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    Sexy food?

    If I don`t catch your drift I apologise, however I would try things like seared fresh peach chunks on cocktail sticks with a greek yoghurt and honey dip. Smoked mussels and a creme fraiche and dill dip. To be honest any sticky finger food will be good
  2. I don`t score wild duck ever as there is no need, reared duck however is another matter, IMHO it needs it to release the fat slowly and provide a crispy skin. However at the moment I am in the minority so it may just be "horses for courses"
  3. Henry dV


    prasantrin - Why not try a different twist on capers and make your own, but using Nasturtium buds, I have just salted some for 4 hrs and then rinsed off and put in a jar of cider vinegar. It has turned the vinegar a pale pink as the flowers were yellow with an orange heart. The smell is wonderful and much like Capers but the taste has a peppery punch
  4. Sorry to be pedantic but it`s "Curry goat" and I would ask for the loins intact and the legs boned and cubed and finally and by no means least the neck whole !! Enjoy.
  5. ...........and where`s the tatties ? Cold boiled potato sliced and fried in the bacon/sausage fat or try another Celtic slant and try a tattie scone MMmmmmmm calories with a capital C OOoooops almost forgot, soda bread and tea you can stand a spoon up in.
  6. Henry dV

    Goose Eggs

    My wife and daughter like their`s fried, I don`t eat eggs, and they both said the flavour was slightly stronger but extremely tasty too.
  7. On a slightly different tack, I use 50/50 when I make my burger meat, but I use Woodpigeon and belly pork. AFAIK in the uk we don`t have the option that you guys do for differing percentages. I`ll have to give it a try next time I shoot some venison though, thanks for the ideas !!
  8. Henry dV

    Flounder Roe

    Salted and smoked would be the way to do it for me !!
  9. I think you do yourself a disservice, it is the very fact you did everything from catch to cook is in itself, to be applauded. I do have to say that no-one should feel guilty that they can`t kill and/or process their own food. I couldn`t handle personal care for a stranger, others can, we are all different, just enjoy good food and good company ! Excellent thread BTW !
  10. Henry dV


    This is a variant that i did for Christmas last, Basically it is a small hen Pheasant wrapped in a free range corn fed Chicken, which is then wrapped in a Pinkfooted goose(similar to a snow or blue goose)..........and called a Gooickant, but we may have to work on that a bit The raw materials were boned out and laid out on clingfilm for hygeine. The hen pheasant was given a nice layer of sausagemeat and prune stuffing and some knobs of butter to moisten, even though she was in life well layered in fat. The same goes for the chicken and Pinkfoot(apologies for the bruised goose but it was shot by myself). I rolled the Hen Pheasant into an assimilation of its former self and then placed it on the chicken, however I placed the head end of the pheasant toward the rear of the chicken so it gave bulk at the "thin" end of the chicken. I then placed the assembled meat into the Pinkfoot as below, with the breast downward and to the rear. You will notice that I left the bones in the wings and legs to give the correct shape. After sewing up and awaiting some butter and bacon before roasting. Partially and fully carved.
  11. We use the Boursin with black pepper as a party nibble, simply spread it down the centre hollow of a celery stick, from the heart, and then cut with a hot sharp knife on the bias..........MMmmmm cheese!
  12. Henry dV

    Lamb burgers

    Just like venison I like to use the neck if it is a young beast !!
  13. Why not de-breast it, remove the legs and wings and use the remaining bones for stock as you say you only use a little at a time. Incidently do you like duck ? I find you can use more of a duck and even more if you get the giblets too. Liver, gizzard, heart, confit legs, duck fat(duck skin crackling), breast meat, neck skin, duck stock.......have I missed anything ??
  14. Singe them over a gas flame first and scrape the tougher scales off, I believe they are nice roasted too.
  15. Black pudding, boudin noir (sp?) could be substitutes, but I don`t know if you can get them over in the USA ?? As for freezing, black pud freezes very well !
  16. Henry dV


    Numero uno has to be the Cep, for real slap in the face flavour. Next Chanterelles for delicacy. and don`t forget the Liberty Cap.................only joking
  17. My apologies, I should have read the post fully, you want a "Crown roast" !
  18. Apologies for the bird being a pheasant and a skinned one at that, but I hope this helps ! Starting at the base of the breastbone, insert the knife to one side of the bone, then slide the knife forward until it hits the wishbone. Remove the knife and slide it down the innerside of the wishbone to remove the maximum amount of meat(see below) Return the knife to the base of the breastbone and follow the ribs towards the spine and forward toward the wingc the breast will fall away from the carcase (as below) Cut away from the wing joint.
  19. Henry dV


    jayt90 - Many thanks for that link !
  20. Henry dV


    It is both practical and legal here and there is a need to cull a few older does and some yearlings will need to be shot too. I like to use as much as possible from the animals I shoot, so this is something to look out for. I particularly like to have the liver ASAP simply fried in butter with sage and if possible a few chanterelles. The sweetbreads will be done in a similar vein. Many thanks for the replies.
  21. Henry dV


    Cheers, I`ll have to be careful where I shoot them now.
  22. Henry dV


    I would be very grateful if anyone can help, I shoot a few deer a year, where can I find (or can you post) pictures of the glands, so I can try these beautiful morsels again. I have been out to a local restaurant and tried open ravioli with chicken and sweetbreads with portabello mushrooms with a truffle velute sauce....... superb.
  23. Henry dV


    £4......£4........ The most these are sold, in the fur as you bought yours, is £1-20, seriously this really hacks me off, all they have done is transport it and sell it on I could understand £4 for a skinned and jointed bunny but in the fur GRRRrrrrrrrr!! Try and find someone who shoots or better still ferrets and you will be supplied with succulent rabbit for very little if anything at all, shame I`m at the other end of the country Soak the jointed meat in milk and you won`t get any taint, or better still check if it is a doe, as opposed to a buck and you won`t have the smell/taint especially from this time of the year until October(breeding season).
  24. How about, Tonno di Coniglio (sp) bunny cooked like tuna. simmer the rabbit in salted water for 2 hrs. Flake the meat off the bones and layer in a bowl with thyme sage and bay add sliced garlic and cover with olive oil. Leave in the fridge for a week and remove from fridge and allow to come to room temperature, serve on crostini/bruschetta with lemon or balsamic and of course S&P.
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