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  1. I haven't been to Sea Garden in a couple of years, but I'm assuming it's the wirey, crispy noodles that are usually referred to as "Hong Kong" or "Cantonese" style (To-MAY-to, To-MAH-to...). Or I've just said "crispy" myself before.
  2. It sounds like there has been a lot of success with Restaurant Zoe, but at the last 25 for $25, my friends and I did not have such luck. Our party of 4 waited 40 minutes after arriving on time for our Sunday evening reservation. The host staff did not seem really concerned about this. We did bring this up with management at the time but were only suggested to move to the bar area so we could have more room (waiting area is very small by the way and drafty). Service was pretty apathetic as well: Server (in bored voice): So you're all here for the 25 for $25? Us: Yes. Server: So what do you want then? Our dishes were ok but a little lackluster. Two of us had the Beet Risotto, which was ok but not what we had originally ordered as the 2 other dishes we were interested in, they were all out of (server came back twice to tell us they were out of something we ordered). Granted this could have been an off night, but since management was not really willing to step up, none of anticipate we will be going back. We've had more luck with Campagne, Earth & Ocean (great desserts) and Nishino for their Prix-Fixe menus, both service and food-wise.
  3. So does anyone know what went on with the Savoy Indian restaurant in Bellevue (off of 148th Ave)? Just when I was about to eat there after a strong recommendation from a friend, they've close it down and made it into something else. According to the sign outside, it sounds like it is still managed by the same people, but the food/menu has been retooled and it now also has a new name (what it was called exactly escapes me). I could be wrong but I thought I saw the words "Indian style Chinese food" on the sign. Has anyone eaten there recently?
  4. Pomodoro in Eastlake! Sunday-Thursday 5:30pm-midnight Friday-Saturday 5pm-2am
  5. Just a note about Purple Dot Cafe (which btw can have kind of disgusting food sometimes), many Chinese restaurants that have "Cafe" in the name are modeled after the restaurants in Hong Kong that have Americanized food. A weird kind of irony--they were popular over in China for having Americanized food, then the idea came back over to the US. Another example is Cafe Ori (with better food) on the Eastside. There are a plethora of these cafes in the San Gabriel Valley in California.
  6. If you are interested in non-raw fish options and is family-friendly, on the eastside there is Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. They feature a lot of rolls that are not on the raw fish side and have kind of interesting ones, too. My boyfriend and I had the Aloha roll before which has crab, avocado...and macadamia nuts?! It wasn't our favorite of all time or anything (kind of heavy on the macadamia nuts) but it was a nice change up. They also have a lot of combination dinners/bento boxes available. When we've gone we've also noticed that there are frequently a lot of families with young children (I think they have a kids menu too). If you're interested in it, it's off the Richards Road exit for the I-90 East in the Factoria area (in the QFC/Loehmann's Plaza) on 3500 Factoria Blvd. S.E.. Here's the address for their site (when the page loads, you don't have to download the language--just hit "Cancel"): http://www.tokyojr.com/
  7. Restaurant Zoe: What do restaurant reservations really mean? This month my friends and I had the pleasure/displeasure of dining at Restaurant Zoe during the 25 for $25 promotion. While the food we felt was good--from what we had, the stand outs were Pear and Gorgonzola Risotto and warm Valrhona Chocolate Torte--we were irked by having been made to wait a quite awhile after we had made reservations and arrived on time. We made reservations for 7:00pm but were not seated until 7:40pm--party of 4. We've now seen that one of the Secret Diners at Restaurant Zoe also had this problem: http://www.nwsource.com/contests/restauran...305/sd/zoe.html . While we acknowledged that during the promotion these restaurants are very busy, with that along with some other disappointments during our meal there, we are reluctant to repeat a meal there. I really hope that Zoe realizes that the impression that one receives from there during a promotion of this sort really does have an effect on whether people come back. I plan on calling the manager now that I have seen that others had problems with this as well. As my friend said it was just like the episode of Seinfeld where they said "Well obviously you guys having no problem MAKING reservations. I think the problem you have is HOLDING them."
  8. I was just at Trader Joe's last week and they sell vanilla beans for either $2.99 or $3.99 for 2. Sorry I can't remember which one was the exact price, but either way it's still pretty inexpensive.
  9. This recipe is my favorite for zucchini bread. It's a reciped that's stayed with me for awhile--Sunset magazine circa 1987. It is both moist and sweet, just how I like my Zucchini bread, too. Though sometimes I do cut down on the oil and or sugar to about 3/4 of what they ask for. Using the sesame seeds I feel is optional as well.
  10. I have not tried Wild Mountain Cafe yet. But after looking at the site, my interest is piqued. This sounds interesting (I love French Toast): "Persian Sun ~ Tahini-stuffed French toast topped with chopped fresh pineapple and a lemon-honey drizzle, and served with a side of ham."
  11. Boat Street Cafe had a good classic Eggs Benedict but they are gone .
  12. I've only been to the one in Bellevue, but I looove Meditteranean Kitchen and there is one in Queen Anne on 3rd and Roy that is very close to McCaw Hall. The entrees are wonderfully spiced. However, since you are going to an event after dinner you would have to not be afraid of smelling like garlic afterwards :\.
  13. Seattle has plenty of places for bento but nothing as cheap as the $4 in Portlabd or other cities may have, however. Tuna House in Bellevue has bentos for lunch, and Bento Sushi on 15th Ave NW in Ballard obviously always has bentos available all the time (I like their spicy crispy chicken roll BTW). There is also Bento Box in Redmond which has already been mentioned here. Alas. I've been dreading the day Fuji Sushi in the ID was mentioned here. It's a secret no more! They have a dinner special Bento every day--I've yet to eat there for lunch--with your choice of two main courses (Sushi, Salmon or Saba Shioyaki, Chicken Katsu, Tempura, Teriyaki, etc. ) for $9.95, along with tea (when asked for), miso soup and rice. There are probably other places to take your taste buds for more refined Japanese cuisine but it's such a deal and everything--like the food, atmosphere and service--is so reliable there! To note though, Fuji Sushi apparently when under a renovation recently and I've yet to see if their menu has changed as well.
  14. I've eaten there a few times at Tuna House in Bellevue and they serve nothing but quality, quality sushi/sashimi. They located in part of a strip mall that was based on a now-closed K-Mart--but they have surprisingly nice decor inside and serve quality, quality sushi/sashimi, and other specialties. They hours can be kind of odd sometimes so I would call before heading over there. Dinner can be a little spendier--prices you would normally see in downtown Seattle--but once you taste their large slices of sashimi, you know you will be paying appropriately. If you are interested for lunch, they have reasonably priced lunch/bento specials as well. BTW If you are interested in Nishino--I've only eaten there once (excellent though)--my sister's friend used to be a waiter there and always recommends the black cod with ponzu sauce, but I'm not sure if it is on the menu anymore.
  15. Seeing as how we're tending towards the Indian buffets here, I'm adding my favorite one, the lunch buffet at Moghul Palace in Bellevue.
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