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  1. CdnLifeguard

    Pirate Sushi

    So any photos from the day?!
  2. So with it already being the end of September and the weather is cooling suddenly, am I too late to get anything started on my apartment balconies? I have a small one on the south side of my apartment, sun blocked from the eat due to a wall, and north due to the building, but aside from the it gets a fair bit of sun. Also have another larger one on the west side which doesn't get as much sun, but atleast a few hours a day... Too late, or can I get anything going? Shane
  3. Getting me all excited for Spain next year! Can't wait to see more!
  4. Thanks Karen. I will check SOV to see if it's any good. I checked at Price-Mart in the bulk section and it was still way cheaper at Wallyworld..
  5. Doesn't Costco carry Hershey's Kisses? I don't think I've seen Hugs, though. ← I thought Costco, but couldn't find any at the one here in Burnaby...
  6. How about Hershey's Kisses and Hugs....need about 1000 pieces total for our wedding favours... The best deal I could find was Wal-Mart.. $2.96/227grams (about 50pcs)..About $0.06 a piece.... Thanks!
  7. I grew up calling it 'Toad in A Hole'...but my fiancee grew up calling it "Gas-house pancakes" She's from Edmonton I'm from Vacnouver....
  8. Have you been? Looks very promising. ← Yes, and it is. ← Very very enjoyable. Four of us dined on Saturday night and had a great time. Started with: Chicken satays - standard satay, but the peanut sauce was great! Hot and Sour seafood sour - Lovely slighty lemony flavor, light coloured but very falvour broth...very enjoyable, would get in an instand Pad Thai - Havn't had a lot of good phad thai's to compare to, but I loved it. David Thompson 3 flavour fish - exactly as the description, "equally sweet, salty and sour" Mussaman chicken - prety sure it was described as sort of sweet....sure it wasn't as spicy as the 3 flavour fish, but it wasn't really sweet. That being said, definately a great dish that I would order again and again. Of the 5 plates we tried, there is not one I wouldn't order again. I look forward to going again soon and working at the rest of the menu! Shane
  9. Where can I find vanilla beans in bulk? Not sure like the one or two you get for $6 or so at Safeway....Would like to get a dozen or more... thanks....
  10. A couple months ago and few friends and I decided to expand our cooking abilities into alternate cuisines that we generaly touch upon. Out came a map on Google and with out eyes closed we all chose a country. So far I did Zambia, which went over very well, but next are the Maldives. With Zambia I was atleast able to find some recipes on net plus JasmineLL and gfron were both a wonderful help!. But with the Maldives, I am not having much luck.... It's a Muslim country so there no pork or booze; as a island seafood is obviously the easiest choice. With it's proximity to India and Sri Lanka, there would be a large influence from there, plus it's relatively close to Madagascar also....But what is Maldavian food? I'm looking for a just a few dishes that would make up a relatively traditional meal in the Maldives. Any Maldavians out there that can help, it would be much appreciated!
  11. Where can I get a tub of duck fat? Anywhere that sells fresh duck? If you have somewhere specific in North Burnaby that would be great! Thanks!
  12. Sure, most top tier food is generally not that healthy, but do you really need to use that as a selling feature of your food? Especially when your food is far from top tier?
  13. After weeks and weeks of delay, dinner is this Sunday. Any last minute ideas from anyone? My basic plan wiill be: Nshima Goat with Onion and Tomato Ifisashi (probably with chicken) What type of alcohol would be most popular in Zambia? Thanks!
  14. And if you're lucky you can find the coolest version which is the Mario Battali pizza peel which features a swing out handle for compact storage. Seen them occasionally at Home Sense. ← Got it on the weekend! Works pretty good...Not bad for $25 from Home Sense
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