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  1. Their arrangement of produce bothers you more than the 300% markup?
  2. It's not very elegant but I just use Yojimbo as a scrapbook kind of thing which is about as organized as I can be expected to get.
  3. Without knowing more about the source I'd assume they meant the non-Dutched stuff.
  4. Well there just don't tend to be a lot of moving parts or adjustment screws on any of the stones I've used.
  5. Much will be lost in the thaw.
  6. You seem to have all your own answers so I'm not sure what you're looking to get out of this thread.
  7. If by "mess" you mean "small puddle of slurry that needs to be wiped up with a rag," sure. If by "mess" you mean "complex assembly process that makes you feel more like you're playing with a Transformers toy than cooking food," then no.
  8. I very nearly bought one of these things since my years worth of utter failure had always made me assume that I simply lacked the skill necessary to sharpen knives by hand. Then I spent about half an hour with some Japanese knives and the feel of the metal was astounding enough to convince me to invest in a good water stone instead. I can't do any fancy double bevels or anything like that, but my knives are all scary sharp and I do find the manual process helps clear and focus the mind.
  9. Buy unwaxed fruit and pocket the difference.
  10. I didn't get that either, but I agree. Cutting corners with cut rate materials and labor is a surefire way to keep the property vacant for far longer than the remodeling period.
  11. That reminds me of the "Cock Tapioca" I have sitting in my cupboard. Thai product I believe.
  12. You'll more than likely need to sand and prime before you go painting over lacquer. Might even need to strip it entirely. Either way, make sure you either have either the owner's permission or enough disposable cash to pay them off if they try to sue you.
  13. Kitchenaid is probably the only company left in the world who does not give their phone support reps a knowledgebase full of pre-scripted responses to parrot back at their customers. Call them, tell them what you want, and if it exists, they will get it to you.
  14. Looking for step-by-step instructions for an experimental process that is supposed to be largely creative seems counterproductive to me--like asking "how do I paint the Mona Lisa?" A. The Mona Lisa has already been painted and B. If you have to ask how it was done, you're probably in no shape to bother with the attempt Just as buying the same strings a famous guitar player endorses will not make you play the same way that they do, dropping thousands of dollars on equipment and supplies you don't know how to use is not going to make you Ferran Adria. I have no strong feelings for or against high-tech food prep in general, but the entire point of the discipline is to create new things and give people something they've never seen before. If you're not going to give it any more thought than you would the back of a Betty Crocker brownie mix box, why bother?
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