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  1. You'll know once you go to the store. The quality is immediately apparent. I've bought mixing bowls and the like for cheap. Last just as long as others. Silverware - fantastic and durable. Glasses - fine with me. I wouldn't buy knives, things with movable parts, etc.
  2. Humm... Never buy Ice cream Pasta sauce Noodles Salad dressing Sometimes buy Pancake mix Brownies Bread Already-roasted coffee Always buy All dairy (made cheese once) Meat, etc
  3. ah, beautiful all of them. I might try all of those just for me
  4. Ref my previous post on going to pastry school: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=92675 Long story short, I'm racking my brain for that one great recipe that can beat the rest (aren't we all). I've been having a blast making ice cream and sorbets at home and I think they are turning out quite well. So, I've been thinking about doing an apple ice cream or sorbet and pairing it with a pastry/petitie four, etc. My problem is pairings. Obviously there are some great flavors that go with apple - cinn, nutmeg, maple, and so on. But I can't think of how to integrate them. Any ideas? I hope this is clear.... Thanks.
  5. Those ideas sound great. I like the truffle idea. Done a bit of experimenting with those at home, though mine still look terrible. The rules call for the entry to feed 6 to 8 people. Suppose there's no reason I can't do 6 to 8 tarts. Thanks everyone.
  6. Looking for pastry/baking supply Hi all. I'm in MoCo and I'm looking for a baking/pastry supply store. No particular items to purchase at this time. I'm thinking molds, flavorings, etc. Thanks.
  7. Morning all, I'm a soon-to-be pastry student and they are running a scholarship that I'd like to enter. Interestingly, the entry doesn't need to be an original recipe, only scratch. However, I'd like to do an original. Seems like fun and might get me a few brownie points, so to speak. I have two ideas so far. One is to do a sort of chocolate-mojito pie. I envision it will be based on a key lime recipe, only with the addition of mint, rum, and chocolate. Presentation counts a fair amount, so I'd like to maybe create some mint-shaped chocolates leaves for the plating. The other idea is to kind of go off base a bit and use an unusual ingredient. In other words, the wow or interesting factor. My initial thought was rose water. So, any ideas or thoughts? I have about a month to create and perfect this recipe, but there are such endless possibilities that I'm afraid I don't know where to start. Does anyone have some general thoughts or ideas? Thanks. Ian
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