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  1. I was asking in advance. We will be going to the Truffle Festival in 2 weeks and we snagged a ressie at Violon d' Ingres.
  2. We will be spending a week in Provence ending with the Truffle Festival in Uzes and the a final night in Paris before a morning flight home. I am looking to keep it at no more than 100 euro per person all in.. Any suggestions would be helpful! We will be staying in the Castex Hotel near Bastille. Thanks in advance!
  3. I have benn told that there are many bad versions to be found in town. What restaurant in town makes the best/most traditional version. I will be in Marseille soon and I would love to experience the "real deal"
  4. I had dinner for the first time at Allegretti last night. Very good meal, nice atmosphere. My question is: is it always as empty as it was last night? We sat at about 6:45 and left at about 9. We were one of 4 tables the entire night (3 "duces" and a table of 8). I hope they are doing well.....I plan on returning soon. Also....the prices on the wine list need reconsideration. It appears that most bottles are marked up 3-4 times! I thought those days were over?!!
  5. I just returned from the Beaune area last week. In Beaune I enjoyed a very nice meal at Ma Cusine. Simply prepared food at it's best. Just a few minutes north in Nuits Saint George we enjoyed 2 very nice evenings at La Cabotte. A bit more of a contemporary flair, but they were 2 of the best meals I had on my trip. In Lyon, no matter where you dine, be sure to had a pre dinner glass of wine or bubbles at L'Harmonie des Vins which is on the same Rue as Paul Bocuses' Nord. Great by the glass selection and a fun atmosphere. Have a great time.
  6. I have a group of chefs that would love to do a tour of the Asian spots in Queens. Is there an organized tour available??
  7. I am flying into Lyon and I will have 10 days sto just wander the countryside in my car. I want to fly out of Lyon when my stomach is full (after 10 days) I was thinking of driving toward throughout the Rhone. Where should I eat?? What towns are "must see's" Ground Rules: 1) No dressing up for dinner (business casual is fine) 2) I will eat anything. My wife is not a huge meat eater, she eats a lot of fish and veggies, but on trips like this, she is flexible. Thanks to everyone in advance!
  8. I have not been to Calistoga for a year or so and I am returning in November. I had lunch at Solbar which I really enjoyed. How are dinners there? Is there anywhere else to eat in Calistoga that is of note??
  9. I am returning tomorrow after not being here since last year. Any recent experiences?? What should I expect??
  10. Flying out to Cali. next week and I will have a few hours to kill at the airport. Where should I eat/drink??
  11. I'll be in the area next month and I'm looking for suggestions for tastings. In the past I've been to Goldeneye, Navarro & Lazy Creek. Where else should I stop?? We drink all types.
  12. I am renting a loft on Rue du Temple near Rue Reaumur for a week in March. Any restaurants of note or gourmet/wine shops I should hit??
  13. My wife is heartbroken. A guest broke one of our flutes that dated back to the 1920's. Where can I find flutes/stemware? I am in the NY metro area.
  14. Does Michellin review Vegas? If so, in the latest publication, which restaurants received stars and how many??
  15. But didn't Fiamma lose a star recently due to a chef change??
  16. Oakapple, If my establishment is awarded a star and closed say due to the bad economy, does the star die with the restaurant?? Or if the chef leaves for another restaurant does he take his star with him??
  17. How long does one have to be in business for?? Do the star or stars belong to the establishment or the chef?? Usually, on average how many visits to an establishment does an inspector make before passing judgement?? How many places does anyone know of that have been open less that 1 year (in the USA) and have received Michellin stars??
  18. jeffperez62

    Free Eurocave

    I have a Eurocave that holds 180 bottles. It developed a leak in coolant system so Wine Enthusiast replaced the entire unit. If you have a friend that works on refrigeration and you are near Norwalk Ct. AND you want a free Eurocave (only 3 yrs old) Just email me and it is yours!
  19. It is a baker with a shop in the square. I think the name is Bolognere Uzetienne
  20. In the Place de Herbes??? (The square where they hold the market) there is a baker that has them. P.S. I love your town. I stayed in Hosteliere Provencale for 3 days and loved it. It makes me want to move there!
  21. I had Navettes in Uzes, France recently and I cannot seem to find a recipe. Any help would be appreciated
  22. They charged me $5.15. I going back for my .40 refund and put it towards my next purchase at Cones doen the block
  23. I'm sorry, its just not that good IMHO. And at $5.15 for a small cup.....
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