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  1. Towards the end of last year I signed up for a weekly food delivery box from Boston Organics. I can order the dogma box and have local, organic produce delivered to me each Friday. I spend the weekend baking one cake/pie/bar/set of muffins and breaking down vegetables for my "weekly meal." I find that by making a set dinner that can be reheated, I eat better after work. This week I made roasted root vegetables (turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots) and chicken thighs in a vermouth, mushroom, thyme cream sauce. I also make time each night before I go to bed to prep breakfast and lunch to bring to work. It only takes about 15 minutes and the rewards are: a slice of apple cake for breakfast; goat cheese, roasted beet, walnut sardine salad for lunch; yogurt with almonds and kiwi for afternoon snack. If you can make the time on Sunday to prep your vegetables and make one baked good for snacking, I think eating well can be painless.
  2. gini


    Stir! Stirring helps to break down the rice and make it creamy. I made this last night: Mushroom Leek Risotto, sans heavy cream, because really, heavy cream has no place in risotto. The rice is creamy enough.
  3. Wow RichardJones and RWood! This weekend I made a kiwi lemongrass icebox pie from Coconut & Lime.
  4. During the snowstorm on Sunday, I made chocolate chip Heath Bar crunch cookies. Just something to warm up the house.
  5. gini

    Latkes - the Topic!

    Hey Pam - I make zucchini and gruyere fritters with shallots - probably my favorite latke of all time.
  6. Friday night I hope to eat a couple zucchini gruyere fritters, but we'll see how that actually comes together. Saturday I'm attending a Hannukah party that is featuring: potato latkes, brisket, carrots, apple sauce, golden beet salad, sauteed red cabbage and donuts. Unfortunately, all of my work holiday parties are next week, so I probably won't have a chance to make anything special for Hannukah until Thursday. I wonder if I can deep fry the pie I am bringing to a dessert party on Sunday. We'll see.
  7. Thanks! The cherry pie is an old minute tapioca recipe that my grandmother gave me.
  8. I made David Lebowitz's Chocolate Cake this weekend to delicious results. And it wasn't a pie.
  9. I have to stop baking pies and bake something else for a change. Pumpkin, cherry and two individuals.
  10. I have to stop making pie. This is a simple blackberry pie.
  11. I've been on a simple pie & bread kick lately. Cranberry & pear pie with streusel topping: Triple berry pie: Double chocolate banana bread: Sorry for the terrible camera phone pics.
  12. gini

    Dinner! 2008

    Mool mandoo (korean pork dumplings), with rice cakes, shredded beef, eggs, braised red cabbage, and sunflower greens in broth with soy sauce and sesame oil Sorry for the bad phone camera.
  13. gini

    Dinner! 2008

    Wilt cucumbers with salt, make dressing of sour cream, lemon juice, s&p, add chopped dill, mix. The carrot salad is actually currants, oops. It's a Jane Brody recipe: Jane Brody's North African Carrot Salad
  14. gini

    Dinner! 2008

    Catching up: Chicken with almonds, raisins and oranges African carrots and raisins salad Wilted cucumbers in a dill-sour cream dressing Bluefish on potatoes Tortellini and spinach soup
  15. fengyi, I'm really looking forward to this blog! Some of my family are originally from Shanghai and one of my dear colleagues just moved to the US from Beijing. I'm looking forward to seeing it through your eyes!
  16. Jim is correct. For fish tacos. ← That doesn't seem wasteful to anyone else? How hard is it to drag a few friends along so the food you order doesn't go to waste? ← I would suggest that you go read the thread for yourself before jumping to conclusions, melkor.
  17. Up in Boston, I was once a subscriber of Boston Organics, which sounds almost identical to your Urban Organics. I had to cancel my subscription due to a hectic travel schedule for work, but I really liked the idea of someone else picking out my fruits and vegetables for me. Always made cooking much more of a challenge.
  18. After reading the article and this thread, a few ideas: eGullet is a forum. If you'd like to see more threads on health/diet/exercise/whatever eating, then start one. You're a user. You have the power. Unless you are a dependent adult, I don't think you have the right to ask anyone else to watch out for you in terms of your health. It's yours. You're responsible for your body and what goes into it. Whatever you want to put into it, that's your business. If you want to post about it, from salad to lard, cool. That doesn't mean I'm going to eat that lard, but I might enjoy the voyeurism of it. I find the social network piece very interesting personally as all but one of my friends are in the skinny to normal range. Same thing goes for my family. I'm glad to see so many user posting about eating real food versus eating junk. On another site I read, a thread regarding this article had a post by Jim Leff in it, founding member of Chowhound. One of Jim's points in his post was about how he only needs a taste of something if he's planning on spending an afternoon eating his way through fish tacos in San Diego. Just a taste. He doesn't need to eat the whole thing to do a comparative study. I love that. Anyway, it's great to see some of the big guys taking their health into their hands. Bravo!
  19. I just wanted to add my thanks to you for doing a food blog! I'm very excited to see your world. I was in Japan in the summer of 2006 and totally mesmerized - especially by the food. Blog on!
  20. I think I'm going to make wings and blue cheese dip.
  21. Also wanted to add that Super 88 in Packard's Corner, Allston is my goto Asian grocer. Kam Nam in Quincy is also great.
  22. gini

    Dinner! 2008

    I roasted a chicken this weekend, Zuni style: Poor thing's missing a drum cause I couldn't keep my hands off. Moist & juicy with a great crispy skin. I love this method. Can't wait to dig into leftovers this week.
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