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  1. the video was really fun to watch, thanks Kerry! Rather amazing- and a dream come true! Bottom enrobing looked a bit messy as did truffles-at least it would be for me. I guess practice makes perfect!! How will folks decorate the cookies?

  2. Wow! WHat a magical wedding cake! I can understand why the crowds dived in to get those little creatures!!! A keepsake for sure. It seems you had so much fun and it will be a cake long remembered. SO much detail and thought!! I would order one for some occasion from you if only I could!

  3. Oh how excellent-yes Bottoms! And an Owl... Here:

    "Come now, a roundel and a fairy song.

    Then for the third part of a minute, hence—

    Some to kill cankers in the musk-rose buds,

    Some war with reremice for their leathern wings

    To make my small elves coats, and some keep back

    The clamorous OWL that nightly hoots and wonders

    At our quaint spirits. Sing me now asleep.

    Then to your offices and let me rest."

    Bats, too. And then there is the lullaby...also has creatures!

    Such delicious fun!

  4. “Now, until the break of day,

    Through this house each fairy stray.

    To the best bride bed will be

    Which by us shall blessed be.”

    Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare

    owls must be in a magical forest and also little people with mushroom hats.

  5. I once again had a delegation from India over for dinner (Sabbath dinner for us!). I made a few Indian style dishes which were greatly appreciated, although I do not know if they were "good". My family enjoyed them and all in all it was a lovely eveing. I made Halwa Gajar, this recipe which was well liked : http://www.cdkitchen...-Ca114573.shtml, This Chicken recipe for those who eat chicken: http://allrecipes.co...tomato-chicken/ (was okay-a bit oily I think) and fresh whole fish which we love but I do not think it was a success with our guests. (I would love any basic recipe or suggestions for the future)

    very delicious and very sweet!

    Carrot Halva Gajar Halva.jpg

    Making the vegetable curry dish:

    Indian Vegetable dish in the making.jpg

    Making the chicken:

    Indian style chicken.jpg

    Indian dinner 1.jpg

    Indian dinner 2.jpg

    Indian dinner 3.jpg

  6. minas6907,hi! The picture on the cover of what you posted is not exactly the same method. When using a maching with an attached conveyor belt by which the chocoalte undergoes coating and vibrating the effect is quite easily attained. When dipping you dont have to use a huge bowl/amount of chocolate and the piping contasting color onto the chocolate is actually not a lot of chocolate at all. Using milk and adding dark doesnt change it too much and is often something I do in no connection to dipping effects, but for color, flavor etc. If this goes back into a larger pool of chocolate after use, it is mostly undetectable and certainly has never been noticed by others or self in a negative way. If strong contrasting colors are used, like purple onto white chocolate, well then, use a small bowl...??

  7. Okay, so although it is past midnight here...

    You can use any contrasting colors. I prefer natural, but anything will work. Two methods:

    1. In the bowl of chocolate that you are using to dip in, pipe in contrasting chocolate in swirls, lines, circles etc (the more you practice,the more you can get the specific effect you want). Then dip your piece into this, making sure to "grab" the contrasting color as you lift the piece out. When you do what you typically do to get the extra chocolate off, the desired effect settles in. If you are dipping in a machine like chocovision,for ex. as the bowl turns, the piped chocolate gets swirled and then you dip while this is happening... Play around...

    2. Best to work with someone,but possible all alone. As you remove the piece from being dipped, before scraping/tapping etc the extra chocolate off, pipe contrasting choc onto the piece and then tap/scrape etc the excess off. DOing circles inside circles and then quickly fethering with a toothpick, and then tapping the excess off, makes a great design. Again, play around!

    Have fun! I would love to see your pictures!

  8. Thank you Kerry!! I will make the nougat for the upcoming holidays-great! I need to free my mind up and experiment! I guess that is how I will really get to uinderstand my TMX! I just follow recipes...

    Do you heat the syrup up in the TMX? SO how do you take the temp- a laser? what setting temp do you use? I am confused...

  9. Kerry, do you use some recipe for nougat from a thermomix forum that is available to the public-like on the "official thermomix recipe site, and then adapt? I would love to try this. I am not a jealous person by nature but I really am down that I was not there once again. I was "down" elsewhere and it was not much fun at all... makes it all the worse!!!

    ON an up note, I totally appreciate all the photos and comments, sharing and good will. I love that part the most. It is worth way more!

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