three eggs. Add salt pepper, a tablespoon or two of breadcrumbs and a teaspoon of sugar to the potatoes. I like to fry the onions first but you don't have to. Mix everything up. Heat oil in a frying pan-not too much, not too little and place tablespoons of the mixture into the hot oil. Flatten and fry on both sides. Place on paper towel and cover with paper towel to absorb extra oil. Eat and enjoy. We eat them plain with some salt and sometines put a spreadable white cheese- kind of like a 5% (imagine) philly cream cheese type of cheese. This cheese is also a staple here like cottage. pictures will follow.
  18. Thank you so much nikkib!! WHere is "home?" WHat a compliment!! I will tell them when I go in a few days-they will be thrilled to hear!! I gave them the URL to the blog so I hope they find us here!
  19. lemon and grapefruit peel strawberries mendiants up close
  20. Making mendiants first toast some pecans Prepare all the dried fruit blueberries cherries cranberries ginger
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