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  1. If anyone has the chance to visit Camp in the yoyogi section of Tokyo, (fairly close to the yamanote line if I remember correctly) in an unassuming storefront which you must walk down a few steps to enter - then please do. Camp offers a style of curry that is perhaps similar in taste to what I see as fast food style that's so prominent but really makes a huge effort to focus on fresh seasonal vegetables, cooked to order and presented in a tiny cast iron skillet. I think overall the flavors, and focus on ingredients, are just a little more sophisticated. The forks, drinking cups and overall aesthetic all echo what you might use while camping - that is tools designed that are both efficient and portable. Anyway this place really stuck out for me among the other more katsu type curry places. I can't remember whether they even served a meat option or not. Our lack of communication skills in the japanese language might have prevented us for ascertaining one way or the other. I think we ended up going at least twice b/c we loved it so much. I hope it's still doing well.
  2. I don't know why anyone would say Tien Ho is one of the best chefs in nyc. My impression from seeing him work and in conversations with him was that's he's very old school product of the french system in ways I find both bad and good. Chang build his empire on imaginative cuisine that borrows from many different cultures. He was able to do that because of work horses like Tien Ho. His standards for quality are high, but it's no surprise to me that his food lacks something special. But what I do find surprising is that Chang wasn't able to produce a restaurant where 'straight' food was also something notable. This may serve as evidence of what he's best at. No twist, no dice ?
  3. Le Bernadin is a good restaurant. However, a bit like Tom Hanks. Showed some early promise, got famous, commands a high price and overall isn't that interesting to me anymore. Edited to add : I think we could extend this comparison to the decor as well - both looked their best in the 90's.
  4. Curious about the kaiseki menu ? Anyone been ?
  5. fendi_pilot

    Hung Ry

    Seriously, no one ?
  6. Surprised no one has written about this place yet. I'm currently out of nyc so wondering if anyone has anything to say about Hung Ry ? The Menu and concept seem interesting. http://www.hung-ry.com/menu.html
  7. Everyone, especially Adam - thanks so much for your replies. It's great to hear some details about Visa stuff and ideas - I didn't really know about international recruiters. I'll do some searching on that but would appreciate any leads if someone has them. Adam, it seems like you were already in China before getting your job? Just curious what part of Shanghai you're in. I was in Shanghai last June and was amazed how much construction was going on along the river for all the Expo stuff. Both Shanghai and Beijing seem to have grow so much in the past decade. While my wife speaks decent Mandarin, my chinese is pretty limited but I'm assuming at many Western style restaurants and hotels that I could get away with this ? I'm not really sure how big the expat community is or how mixed the work situation would be but I definitely did not meet many people in China who spoke English. Any job I would take would most likely be for sometime in 2011, so not looking for specific openings right now but just trying to investigate possibilities and avenues of finding work. Thanks again.
  8. After spending 5 months in all over Asia last summer, I'd love to move there on a more permanent basis and work for a year or two. Specifically, China - Beijing, Shanghai, or Tokyo, or possibly Bangkok. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or advice. I'm assuming that in any big city there are upscale Western food type restaurants, possibly at Hotels, or JG extensions etc.. where I could fit in well. I'm not expecting or looking to necessarily slave away at a ramen place or have chinese dudes laugh at my mediocre dumpling chops - although that might be a fun challenge. I've read and heard many stories of people going to France or Italy to work/learn but not much on Asia. Also wondering about work permits / visas as well. Thanks for any personal experience, advice or research ideas...
  9. Yes, I am familiar with the heat levels varying some. And even though I got down and dirty in thailand and vietnam this fall, this can be seen strictly in a taste paradigm though.(i still have some hot sauce i made this summer that kicks my ass in a good way of course.) If you gut the chili the flesh still lacks that unique jalapeno or unique habanero flavor. These peppers in question taste like a dull bell pepper (without the full flavor of a real one). I often use chilis for flavor and try and keep the heat component minimal or background so these peppers have been a complete loss.
  10. has not shat their status

  11. has not shat their status

  12. Well, I definitely don't know why this would happen and it seems even more suspicious that it's happened consistently with me in different areas of the country over the past couple months. I am stopping by WF tomorrow actually and will boldly take a bite of a habanero and when / if i am not on fire i intend to seek some answers. The last peppers i have all bought at supermarkets have had this - a latin market seems like a good choice as i would be very surprised if those customers would not be like "wtf ?" still curious if others have had this happen on the east coast or elsewhere
  13. Ok, so I've shopped at Whole Foods in nyc and charleston, as well as local grocery stores in the south carolina area and have noticed that what now passes for a jalapeno or habenero pepper now tasted like a bell pepper ( incidentally, the only food i really strongly dislike, i even prefer tripe when done right ). so while it looks like the real thing, it has almost no heat at all and none of the true flavor of the original pepper. Am perhaps being punished for my dislike of bell peppers or is this something that other people have noticed ? and also why / how is this happening ? While I have already planted seedlings of actual ( i really hope) peppers, I think this is really depressing and suspicious and you know pepper plants take a while to grow. Any other takers ? Thanks.
  14. fendi_pilot

    Going Whole Hog

    Thanks Jackal - I was planning on doing it like I do most other bbq - keeping the temp slightly below 200 degrees F. Haha - That's true love, my friend.
  15. fendi_pilot

    Going Whole Hog

    If you're serious, I might tell you. Coming from Jersey I think you'd break your record - it's a little over 700 miles from nyc.
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