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  1. Why can't they have a mentor figure instead of someone who comes in just to treat them like idiots?I can't stand that guy. He makes me want to slap the TV. 

    Do you mean Tom Colicchio? I LOVE him. He's the best part of the show.

    REALLY?! I wish he were more of a mentor figure, a'la Tim Gunn. Also, I find his smile to be that of a hyena. Smiling only because he can't wait to stab you in the back. His attitude toward the contestants really turns me off. Honestly, I think he's only there to create more drama. As if this show needed any more drama.

  2. Eh. They're just as crazy as the raw foodists. I'm sure they all have the same manic burning eyes.

    And as much as they claim it isn't anorexia, their behavior sure is similar to every anorexic I have ever known. Like the girl I went to college with who was PROUD when she got a feeding tube. Said it made her feel "unique and virtuous." Whatever.

  3. God I hate this show. And yet, I still watch every week. How weak am I.

    I can't stand the competitors. The only two who are even remotely tolerable are the Catering Lady from LA, and the African-American girl who does all the soul food.

    Both Marisa AND Otto should have been eliminated. That biotch Marisa should have said something AT THE CAR instead of waiting until cooking was already underway. Otto trying to get away without paying was shady and underhanded. They are both pretty reprehensible.

    Why can't Top Chef be fun and lighthearted in the same way the Project Runway is? Why can't they have a mentor figure instead of someone who comes in just to treat them like idiots? I can't stand that guy. He makes me want to slap the TV. I can't stand the judges. The host woman looks like she should be hosting America's Next Top Model instead of a food show, and the Food and Wine woman just leaves me cold. They're both mean. I don't like them. And they don't look like they ever eat, so what are they doing judging food and working in food?

    I keep thinking maybe it will get better as the season moves forward, but somehow I don't think it will.

  4. I loved last season. I loved the contestants, I loved the challenges. The judges... eh...

    This season, though, the majority of contestants just seem SO incredibly odious. The guy who says in the preview, "I'll break your knee caps," makes me want to scream. How obnoxious, hateful, and kind of scary. The girl who professes, "Why am I on Top Chef? LOOK at me!" makes me want to stab out my own eyes with a rusty spork. The other girl who's like, "I always get what I want in the kitchen," in this horrid passive agressive manipulator manner makes me ashamed to share a gender with her. Ick. What hideous people.

    Judging by the previews the only one who seems even remotely tolerable is the "Insane chef" guy. But I'm afraid he'll just end up being another Stephen (who I loved in the beginning but was ready to kill by the time he got booted).

    If this show becomes more about drama than food, I won't be watching.

  5. I'd heard rumors that the Austin Old San Francisco Steakhouse was going through roigh times and might have closed.  Then I heard it was back.  Anyone know about it?  Is it still there?  If so, what's it like these days and how's the food?  Also, are they still doing the bit with the girl on the swing?

    I've never been, but have driven past it recently and it appears open. It's one of those place I have always wondered about but never actually gone inside. Maybe I should change that. Does anyone know what the food is like?

  6. I envy you your dining buddies, I am seriously stuck for 'em where I'm at

    Same here. It's almost impossible for me to find people to accompany me to places that aren't basic, American or Tex-Mex fare. Or cheap Asian. I can get people to go to the cheap Asian places, but if I want something higher-end I have to beg for days. -sigh-

    I would KILL to be a part of a dining club. McFoodie, how did you set yours up? Was it a group of people that decided to do this together, or did you hunt them down and convince them to join? If the latter, how did you do that?

  7. "Pwede ba bunutin lahat ang mga ngipin ng baboy, kasi ayokong nakikitang nakangiti siya sa amin habang kumakain kami, nakakakonsiyentiya eh"

    Translation: Is it possible that all the teeth of the pig be pulled out because i don't want to see it smiling while we are eating, my conscience can't take it.

    Oh man! Lechon was one of my very favorite things about living in Manila! That stuff is fab!

    Anyway, back on topic, the first time we were ever served one was at a Philipino friend's house. My sister, who was eight or nine at the time, said very loudly, "Momma! I can't eat something that's SMILING at me!"

    Luckily, our hosts had a good humor about it. :)

  8. I was not impressed with First Chinese, and will continue to patronize Din Ho over it. We had a hard time getting the attention of the waitstaff, and when we finally did, they were rather curt.

    We ordered a spinach and mushroom dish, BBQ chicken, and a clay pot that was supposed to contain sea bass. The veggies were fine, I actually rather enjoyed them. The chicken was WAY too dry and over cooked, to the point that it stuck in the back of my throat on the way down. Ick. The sea bass clay pot... oh lord don't even get me started. It was on the special board, which I can't read, but was with someone who can. It sounded great, so we ordered it. There was not one single actual peice of fish in the whole damn thing. There were lots of bones and skin, though. And fish fat. But no actual, you know, fish flesh. There was also a miasma of aroma wafting off the thing, and a whole conglomeration of various vegetables, and, for some weird reason, lots of pork. I mean, God. Don't put the thing on the specials if you can't actually make it.

    So I don't know if I'll be back. Maybe I'll give it one more shot.

  9. Good article, but I fear foie gras is doomed. Sad, but true. The PETA people are to chicken to go after the REAL cruelty offenders (ie, factory farmed chicken, beef, etc) so they go for the easy target. "Regular" folks get behind it 'cause they don't know they whole story, and don't care if they can eat foie gras because they never have, and there we go, it's gone. And then once one food gets banned, we just open the door for more and more foods to get banned. If we keep going this way, in fifty years the only food avaliable will be the nutrient gruel from the Matrix.

  10. I was once working the garde manger station in an upscale restuarant that was known for things like steak and nice fish dishes.

    A customer ordered the house salad with "extra bleu cheese." The salad already came with blue cheese, but we obliged. He then ordered his $40 filet mignon "extra extra well done." The waiter tried to talk him into ordering a different item, but no. He then proceeded to ask for more blue cheese on the side. Apparently, what we sent out wasn't enough, because the server came back to my station five or six times throughout the customer's meal asking for more blue cheese.

    I have no clue what he was doing with it, and don't want to know. :wacko:

  11. Another divorced kid chiming in to say that the change was fun for me, even if it was a bit frustrating for my mom.

    As a kid, I didn't mind three days of hanging around an apartment pool, eating pizza and junk Chinese food, and snacking on bowls full of marichino cherries in bars. My mother, however, had different feelings on the issue. :hmmm:

  12. Oh man. I had forgotten about butter (actually, it was margarine for spreadability) and sugar sandwiches. On Mrs. Baird's white bread, of course. God those were good.

    Other low-brow treats:

    Gravy and bread. Exactly what it sounds like. You had a peice or two of white bread and smother it in gravy. Eat with fork.

    Flour tortillas heated up directly on the coil of the electric burner, spread with butter, rolled up, and eaten. Sometimes sugar would be sprinkled on, bringing a Southwest-fusion element to the traditional butter and sugar sandwich.

    Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches: Fry some bacon. Fry an egg in the grease. Pour off some of the grease. Assemble sandwich: white bread, two slice of American cheese on each peice, egg, and bacon in the middle. Grill in leftover bacon grease until bread is toasty and cheese is melty. It's been years since I made myself one of these. I think I need one.

    Also, my favorite, favorite childhood snack and now favorite drunk food: peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich. Oh heaven.

    I am re-reading what I have written here and can't believe my mother let us eat this stuff. Dear lord.

  13. Having wisdom teeth taken out is an excellent excuse to eat lots of ice cream and make lots of milk shakes! :biggrin:

    I had FIVE (yes, five, I'm extra wise) taken out at the same time, and found that matzoh ball soup was good. I would just cut up the matzoh into little bitty peices with my spoon so that I didn't have to take too big bites. It was filling and satisfying and didn't hurt to eat.

    Also, lemon sorbet with raspberry coulis is really yummy, less caloric than ice cream, and very refreshing. I think I ate at least one bowl of that every day for a week.

  14. I am of two minds on this issue. On one hand, I think it could be a good thing, as there is absolutely nothing culinarily superior about transfat. It IS terribly bad for you. And, when I think about a woman I used to work with who would take her three children through the McDonald's drive-thru every single day after school, I think maybe banning transfat across the board in every state is a good thing, if only for the sake of those three children. (Those kids were, I might add, three of the saddest cases of unintentional child absue (neglet? carelessness?) I have ever seen.)

    On the other hand, I do see the slippery-slope argument. What next? No refined flours? No fatty cuts of meat? No cream? No full-fat yoghurt and cheese?

    Basically, it's a tough call. I would like there to be no transfats to worry about, but at the same time how far are they going to go before certain foods are criminalized?

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