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  1. I've been doing a TCM marathon to get a knitting project done. I am aggravate by these cheap petrol station challenges and team clusterfucks. LET THEM COOK THEIR FOOD, already. Jeez.
  2. Oooh, Weinoo, I am three hours north of you and salivating. Last week we had mostly greenhouse started leafy stuff and potted herbs, and the staple wine and cheese and meats, but no real produce other than leafy greens. I am hoping to see asparagus and rhubarb soon!
  3. I live in Ithaca, and I love our market. In addition to some really fabulous foods, it's set on Cayuga Lake, is covered for rain and too too hot sun, has busking musicians, and some gorgeous crafts. Today's quickie stop in: Today's lunch- Crusty baguette from http://www.fatboybakery.com/ with Garlic Greens Pesto from the Gardens of Earthly Mirth, and yummy cheese from http://www.northlandsheepdairy.com/ Blueberry wine that danced on my tongue. http://www.glenhavenfarm.com/ Background setting provided by local musicians, Cayuga Lake, huge stalls of flower sellers, an the amazing smells of fantastic foods. Weather, perfect. Ithaca...batting 1000.
  4. I found to my chagrin that such eggs can often explode, with some pretty stinky consequences. You should put a pin in one end and let the insides ooze out before putting them in the sun. My husband put a real robin's egg in a nest my kid wove on our nature table and a year later, the thing exploded. Scare me to death, pert near.
  5. Thanks, but I need to d/l it, and was just looking to resolve the time tissues with iTunes. I can't dvr it, I don't have telly.
  6. I use a preheated cast iron skillet, adding a little olive oil when I'm ready..(I like it to be hot but it can't be in there as long as the pan itself takes to get preheated or it will start to burn) and I par-bake the crust. The hot oil on the bottom gives it a satisfying crunch. In fact, I often put it on a (preheated) low burner on the cook top to "dress" the pizzas but it's probably not necessary. I've done this a while now and I do Chicago-style pizzas individually, in their own little pans I can serve at the table. I have a LOT of cast iron.
  7. I bring jars back to my local co-op for soap, honey, molasses, etc. I bring tins back to the same co-op for pasta, rice, and cereals. There is a scale there for tare weighing. If no one is waiting than weighing our food is a high point in the day for my kid. I always have my bags in the car. I have them color coded. Black for chemicals, blue for stuff that needs to go in the freezer RIGHT NOW, gree for produce I don't want squashed. I have learned to bring small boxes, plastic or otherwise, to the farmer's market so stuff doesn't get squished in my basket. I dump the produce in the box and give the farmer their's back. I don't bring glass to the farmer's market, except to return the honey man's jar when I've bought the honey from him instead of the co-op. It's crowded and too hard to juggle stuff since I am also wrangling my Wild Child, basket, coffee, an really need a free hand for samples. That's me. I no longer choose to give my husband grief over the fact that he brings the shopping home in plastic bags even if the cloth ones are in the car, because he shops so rarely, and they are perfect for putting dirty stuff in when we're out in the car (soaking wet shoes, the towel I wiped the dog off with, etc). I figure it all evens out in the end, maybe it tips toward good, and frankly, I think we're past the environmental tipping point already.
  8. Does anyone know where I can purchase the season for d/l other than iTunes?
  9. I have a Devonian fossil my kid found, 450 million years old. A brachiopod. for actual cooking stuff, I have my husband's great grandmother's cast iron Swedish pancake pan. As far as we can tell, she brought it with her here to America in 1870, when she was 14. It had fallen into disuse and had to be sand tumbled and reseasoned, but now I use it a lot.
  10. I also am a medical mj patient. I'm in NY, I get it in a liquid gel pill form. I *wish* I could smoke, because smoking effects me immediately and I would only have to use it on an as needed basis instead of using it as prophylactic constant. Some days are better than others but it's not always easy to predict. A friend sent this to me...the premise is amusing, a new age stoner Betty Crocker. Not fantastically funny, but amusing and some fun facts about THC conversion. Baking A Fool of Myself
  11. Grandma's Potato Pancakes, Aunt Elayne's Mint Brownies. Tomato soup with cheddar goldfish. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and onion gravy. Eating Toll House cookie dough out of the bowl. Lime sherbert when I am sick. All the stuff my Grandma and Aunts made.
  12. Let this be a lesson unto you: when pouring your bulk grains into their nice clean clear canisters, LABEL THEM IMMEDIATELY lest you do what I did last night and accidentally serve: Teriyaki vegetables with fried oatmeal. Husband, "Honey, this is delicious, but what kind of rice is this?" Me, "The oatmeal kind." Husband, "Oh. Did I say this was delicious?", to child, "Shhhh. Just eat it."
  13. The Great Down Town Ithaca Chili Contest This is the 12th annual contest, I've only just moved up here so I've only been to one last year, but it was a fun time, and there were some great chilis. February 20th, 2010 11:30 - 4:00pm on The Commons. HOST'S NOTE: Click here for the terms under which this is listed on the eG Forums.
  14. Maybe the farmers, finally. It should be business as usual for the restaurants. Well said, PDXFood. Welcome.
  15. Munchos. Hamburger Helper Lasagne. Hahaha...made with organic local beef. Talk about dichotomy. Hot dogs. I've tried healthy ones, I've tried organic one, I've tried all the ones I could find that were marginally healthier than regular hot dogs and I've decided, if I'm going to eat a hot dog, eat the Ball Park Beef and get over it, because nothing else is really the hot dog experience. Frozen fries. Because if I wanted to make a potato dish requiring more than a few steps, two cooking processes and a day's worth of elapsed time, it wouldn't be fries. Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Milky Way Midnight, and peanut M&M's.
  16. pax

    Food making parties

    Bolognese takes a long time to cook and the effort other than stirring occasionally is pretty minimal. I've done fondue things in the past, where everyone is prepping a separate veggie or fruit. Couple of different kinds of fondue.
  17. pax

    Waffle Makers

    FWIW...My Cusinart Belgian waffle maker works just fine and has for 8 years. It gets fairly regular use, plus once in a while I fire it up to make and freeze a triple batch. I wish I had one that did more than one at a time.
  18. Pricking the lemons, yes. Leaving it overnight, no. But why not? I often dry a bird out in the back bottom of the fridge before I roast it.
  19. Sorry for the delay in answering. Yes, they ate the apples. I just did this a couple of weeks ago and haven't roasted another chicken since, so it's a one time thing so far. They like roasted chicken in general, but when I ask them how they want it done, and run through their options, Marcella's Lemon Chicken is one they really like. Sticky chicken with forty cloves of garlic is another one. I don't eat chicken so I am just reporting in.
  20. No, I can't. But my family eats Hazan's Lemon Chicken like they are a pack of starving wolves. Recently I found myself lemonless and threw some cored, halved apples in there and I had to go get my husband a bib.
  21. Nothing they could do would induce me to eat there. They could have the Neopolitan Triple Platinum Star of Approval and I wouldn't support them.
  22. pax

    Latkes - the Topic!

    On Sunday in my religious education class, we made latkes with the kids to celebrate Hanukkah. I've always made them the way my Grandma, an Irish Catholic taught me; shredded potatoes (hand grated, her, Kitchen Aid shredded for me), onion, a little flour, an egg. Grandma used corn oil, I use peanut, shallow fried. Course salt scattered on as they come out. This time in the interests of brevity, my poor UU kids got the boxed mix done on an electric skillet with a spray of olive oil. It probably did not make the impression Grandma's "potato pancakes" made on me. But I have to say, any latke is better than no latke. We stayed in the kitchen long after class was over, "to use up the mix".
  23. You ask it very nicely. And for mozzarella cheese. Yoghurt is just spoiled milk as far as I'm concerned.
  24. With respect, I venture to guess the difference between tempting and off-putting in the original post in terms of language (vs ingredients) is American English vs Austalian English, which are two wildly varying things. If someone told me they had a beautifully blistered pepper I'd be right there with my balsamic and buffalo milk mozz...
  25. I'd SO be hitting the "Buy" button on that sucker...
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