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  1. hambone

    ribeye cap

    I've eaten it ad read much about it but my questio is what is it? i mean where is it o the ribeye? I have high quality beyond organic meats on hand i my new kitchen ad would like to use it to the best of it's potential.
  2. hambone

    white soy

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a good white soy sauce?
  3. Moving from Chicago to Wyoming is going to be a change for me a big one at that. I was hoping maybe someone here would be able to tell me if they know of any worthwhile restaurants, farmers markets, or food/culinary destinations that I should know about. Can anybody help?
  4. Don't forget about Butter in the west loop. Theres a new chef with new food and defintely worth the trip on a monday.
  5. I am trying to track down a somewhat old cookbook. it was put out by the sunmaid fruit company. its titled something along the lines of "sunmaid little raisin cookbook" but i'm not sure. What i am sure of is it has the best carrot cake recipe in it. I am in trouble for misplacing it in the move. My girlfriend loves that cake and book but more so the cake. She says its the only good carrot cake. So my fellow egulleters if anybody knows the book I am talking about or has it or even just the recipe for the carrot cake i would appreciate it if someone could help.
  6. Let me start by saying if you have not been to zengo definetly make the trip. Last Week I took a trip to Denver and while trying to find a restaurant to dine at I came across Zengo. At first glance of the menu I was very intrigued. The idea of merging two different cuisines like Japanese and Latin got my thoughts perculating and I decided this is definetly a place I have to try. Upon arrival I was greeted by the GM Paul who was very gracious to have me and my lady friend dining with them for the evening. We were seated promptly and soon met our server Milo. Drink orders were taken and delivered quickly. From here on out is the meal I was able to experience. 1st course Hamachi Tartare with pckiled papaya, red onion, shiso, and citrus soy This kitchen wanted us to try the dish so it came as a surprise to us. The flavors worked great together and presentation was creative. My lady freind who does not eat raw fish commented on how it was delicious and she would eat it again. 2nd Course (Sushi Rolls) Vegetariano- Hearts of plam, Asparagus, cucumber, avacado, mango, and chile toreado rouille Lobster- Maine Lobster, Cream cheese, Pickled Red Onion, Cucumber, Truffle Oil, Habanero-Chive Aioli These two rolls were both great although IMHO the lobster was a bit bland I was expecting a bit more of the truffle oil to shine through. 3rd course Potstickers: Lobster, Rock Shrimp, Scallions, Lemon-Wasabi Sauce The Flavors here were good. Although I was expecting pan fried dumplings rather than steamed. The sauce was fantastic. 4th Course Seared Foie Gras, Pan de elote, plum, habanero, hibiscus reduction I will go so far as to say this was the best foie I've had this year. I'm personally not a fan of sweet (breakfast like) sets for fois but this was amazing. It was seared perfectly with beautiful score marks. All component of the dish worked great with each other as wellas on their own. I went out on a ledge and decided to pair the foie with a Tozai (nigori, osaka) Sake. This was an amaizng pairing the sake was light and sweet but cut perfectly through the fat of the foie. (nice choice Milo) This was another dish were my lady friend had never experienced and she absolutely fell in love with the creamy fattiness of that which is foie gras. 5th Course (Desserts) Ancho Chile Chocolate Passion Mousse Cake: Chocolate, Coconut, Passionfruit Cream, and Pecan Tres Chocolates: Warm Mexican Chocolate Milk Foam, Sesame Brittle Ice Cream, Flourless Chocolate Brownie, Grand Mariner- White Chocolate Raspberry Glace. All I can say about these is WOW!! That is by far the best Hot Chocolate I have ever had in my life. So once again let me say take the trip to Zengo next time you are in Denver. Zengo Restaurant 1610 Little Raven Street, Riverfront Park Denver, CO. 80202 720-904-0965
  7. So first off let me start by saying good job to the guys in the kitchen at butter. The food is the showcase here, Chef Wolen and Nardulli definetly know what theyre doing. Luckily when I went the tasting menu was all new with none of Chef Poli;s influences (dont get me wrong I like his food but I wanted to see what wolen is up to) I had gone with a friend of mine so might miss some courses or at least components (mine are in bold). and now on to the food. Amuse: Potato soup with parm crisp Beef Tartare with cilantro puree, honshimeji mushroom confit, root vegetable chips, soy gel, green curry froth, and sesame tuile. This dish was a great beginner surprisingly refreshing Lobster salad, carbonated oranges, avacado panna cotta 2nd course Risotto with lemon, thyme and oregano. I can't begin to explain how the flavor combinations work here. it's nice and fatty but at the same time the citrus cuts the fat. Risotto with corn and truffles (a poli classic) 3rd course Olive oil poached Salmon, curried lentils, and carrot froth. Now i'm not a huge fan of salmon but this dish did something for me not so much the salmon but the lentils. they were cooked perfectly Scallops a'la plancha,mushrooms, braised greens 4th course Beef short rib pull apart, potato puree, braised chard, red wine reduction. This dish made the meal they could have sent out 4 of these for the tasting and i would of left happy. it's a perfect winter dish with great flavors. Pre-dessert: Milk and cereal Raw milk ice cream and chocolate cereal Plain but delicious 5th course I know it was warm chocolate something with pretzel pieces and i think raspberry beer sorbet. I'm not sure the exact name of it since I don't have a menu and i'm working from memory it was tasty though. So I hope this inspries the rest of you to venture out and dine at butter. from this little preview I had I'm going to say great things are going to be coming out of that kitchen.
  8. I will be dining at butter tonight under to see what chef wolen has in store for us now that chef poli is no longer with the restaurant. I will report back and let everyone know.
  9. i'm planning to go to denver in a couple weeks and definetly want to check out the dining scene. i will be there for 3 days and want to enjoy some really good cutting edge food. Can anybody reccomend restaurants dabbling in molecular gastronomy? I have been to alinea and moto in chicago something in the middle of those 2 would be great. anysuggestions will be a help. Thanks
  10. So last night I had the opportunity to visit Mise en Place restaurant last night. It was my last night in tampa before retunring to harsh reality of the winter in chicago. i was joined by my sister as well as her boyfriend. the restaurant itself is beautiful both inside and out. The service is good and not at all stuffy. The food was an 8.7. Although they do offer a tasting menu i opted to build my own and try a couple different courses and taste everything i could. the dinner is listed below. (sorry no pics, batteries died) Amuse: Blue corn fried oyster, hearts of palm, carrot salade, and a mango chili sauce this was tasty and a nice way to start the meal. the salad definetly opened the palate. 1st courses: Buffalo tataki, lotus root, papya slaw, miso mustard sauce. Roasted lobster, soba noodle cake, blood orange/star anise jam, mizuna herb salad The Buffalo was so fresh and delicious the flavors played together very nicely. The lobster was good also. but in my personal opinion lobster is overrated so this dish didn't really do much for me although the flavors were paired nicely. 2nd courses: "paella risotto"- smoked chicen, seafood, chorizo, sweet pea emulsion Labelle Farms foie gras, huckleberry-ginger marmalade, white asparagus, crispy edamame dumpling Fried Green Tomatoes, jumbo lump crab, arugula, buttermil-chive vinegarette, piquillo pepper oil. All of these were executed perfectly. The paella was great and not to sticky with each flavor noticeable. The foie was superb especially paired with the white asparagus and the dumpling was great i could eat a plate of those alone. My sister who has never eaten foie and said never will actually tried it for the first time and then wanted to oreder another for herself. Don't forget the fried green tomatoes. crunchy, sweet, acidic, perfect. 3rd course Lavendar seared duck breast, parsnip puree, quince-apple compote, maple roated acorn squash, braised greens, pomegranite-juniper gastrique Pan seared Veal Chop, lobster cassoulet, white truffle sunchoke puree, white asparagus, chantrelles, thymw-red wine jus. now before i go into detail let me just say this: it all tasted great!!. but this is (for me) where it fell short. the duc dish was fantastic but when it came to the veal i was a little lost. I mean all the flavors work but i think maybe there were too many on one plate. The veal was cooked perfectly but the lobster cassolet was missing a hearty lobster flavor and tasted more like pork and beans to me and as far as the white truffle sunchoke puree, very tasty but again lacking truffle flavor/aroma. Cheese course Mad river roll- U.S>, soft, goats milk, aged Epoisses- France, cow's milk, soft, aged 6 weeks Lamb Chopper- U.S., firm, sheeps milk, aged Foccaia crackers, marcona almonds, wildflower honeycomb, quince paste. Its cheese how can you go wrong. I suggest when you find your self in tampa definetly go check out mise en place and the food be created ther by Chef Marty Blitzer and his crew.
  11. I just got my sample of meat glue just in time for christmas dinner and rather than go into it blindly i was hoping someone could help me out with some of the specifics. Can anybody tell me at what temp the glue is activated and also if there is any sort or ration i should be using not only for bonding but if i wanted to do something like the noodles at wd50. i'm not doing the noodles but plan on using scallops, pureeing them and reforming into a cylinder. can anyone help?
  12. so your the guy who outbid me huh? well congrats on the win.
  13. hambone


    does anyone know of any other methods to create a foam. i am familiar with both gelatin and lecithin based also thorugh a canister or immersion blender. Looking for a way to possibly make it vegan i know there is soy lecithin but i'd like to find something with a little more body
  14. Sure alex no problem well to start the evening we were welcomed with menus saying habby birthday printed on them and given a decent table looking out on the pond, and that's the highlight. we then waited a good 15 minutes before a server of sorts came over to take the drink order then the food. i'll say decent at best small portions for high prices (which i'm ok with if the food is good but) lack of flavor and somewhat poor execution. A member of my party had to return one of her courses 2 times before it came out right and while explaining what was wrong with the server he replies well i just take the order i don't cook the food what can i do about it and took the plate from the table. I left feeling un satisfied with the food and service as well as dissapointed after realizing i spent my birthday dinner there and didn't have anything good to say about the experience. i hope this will suffice alex as to why i had a terrible experience
  15. went to north pond for my birthday and had a terrible experience. if i were to recomend a restaurant in chicago i would say butter or even moto if you want something fun
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