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  1. Water baths are a waste of time? I would say use a water bath everytime...expecialy in a kitchen oven...it keeps the heat that goes into the cheesecake and most constant and lower temperature...I ALWAYS use a water bath and I make A LOT of cheesecakes...it will make it so it cooks evenly and make it so the middle doesn't fall lower then the sides...it will make an even texture as well....Use a waterbath if at all possible...you can do it without of course but a waterbath will make a better cheesecake everytime...remember it is a cooked custard(we are dealing with eggs) Hey Scott123...what was the reason for not using a water bath? Maybe I didn't know something that you do? let us know if you have a specific reason? Have a good one, Robert Chocolate Forum
  2. Did you bloom the gelatin first? and did you use powder Gelatin or sheet gelatin? Robert Chocolate Forum
  3. It is stil possible to get lumps even with sifting...this depending on your mixing method...and the temp at which the ingredients are at. That brown spot could have been a clump or a buble that poped... what is the procedure of adding ingredients for you? Robert Chocolate Forum
  4. Straight out of the freezer might be fine but he is probably talking about the free water in the fudge forming frozen water crystals in the freezer and then melting again when coming back to room temp...this can mess up the texture of the fudge. At least that is what I am thinking he is talking about... Robert Chocolate Forum
  5. And there it is...for a cheesecake I would not use "Convection". Just bake it in the normal bake mode...the air will only brown the top more and make a harder crust on top...I would recommend very highly that you just bake at the normal setting and do not use Convection! Try it out, Robert Chocolate Forum
  6. Good advice...try those techniques out now and tell us how it comes out... Robert Chocolate Forum
  7. Good Explination above... Another thing could be a similar reasoning...First...Are you talking about bubbles on the top of the cheesecake or inside of it? Either one could be due to overmixing(somewhat like the previous post said)...to not have to mix as much...Leave the cream cheese out overnight before you work with it...This will make it not as thick and you will not have to mix as much and create air into the batter... Robert Chocolate Forum
  8. Were you looking for that exact recipe or just a good chocolate Mousse recipe? -Robert Chocolate Forum
  9. I would just suggest roasting the chesnuts and then grining them down to a paste...then work that paste into the Ganache recipe...I think you will get the most flavor that way... -Robert Chocolate Forum
  10. What are some of your guys' favorite chocolates to make...What flavors that is? I am a big fan of Kalua Truffles and Irish Creme Truffles... -Robert Chocolate Forum
  11. What does everyone think of Valrhona? I was just told they have two new bars coming out that I really want to taste....I have tried a few of their single origin bars and I was really impressed...Do you guys like this brand? -Robert Chocolate Forum
  12. Hum...I have heard some buzz about these but havn't tried them myself yet...I am guessing that they should come over to the USA soon...I will contact Chocosphere.com to see if they are getting some in soon..they usually have all the good stuff... -Robert Chocolate Forum
  13. Ahhhhh....all the flavors of fudge....well I myself have made a lot of fudge in my time...both professionally and on my own. I have never used puree but could see it working...there would be just two things.... 1)Texture as you mentioned because you would have to lower or eliminate the Milk product(cream, halfnhalf, evaporated milk, etc.) and use puree which is completely water based with none of the fat from the milk product to get more of the velvety texture. 2)Depending on what puree you use it will have Citric Acid in it...All fruits have it..it just depends how much they have....what the acid will do is it will limit the Graining in it, the good grain. Since fudge is a grained product that could make it to where it doesn't grain and comes out more like a caramel. Of course we are looking for a small grain size but it will still hinder that. It might just take more mixing to get it to grain...just be patient with it when you try.... There are many flavors to choose from but in the fudge business we use a lot of extracts and things of that nature...it you want to use a pure product I would suggest "essential Oils" these are the oils from different plants and spices that are the full flavor of the product....no alcohol or water inside these....Just be careful if you use them because they are very powerfull and you don't need much. Also....DO NOT TASTE ESSENTIAL OILS STRAIGHT!!!! it will burn your taste buds...and do not put them in plastic containers because they will burn through them...that doesn't mean these are dangerous when mixed with candy....it just means you can't take them straight or in very very high quanitities...so be carefull if you use them.... -Robert Chocolate Forum
  14. L'harmonie is on the part of their site where you can buy chocolate. Also what might need to be addressed. I know a lot of companies have single origin now but trust me it is for the better. Many people think that it is just a marketing ploy(sp) but if you truely taste good single origins I think their is nothing better. Why not taste an exact region and how that chocolate tastes then mix together a bunch of origins and fad out flavors. Now of course I love blended chocolates as well and think they are great but I love all the different flavors that come from each distinct origin. Gotta try them out if you haven't.... -Robert Chocolate Forum
  15. hum....you know I have heard someone say that L'harmonie is a blend of Guittard's Single Origin chocolates. But I do not know for sure...I'm guessing it is something close to that. I actually haven't had L'Harmonie yet..I have had all their single origins but I'll have to try it and see for myself since there are mixed reviews... -Robert Chocolate Forums
  16. Hey Chihiran, What chocolates are you going to buy and try? have you tried many high quality chocolates before? -Robert Chocolate Forum
  17. How could I forget "El Rey". The maker of the best white chocole on the planet! If you want a good white chocolate you must try El Rey's... When you try their white chocolate(and milk) you can almost literely taste the rain forest(it is the weirdest thing). I have never tasted something like it in any other chocolate I have tried...you must try their milk chocolate and white chocolates. you will not be let down! -Robert Chocolate Forum
  18. Hello Everyone, I am a big fan of Guittard as well and they offer a lot of chocolates under 60%. But you also have some other great chocolates with Valrhona, Callebaut...and a few others. But those are the bigger variety chocolate manufacturers. I really like Guittard but if you like a different taste then try some of the other ones...they all over below 60% chocolates. -Robert Chocolate Forums
  19. Hey Sebastian, Well I used to not be a fan of the acidic chocolates but now love them. I really like Guittards Ambanja from Madagascar. I really used to not like it and now I love to munch on it...just get a chunk and let it melt in my mouth for 10 min. lol...I guess we all have our different ways of eating chocolate...but yeah I love the Sour acidic type now...along with all the rest of course....too many favorites to list sometimes...I am a big fan of Ecuador Arriba as well... -Robert Chocolate Forums
  20. If you are in the USA a great spot to order chocolate online is... www.chocosphere.com... they got anything you might want...great high end chocolate... Any body try Domori's chocolate? that is one that I have not gotten my hands on yet...
  21. You could try to replace some of the milk with pomegranate juice or puree...that would keep the liquid the same and add the flavor you want to it.... Good Luck
  22. Ok I'll take a swing at this one.... The Reason chocolate seizes is because it is full of dry particals(very very very little water)...the only reason it melts is because of the fat, not because of water in it. Because there are so many dry particals, when you add a small amount of water to it there is not enough water to soak all the particals and then causes the seize...you need to add enough water to it so that each partical can soak with water and then it will become liquid again(this will be because maily of the water and somehwhat still because of the fat....try adding a little more water to it....
  23. Well since your name is Chocoholic I would have to say without a doubt that you can't miss "Recchiuti Confections". Michael Recchiuti is one of the best Chocolatiers in the nation and he is right there in san francisco. Here is there information below... ---------------------------------------------- Address: One Ferry Building, Shop #30 San Francisco, CA 94111 Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm Phone: 415-834-9494 www.recchiuticonfections.com ---------------------------------------------- Hope everything goes well, Robert www.chocolateguild.com www.chocolatiernoel.com
  24. Adding cocoa butter should not change anything in the tempering process...If streaks occur then the temper was off for sure. If the chocolate is too thick when dipping the truffles then you might have let the temperature come down to far and it might have thickened.....I would just say to check your tempering process because the problem lies in there somehow with the white streaks... -Robert www.chocolateguild.com www.chocolatiernoel.com
  25. Wow....great find...I will have to go check them out when I get a chance...thanks for the heads up... -Robert www.chocolateguild.com www.chocolatiernoel.com
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