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  1. I am going to have to order some of his chocolate really soon...I need to taste for myself how his chocolate is... What chocolate do you use, mainly, in the production of your boxed chocolates? What brand that is? Robert Chocolate Forum
  2. May I guess that this is Christopher Elbow the Chocolatier? I saw Kansas City and saw "Chris" at the bottom of the page... Yeah I am a true fan of Amano Chocolate. I think Art Pollard is a great artisan that is coming into this business. At first taste I liked his Ocumare best and now I am a bigger fan of the Madagascar. I just think it is so unique in the line of Madagascars that are out there...either way both are very nice. I have not had Steve's chocolate yet. I have heard good things and I have heard bad...what is your full opinion on his chocolate and which of his is your favorite? Have a good one, Robert Chocolate Forum
  3. I actually lived in san diego six months ago while working down there...What part are you from? And where are you working? Do you do your own chocolate work? Robert Chocolate Forum
  4. Do you only dislike their white chocolate or their whole line? I am a big fan of their white chocolate becuase of the aroma and flavor that is there and not in other white chocolates. It carries over some of that chocolate aroma and flavor and adds it to the white chocolate. Do you like their dark chocolates in their line? I like thier chocolates because the flavor reminds me of actually being in the rain forest...I think their chocolate represents a closer earthy flavor than most manufacturers achieve.... Now of course sometimes these flavors are not liked by others, especially when they are so different from other chocolates in the fine chocolate market... Let us know more of why you don't like El Rey or certain things you like about it...by the way...Welcome! Have a good one, Robert Chocolate Forum
  5. I would agree....Interesting thing I ran across yesterday when lookin into cocoa butter storage...I found a study that was suggesting that the cocoa butter's viscoscity can change depending on the temperature of which it is stored...hum....I might buy the study to read on... Robert Chocolate Forum
  6. Hey Fanny, Thank you very much for your nice words...I worked very hard on that section so that hopefully people could get all the info on the worlds best chocolate companies and their chocolates. So thank you very much for your compliments...it is well appreciated. Have a great day, Robert Chocolate Forum
  7. Hey all, Amano Chocolate....the one we were discussing above just went public with their chocolate. You can purchase them on their site www.amanochocolate.com You can also read reviews of their bars Here One of the best chocolate artisans in the USA in my opinion... Robert Chocolate Forum
  8. I saw you guys discussing purees and I just wanted to recommend one to try...it is..."Perfect Puree" of Napa Valley...they sell a lot of nice purees...just a heads up... Robert Chocolate Forum
  9. Yeah those look nice...good job...how did you end up accomplishing the look? did you use a blow dryer? Robert Chocolate Forum
  10. I'm glad you are going to try some. It will be well worth it. He has a Venezuela and Madagascar coming out and both are great...once you try it come back on here and let us know what you think... Robert Chocolate Forum
  11. Has anyone here heard of the new chocolate company in Utah named "Amano Chocolate"? Well I was just able to try a sample of their two debut bars that are going public very soon...I have to say that these are two winning bars...stay tuned because this chocolate maker is going to be a good one... http://www.amanochocolate.com/ Robert Chocolate Forum
  12. I also was tasting the El Rey at the show today. It reminded me how good their chocolate is. I usually don't like chocolates below about 65% but I really like their 61% they make...superb Robert Chocolate Forum
  13. Hello Prairiegirl, Are you planning on making a store front that sells all different chocolate bars around the world or do an internet based company that does that? or both? I would like to hear more about what you are doing and what your plans are... Robert Chocolate Forum
  14. Yeah Scharffen Berger is getting more and more popular. I think they are good brand and make some really good chocolate but what really gets them going is all their advertising. Once Hershey's bought them about a year ago they have put a lot of money into Public Relations and Advertising...I think they are a very high quality brand but I still enjoy El Rey and think they have the better chocolate. Robert Chocolate Forum
  15. Let me know what you think of it... Robert Chocolate Forum
  16. Hey Gfron1, I was just checking out your stores website...looks very nice. I love stores like that. How many different types of chocolate do you carry? Robert Chocolate Forum
  17. Yep...same one...they do not "De-Odorize" the cocoa butter that goes into their white chocolate like most chocolate makers do. So some of the smell and flavor stays with the cocoa butter and it adds that flavor to the chocolate... Great white chocolate to buy...the best in my opinion...by far. Did you get to try some? Have a good one, Robert Chocolate Forum
  18. You can get El Rey in the states from many different places.....Canada is a different story...There is a big hole in the market(in my opinion) when it comes to chocolate. I own www.chocolateguild.com and we work hand and hand with Chocosphere.com to send people to buy chocolate....Now I started getting lots of Canadians on my site so I was trying to find a distributor in Canada to send them to but there just plain isn't one... There are a few places here and there that carry 3 kinds of chocolate or ones that only have a shop and they are not internet based....I think if someone opened an internet based business in Canada to distribute all the fine chocolates of the world I think they would have success because there is nothing in place like that as of now... There's my 2 cents... Have a good one, Robert Chocolate Forum
  19. I was just chatting with someone about molds they make themselves....I have seen these silicone molds and they look great but I have someone mention... Gelatin Molds I never knew you could make your own molds out of Gelatin...I guess it is just Gelatin and water mixed together to where the gelatin is enough to harden the mold to a rubber type consistency and you can use it as a chocolate mold... Has anyone ever used these before and if so how did you think it works? Robert Chocolate Forum
  20. Hey Everyone, Are you guys speaking of Nougat or Nougatine? I alway make nougat with egg whites and it ends up soft and chewy...Nougatine(the way I have been tought) is a hard candy similar to your recipe...I was wondering which you guys were talking...sorry to jump in but I was just curious...I was wondering if it was called different things in different area's. Robert Chocolate Forum
  21. Hey Fanny, You are going to have a good time on your Internship...everyone has said some good things and they are all right...it might be tough, especially at first...but you will get the job down and when it's over you are going to be wishing you had more time(maybe lol). And yes...you better gain weight or else! When I went through Culinary school for pastry and baking my whole class probably gain a few people...in the mid section that is...haha... Either way you are going to do well...keep us all posted and let us know if you need any help while you are there...I'm guessing we are all willing to answer questions in the area's we excel in...but you will do great so have fun... Robert Chocolate Forum
  22. Well I am not a baker but when I was doing cakes in culinary school we used deck ovens without convection...so that is my two cents lol... Robert Chocolate Forum
  23. Hum...I didn't notice them being out of temper at all...it is hard to see them with that light but I see no sign of a bad temper... Robert Chocolate Forum
  24. Yeah most commercially made chocolates that I know of have a little fan at a point on the conveyer belt after the "confection" is coating in chocolate to give it that effect... Robert Chocolate Forum
  25. Have you tried a fan on the chocolate as the chocolate starts to set on the chocolate? Robert Chocolate Forum
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