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  1. Are you sure the term "Tomato Pie" originated in Trenton? I have no reason to doubt that, but have noticed that Vic's in Bradley Beach has a 'Tomato Pie' sign on the restaurant, too.
  2. They were a special last night at Tre Piani in Plainsboro
  3. "Personality disorder" indeed. If that woman actually practices medicine, I hope she's a pathologist.....
  4. Some places use whiting as the generic fried fish
  5. I had pizza at Pete & Elda's on Saturday night - crust was neither brittle nor dried out, and the pizza was delicious. Wish they had better salads, but Bass on tap and great pizza (crust neither brittle, etc) requires that I ignore the salad deficiencies....
  6. I used to be able to buy those Korean buckwheat noodles at a now-closed oriental grocery in Edison, New Jersey. I've never seen them anywhere else - do you know where they are sold? thanks! ← I don't know why you couldn't find them at any korean grocery store. They are usually sold in the dry noodle aisle or the frozen section in packets with a frozen packet of stock. I like the frozen product better, because its way easier to use ← Never knew about the frozen ones, thanks!
  7. I used to be able to buy those Korean buckwheat noodles at a now-closed oriental grocery in Edison, New Jersey. I've never seen them anywhere else - do you know where they are sold? thanks!
  8. John F. Baugh HOUSTON (AP) -- John F. Baugh, founder of Houston-based food and service supplier Sysco Corp., died Monday. He was 91. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/09/business/09baugh.html? OG Guy here, original post of complete AP article was contrary to EG rules, so it was deleted in favor of a link to the AP's obit. The Sysco Kid he was a friend of mine.... ------
  9. Until very recently there was an Acme market on the Elizabeth/Union border (Magie Avenue, for those who know the area). It wasn't a very good supermarket, but like the Rutherford SR was popular with older people who lived nearby and walked there. No alternative within walking distance exists - an A&P is 2 miles North, up a long hill, and there's a SR about the same distance South. This Acme didn't have much in the way of prepared foods - which have higher margins than ordinary grocery items- and it may be that with the typical supermarket margins (which I recall are 1 to 2 percent) it couldn't make it in the face of rising costs. I also wonder if what we're starting to see is marginal locations being done in by the loss of grocery customers to Wal Mart, Costco, Target, etc.
  10. Delicious Orchards is a great place to shop, but unless something is marked as Jersey-sourced it could well have come from more than 100 miles away...
  11. Capogiro is a gelato shop, not a "food store" per se, but many of us in Philly have become so entranced by their product that we start believing that gelato is really the only food we need. But back on topic, somebody had to say it: Wegmans in Pittsford, NY. ← Is there something unique about the Pittsford Wegmans?
  12. "Wonder if it would work with the black ones?" Probably, but finding black ones stuffed with pimentos to pull out might be tough.....
  13. At Delicous Orchards yesterday they had stacks of it with a 'free, take one' sign.
  14. I drove past 22 West yesterday - it has a 'Closed for Renovations' sign on it.
  15. I've bought frozen smoked eel at Asian markets....haven't looked for it lately, though.
  16. I can confirm that there is still a White Castle at the corner of Elmora and Westfield avenues. I think it's open 24 hours a day. Judging by the scene I've encountered, the same guys who were at the counter at 1 am in the 60's may still be hanging there If the George's hot dogs mentioned up thread was on Bayway, it closed 5 or more years ago and is now an Italian place called - I think - Pinocchio's.
  17. 6 months ago it was wonderful, haven't been more recently but would be surprised if it had done down hill as the owner and chef had lots of enthusiasm and obvious pride in what they were doing.
  18. "A little late in replying but I go to the Trenton Farmers market regularly. In season they can't be beat for tomatos, lima beans, brussel sprouts and squash. Beside that, the Polish specialty meat shop has the absolute best double smoked garlic kielbasa on the planet. Down the aisle a bit is a little specialty Italian that has Zabar's hearth baked breads and nice imported risotto, great stuff." Thanks, Jeff L, the scoop on the kielbasa was welcome news, indeed!
  19. Coffee water salad bread and some kind of adult beverage before and/or during dinner. My salad jones is so bad I ate it every morning for breakfast when I was in Japan a few weeks ago - the hotel b'fast buffet had bowls of nice greens, grape tomatoes with real flavor and fine cukes. None of the noodle or other joints I frequented for most other meals had any kind of salad available, so I had to get my fix in the morning. Got some pretty strange looks.....
  20. Where in Flemington is this place? thanks!
  21. I sit corrected on KW's official city-tude. For a city, it's a damn nice little town....
  22. I've been to Key West, and it's charming and pretty and has (or had when I was there 10 years ago) some wonderful places to eat, but I would hardly characterize it as the kind of urban center the word 'city' describes.
  23. relevant article from today's NY Times here: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/07/science/07conv.html
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