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  1. This is just an open call to any caterers/personal chefs out there: What do you charge to cook for a 12-person sit-down dinner (appetizers, no first course, main course, dessert/coffee, etc). Do you like to charge by the hour? By the person? I've done it both ways and realize I am earning less than my babysitter and sigh...it would be nice to make a teensy-weensy bit of money. Not even sure if this is the right place to post this question. But, I appreciate any and all input from you wise folks out there. Thanks.
  2. lovely egulleters, i need to take someone to lunch whose job has just relocated from mid-manhattan to englewood cliffs. i'll have a car, but don't think we can go too far afield. any recs for lunch in the area? it can be dive-y or nice, but not schmancy. thanks for all your help.
  3. Are there any good Korean restaurants around Montclair that don't require me going to Fort Lee? I promise, one day soon, I will have GPS and get my act in order and get myself to the Fort Lee area, but I keep hoping that there is a Korean restaurant somewhere near Montclair that might help quell my cravings...And if Fort Lee area is my only option, then suggest away. Thanks.
  4. mzrb

    Chengdu 1

    YES! We've asked the chef/owner about this and he said they are definitely having a Chinese New Year celebration. As soon as I get details I'll post them. ← Great! Count DH and me in! (I'm assuming a group of E-gulleteers will want to get together) ← and me too!
  5. Am usually chocolate purist. However, i loved the bacon bar. Am thinking of making the ultimate morning pain au chocolate this way: warm a croissant, slice in half, put in a few pieces of bacon chocolate bar, close up the croissant to let the chocolate warm up. Not a bad start to the AM, no?
  6. In England, brandy butter is often served on warm plum pudding. And tastes very, very nice.
  7. mzrb

    Brussels Sprouts

    Hmm, that's interesting... I wonder if that has anything to do with the oft-heard saying of sprouts tasting better after a frost... ← Perhaps, but the important part of the Richard's recipe was left out! Put the frozen brussels sprouts into a saucepan, cover them halfway or so with chicken stock and throw in a generous knob of butter. Bring up to a boil, then simmer, covered. When stock has just about evaporated, remove the lid and glaze the brussels with the remaining liquid. They turn into buttery, soft, delectable sprouts of love. And about the easiest way to cook vegetables ever.
  8. A great way to make it disappear would be to fold it through ice-cream ....... ← Please, oh, please tell me where I can find your recipe for Chocolate Fruitcake. (looked on your incredible, fabulous, much-loved site, but couldn't find...) Thanks.
  9. I couldn't agree more. I find the majority of norther NJ restaurants that are fussed over and touted as The Next Great Thing usually leave me driving home wondering, "Why do people who live here not know what good quality food is?" I bow in deference to FG's knowledge of great ethnic eats in these parts, but I challenge folks to name, say, an Italian or modern American restaurant that is worth schlepping out here for. Even towns like Montclair, that people consider a restaurant mecca, have few notable restaurants. Many restaurants: yes. Many good quality ones? No. I await some new recommendations that will knock my socks off...but with NYC so close, why shouldn't I just go there for quality, price and service!
  10. I must corrrect you dear; It's Woast Wabbit. ← You are sooo right! (And, please don't tell anyone that Me, The Editor wrote "anyway" instead of "any way." sigh. must have been the song agitating my brain. (and thank you, Brant, for your kind offer below! )
  11. Anyway I can help!!! java script:emoticon('')
  12. A friend wants to make rabbit...anyone know of a market/butcher in the Montclair area where such a request could be satisfied? The little guys in our back garden just won't do the trick it seems... Thanks!
  13. FYI, Whole Foods in West Orange is now selling fresh pasta from the Severino family. I had the plain old spaghettie which was lovely...but they also had fresh pumpkin ravioli.
  14. hello there, as with all things whole foods, if you're going to get your fish there, befriend the dep't. manager, so you can get the real story about when the fish came in, which was frozen, and have them let you poke it/smell it, etc. i have had too many experiences there with fish that did not smell like the sea, if you know what I mean. i have catered using their fish, but only after some interrogation (in a nice way, mais oui!) . if you're aching for fresh fish and pasta that is just so for your party, don't forget there's new york city very very close. you can be at chelsea market and The Lobster Place within 30 mins from U. MTC if you drive in at non-rush hour times. you can always write me offline if you want to know more.
  15. If you can find a Bosch 24-inch model, please email me and tell me where! I found myself with a dead 24 -inch Bosch (she'd put in many, many years of service...was here when we moved in), and no available 24-inch models, save for an Italian manufacturer named Ariston, which we bought when desperate. What a huge mistake. It's been a lemon since Day One. I'll happily elaborate for anyone who is interested in buying an Ariston, as even my dealings with customer service were dodgy. Good luck!
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