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  1. A locally-made chocolate recently won a "Top Chocolate Bar" title at the 2014 International Chocolate Salon - link. Not being much of a chocolate lover, I'm not familiar with neither Mink Chocolates nor the International Chocolate Salon. The chocolate bar does sound intriguing though - it's a 70% cacao, with burnt caramel, fleur de sel, and rosemary - will have to give it a try. Don't know how it'll rate as best chocolate I've ever had, but then again my standards are pretty low (Cadbury's Nut & Fruit Bar, FTW!).
  2. Beebs

    Potato Chip Flavors

    Cinnamon Bun is tasty - I like it! I like things that are sweet-salty. Jalapeno Mac & Cheese is boring.
  3. I really like the Philly cream cheese recipe too. When DH & I were dating, he made it for me using the recipe off the box. I remember one time he made it, but didn't do a good job on foil-wrapping the springform, and water from the water bath got in during the baking. We poured it off, and it was still perfectly fine (crust was a little moister than usual, though). I can't recall the exact recipe, but this one from their website looks about right Philadelphia New York Cheesecake
  4. Oooh, I love savoury baked things! And I think I can easily eat that entire tart of yours by myself, it looks so good! I'm inspired to make curry puffs, maybe this weekend. I had sort of planned on it with the leftover half-pound of ground beef. But I used it up for something else, so no curry puffs.
  5. The Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker! http://www.amazon.com/J11000EDI-Jamie-Oliver-Flavour-Shaker/dp/B000AGQ7YM This was from my cousin, but I think it was supposed to be a joke.... It's completely useless and a PITA to clean.
  6. Link. Here's a link to an update on a local restaurant that had a no-tipping/higher-wages concept but had to revert back to the traditional model due to customer demand. In order for the no-tip concept to be viable, they had to price their menu about 18% above the norm for the area. Customers didn't go for this, didn't like that they didn't have a say on tipping. At some point, the restaurant would have priced themselves out of the market. The owner and a hospitality expert mentioned in the article both suggested that this no-tip model is way ahead of it's time.
  7. I wonder if the noodle/dumpling thing is just a matter of being lost in translation. The Mandarin pronunciation for both flour dough and noodles sound the same, "mian" (I am completely illiterate in the language, so someone else can confirm if the written character is the same). Or specifically "mian fen" and "mian tiao" - but whenever anyone in my family said "mian", we all know which one is being referred to, from the context. So I suppose one could understandably lump dumplings, noodles, and anything made of flour in the same category, and I think it makes sense to put them all in the same chapter in a cookbook ("Stuff Made From Dough"). Although I have yet to see a Chinese style filled dumpling that looks remotely like a noodle, much less buns made of yeasted dough.... Except for flour dumplings in soup, "mian ge da", made of a thickish sticky batter of flour+water, thumb-sized blobs of which are dropped into simmering soup to cook, a bit like spatzle. Or like cutting noodles. One of my favourite comfort foods! And I'm going to contribute spatzle as another iconic noodle dish!
  8. I snack on the crumbs from the bottom of the packet while waiting for the rest of the noodles to cook.
  9. Chinese 5-spice might be interesting too. I think I'll try that next time. I've used chai masala spice and it worked out really nicely.
  10. Caramel apple pie! And shocking for some folk, I also like raisins in my apple pie.
  11. Taiwanese beef noodles Won ton mein Yakisoba Dan dan noodles Char kway teow Stir-fried beef ho fun (flat rice noodles) Packaged instant ramen (Nissin brand!)
  12. Beebs

    Breakfast noodle dishes

    When we were growing up, my mom would sometimes cook chicken broth noodles with a poached egg in it. The broth was usually the leftover liquid from a steamed or poached chicken. Other times, we'd get noodles in leftover Chinese-style broth soups, or instant ramen. With a poached egg. The poached egg is the best part.
  13. No. Just no. I don't even like to put together a salad or cook breakfast with DH in there with me. He's a decent washer-upper - as in the dishes get cleaned reasonably well. I clean as I go, and I'm way more organized prepping ingredients. DH is the complete opposite - piling everything in the sink, bits of food and dribbles everywhere, general chaos, and it takes him twice as long as me to put a meal together. That said, I appreciate him cooking for me, he's makes a few "signature" dishes & desserts that are quite good. I just need to be far, far away from the kitchen when he's in there (a challenge in our apartment....).
  14. Raw eggplant is nasty IMHO, but grilled, marinated or pickled eggplant in a salad is lovely. Same with raw artichokes. I have seen salad recipes with shaved raw asparagus, but lightly steamed, poached or grilled asparagus are great in salads too. Best salads are whatever you like that is fresh and preferably in season, I suppose.
  15. Beebs

    Snacks for little kids

    This reminds me of the ice cream sandwiches in Singapore, which was a slice of ice cream with soft, squishy rainbow bread wrapped around it.
  16. Beebs

    Snacks for little kids

    Make-your-own ice cream sundaes or banana splits! Anyone who gave me that for an after school snack would be a serious contender for "most fun"!
  17. Beebs

    Snacks for little kids

    Mom used to put a slice of ham or salami, a bit of cheese on a Ritz cracker and bake them. Those were my favourites. Mini pizzas on little pita or bagels Tuna salad dip Salsa + cheese on top, nuke it till the cheese melts for a dip. If you've got leftover chili, even better! Microwave nachos Grilled cheese sandwich or quesadillas Mini quiches (make ahead & freeze) Puff pastry spirals Fruit & yogurt smoothies (mom called them milkshakes) You can probably tell I didn't (and still don't) care for sweets as snacks!
  18. Reviving this ancient topic..... I've just returned from Singapore a couple weeks ago and last night I had a jonesing for Malaysian/Singapore satay & a couple Tiger beers. Unfortunately didn't have any of the ingredients (not even the Tigers!). The last time I made satay was quite a few years ago, and in the broiler, since we didn't have a grill yet. Planning to remedy that right away. The recipe from malaysianfood.net (from up top) looks decent, so I'll give that a whirl. Anyone have a fabulous satay recipe, dipping sauce recipe, tips?
  19. Many years ago, caterers for a family party did a whole kid goat on a rotisserie, Greek-style. Took about 8 hours or so, if I recall. It was fabulous.
  20. Egg drop soup? I do this too - it's comfort food. I put the beaten eggs in without swirling too much, then put the lid on the pot so the egg steams for a bit, and it comes out in a soft, fluffy mass.
  21. I prefer to call myself an "eater". Sometimes "glutton", if I am being honest with myself. In my head, I categorize people interested in food as "food hobbyists".
  22. Fritters are also great for using up too much summer squash. After salting and wringing out the liquid, there really isn't very much squash left.
  23. I love summer squash - feel free to send me your bounty! Earlier this week I turned a couple zukes into pasta sauce. Grated zuke, lots of garlic, hot chili flakes, sauteed in evoo, a bit of pasta water & tossed with fettucine.
  24. Ratatouille Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (What can I say? I like animated films!)
  25. Taste from the same spoon I'm stirring with.
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