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  1. Hi All, I've heard Lawrenceville/Suwannee/Norcross is a treasure trove of Carribean Food hotspots but google isn't getting me there. I'm in John's Creek off Bell rd/medlock br. Anyone know of a few gems? Curried Goat, Pernil, CocoBread, Rice and Beans? Cuban, Jamaican, Dominican, West Indian, Hatiian etc? Thanks! -Mike
  2. Hi All, I have a friend that is going to be in NYC in two weeks. Needs either a Thurs or Fri night spot to profess his love to his girlfriend and to enjoy her company. They will be staying in the 50s west. Would really like something low key, not "fancy", the type of place they could get a quiet corner to sit next to each other and no be rushed etc. I havent lived in nyc in 3 yrs so i'm disconnected. Any ideas? Thanks, -Mike
  3. Elie, It's been posted on egullet before; but, I have found Gunther Anderson's Liqueur making web pages to have a wealth of information regarding proper techniques and storage. http://www.guntheranderson.com/liqueurs.htm ← Quick question for those who have stored some away for a yr +. Went through the site link above and it seems written before the screw cap revolution. Anyone have any opinion on screw cap bottles for short term (6mths-2 yrs) storage? -Mike
  4. Mt Lassen just shipping my order today for delivery early next week. A few questions for the experienced... -how quickly should I use the walnuts after they arrive? Same day, within a week? -What wine varietal would you use for the Vin de Noix? I was thinking a young, inexpensive burgundy or something similarly fruity. Thanks, -Mike
  5. Not in Norcross but in Alpharetta, right off 400 on Old Milton and Main St. Very very good and worth the short hike. Its Thai/Malaysian 281 S Main St # 101 Alpharetta, GA 30004 (770) 663-8666‎ satay-house.com -Mike
  6. Thanks for that reminder Eje! I missed last year and wanted to experiment this year with both Nocino and Vin de Noix. Put in an order with Lassen this morning for 5#. Think that's enough for a small batch of each? -Mike
  7. Country Captain is a Savannah original and a must try if you haven't had it yet!! -Mike
  8. I can't possibly say enough about how wonderful a city New Orleans is. This latest trip marks my 3rd time to the city but my wife and kids (10, 10 and 4) first time. Everyone hands down had the time of their life and they already want to plan our next trip. (secrectly I'm estactic to have changed the conversation from Disney Orlando to New Orleans ). I took pics of the food we ate but they just don't do it justice. Cafe DuMonde was as you can imagine a huge hit with the kids, fried dough with tons of sugar and hot chocolate for breakfast. I gave up my eggs breakfasts for every day here in the name of family harmony! The other new must have for the kids is Hubrigs pies...man those are good!! We took a dozen or two home with us, the kids are still working on them for snacks after school. We did our non festival lunch Thursday at WillieMae's. This was some of the best fried chicken we've ever had and we have eaten a lot! Her granddaughter is cute and charming and spent some time talking about the reason for the place being only open for lunch. We never felt like we were taking any big risk by going there, cab dropped us off and picked us up no big deal. She also mentioned being close to a deal to open a place in the French Quarter by June-time so that was great news. The flocks will eat up that chicken. Later at the festival we met a guy we saw at WilleMae's and he also recomended Dunbar's for fried chicken but we didn't get to try. We did take the St Charles street car ride from Canal St and back. What a beautiful ride, what a different world. In a way its kind of sad that the contrast between St. Charles in the Garden District and the area where WillieMae's is so severe...but beauty can be found in every thing right? We opted out of taking a "Katrina Tour". Being a born and raised NYer it made me feel similar to why I never took or liked the idea of a 9/11 WTC tour. Making $ on misery and all that. Dinner at Casamento's was great. Raw oysters and beer for the adults fried everything for the kids. Perfect rec for a family of 5 that includes 1 tazmanian devil. Then Bourbon St. I know, 3 kids, all very young, exposed to all that debauchery and drunkeness....That was exactly the point, especially for the twins. I qualified the walk with everyone waaaay ahead of time and it was a great time. My sons couldnt get over the ladies in the finer undergarments in the street. Highlight of that was was the "to be continued" brass band on the corner of Canal and Bourbon. Those guys are amazing and was a perfect pre-cursor to the music of the Festival. We also hit Mother's for one of our dinners. Ferdi special poboys, gumbo, red beans and rice, shrimp creole, fried fish and chicken I love going back to that place. The French Quarter Festival was an amazing experience. We are going to try and make it an annual trip for our spring break. Too much good food to list but suffice to say we tried every poboy, gumbo, ettufee<sp>, tamale, cake, pudding, drink and dessert offered. We spent most of our time by the old mint stages and the brass band stage by the aquarium. The roast beef poboy and shrimp ettufee by the zydeco stage in the old mint were two of my personal favorites but there was nothing I tried that I wouldnt (or didnt) eat twice. All this with a constant fill of at least 3 beers in me made for a fun weekend. The little guy had the best time out of us all! We don't call him Tommy Bananas for nuthin. Thanks everyone for the recs! -Mike
  9. Oh WoW! Lucky us! Yes we are planning on coming down this Wed. night and staying until Sun. I'll just need to plan a casual dinner Wed. and some activities for the fam on Thursday. I was thinking breakfast at Mothers and Lunch at Willie Maes Thurs. Any ideas for casual dinners Wed and Thurs nights? I have a 4 yr old that breaks glass just by walking near it. Thanks for all the help! -Mike
  10. I don't know that I would take the kids to Bourbon Street at night. There is a very high drunk factor there and the music that wafts from the open doors is more of a too loud bar music type that is not reflective of the music of the area. Maybe in the Marigny for the music. Mothers is good for a meal. Maybe do Cochon for the other lunch. If your plans to be there happen the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May, then by all means get tickets for Jazzfest. Especially if you want to hear some music. The cubes are up with the times and stages, here are the dates, stages and times. ← Yea, unfortunatly, Spring Break is next week for them... so no jazz fest... thanks for the other recs! -Mike
  11. Hi All, I am thinking about driving down for 3 days with the family. I'm curious about lunch, dinner spots that would be interesting for me and the wife and ok to drag 2 10 yr olds and an insane 4 yr old tasmanian devil. I was thinking Mother's for 1 lunch and some good fried chicken for another. Also, would convention center area be ok to stay or should I stay french quarter? Also, also, live music, the kids would just love the street bands and music at night on Bourbon St. Anyone know of places where we could sit and eat at night and listen to music all together? Thanks! -Mike
  12. This is a new thing. Not much around us that isn't chain dining. Would love a tapas type place for snacks and cocktails or something like.... thanks!
  13. Hey All, Started a little girls night out thing with some of the other moms in my subdiv. We are off of 441 and McGinnis Ferry. Any good, not to fancy, not too expensive, can be loud if we wanna be recomendations for us? Its my turn to pick a place! Thanks and I'll give Mike his account back now. Andrea
  14. Hi Guys, just moved into a new house that has a large enough basement that I have been allowed by the Mrs. to peel off a section to use to make a quasi curing chamber. Our last home didn't have a basement and when I tried to use the staircase ala Chris A. I got the number to the local Holiday Inn in response from my wife! The basement has a "storage room" that is unfinished that holds are the heating/cooling stuff. It has lots of exposed beams for hanging. What would I need to measure air temp/humidity etc? Any other equitment necessary? We've done most of the smoked stuff and sausages from the book...I'd kind of like to graduate! Thanks, -Mike
  15. The leftover bits from the ham with redeyed gravy, grits, biscuits and cheese eggs is my new all time #1 breakfast eva! Mike
  16. Wow, that looks outside of this world! We had meant to do that this year for luck and got sidetracking moving houses! There is always next year! -Mike
  17. Hey Thanks Guys! Cool stuff. This cold weather we are having is making me think Cassoulet and I'm wanna make it all from scratch.
  18. Hi All, I am looking to make a batch of confit but there are no sources (that I can find) in Alpharetta for the legs or bulk goose/duck fat. Anyone know of a place IN or OTP? Thanks! -Mike
  19. wow Elie, what a great New Year meal! The sausage with lentils look amazing! Happy New Years to everyone! -Mike
  20. bummer this....another independent bites the dust. First my butcher, now the fish market....
  21. Hmm, meanwhile if I want good Dominican or Columbian, I have to drive to Norcross. Why not simply drive three miles west of Norcross and eat at Di Paola? ← Hey Cool Papa, where in Norcross do you get Dominican? -Mike
  22. Anyone know where Juan Cuevas has landed? I just noticed (might be old news) that he left BH NYC. Thanks, -Mike
  23. I can 2nd that Gulf Coast rec, get his e-mail when you go in and he will mail you all the weekly fresh catches, specials etc. I've done both Harry's and the new whole foods in Duluth and I prefer Harry's by far (their sausage section is sick )..prices are well whole paycheck style.
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