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  1. Look here -http://www.fishasburypark.com/Menus/FISH-XMAS-EVE.pdf
  2. At the Ocean, NJ store they had it 3 weeks ago, didn't have any 2 weeks ago, and had it again last weekend. Quality was excellent and packages were small enough (some only 1.5 lbs) to be useful for small families.
  3. The short answer is probably 'No'. I've not been to Cathay 22 for a while, but it's the only Chinese restaurant in the area I can think of that might qualify. www.cathay22.com
  4. I love the traditional Japanese breakfast with fish, miso soup, omelet, rice or (my choice) porridge and various pickles.....
  5. Try calling Golden Palace on Kenilworth Blvd in Kenilworth - if it's on their menu, it may be worth a visit as the food there is generally well above average 908 276 8884
  6. Given the beating the dollar has taken since this string began, I wonder how many of the wines are still under $10....
  7. Thank you. I don't read Japanese, but the pictures look great, and I'll definitely try to get there.
  8. I'll be staying at the Tokyo Dome hotel for a few days this month, and would welcome dining suggestions within walking distance. I've been pointed to a couple of noodle shops but am eager for other suggestions Thanks!
  9. Franks's in Asbury and Starving Artist in OG for breakfast and lunch. Nagles in OG is OK, too Taka (Japanese), Sister Sue's (Trinidad) and El Monterrey (Mexican), Moonstruck (American) in Asbury for dinner Bamboo Leaf (Pan-Asian), Draughting Table (American) in Bradley for lunch or dinner Pete & Elda's in Neptune and Vic's in Bradley are local favorites for pizza Windmill on the OG/Asbury border for dogs and fries
  10. from today's AP Press TRENTON — The owners of the landmark Olga's Diner in Marlton have reached a deal to pay back about $37,000 in state taxes. The diner was seized by the state government last week.
  11. There's a Windmill hot dog place across from the DQ right near the Marina.....
  12. Thanks for the photo of the Corner Room and its Cheeseburger Club, very glad you enjoyed lunch!
  13. A photo and assessment of the cheeseburger club from the Corner Room (if it's still in business) would be a welcome and nostalgic sight. Thanks. OGG, PSU '76, G-Journalism
  14. I think the cheesesteak place Philadelphia Grill on Westfield Avenue has closed.
  15. Friends took us to Il Vicolo in Livingston several times, and I thought it was pretty good upscale Italian. It was quite busy each time we were there
  16. Martinis can only be made of gin and vermouth, served straight up with olives. French fries should never be seasoned with anything but salt, and never cut in waffle or any other shape but a stick- thick or thin, yes, geometric, never. No gravy or cheese, either. If it's got tofu, call it tofu. Thank you. I feel better now.
  17. My dog Dakota once gently removed a dirty water hotdog from its bun, as it was being held by someone I was standing next to on a corner while we waited for a light to change. The hotdog owner didn't realize it had happened until he brought the bun up to his mouth. I bought him another. My dog Savannah once helped herself to half a platter of turkey we'd put on the table no more than 2 minutes before we were going to serve it to my parents, who were in another room. We re-arranged the remaining turkey to cover the platter, more or less. With barely enough for one serving apiece, my mother clearly knew something was amiss but didn't say anything. Had we ratted out the dog, they would have been out the door in a flash - dog people, they ain't.
  18. For years I've been saying "After a hard day at work, there's nothing more therapeutic than hacking and scorching food" to acknowledge that dinner prep chores every night are indeed how I wind down. I usually have about an hour before my wife gets home, and that time spent in the kitchen, with the dog and an adult beverage, is really restorative. And as others have noted, we get to enjoy the results of the therapy.
  19. The Wegman's market in Ocean Township, NJ has been selling Ostrich steaks, and ground buffalo and buffalo sirloins. The sirloins are more tender, but not appreciably more flavorful than the buffalo medallions that Shop Rite sells (and are from the same processor). The Shop Rite in Elizabeth sells fresh goat meat and also frozen quail in packages of 6 for about $8 - until they started stocking them, the only place I'd seen the frozen quail was the Seabra's supermarkets in Newark.
  20. I've had 2 business dinners for about a dozen people at Tre Piani this year, and second what Jeff L said - the food was very good, and the service was inobtrusive and professional. We sat on the 2nd level both times. For the quality of food and service, the bill was reasonable. Hope this helps.
  21. The restaurant was surely Durgin Park.....
  22. Unless you only want upscale dining, you might consider Pearl of Lisbon on Broadway in Long Branch. I had dinner there a few weeks ago and the food and servce were very good. Nearby is also Cask 591 which I've read good things about but never been to.
  23. Unless you only want upscale dining, you might consider Pearl of Lisbon on Broadway in Long Branch. I had dinner there a few weeks ago and the food and servce were very good. Nearby is also Cask 591 which I've read good things about but never been to.
  24. For my parents, and I think it was more my father's doing than my mother's, there were no meals without bread on the table. Sometimes bakery rye or pumpernickel or challah, sometimes Pepperidge Farm white, but always, always bread at every meal.
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