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  1. Living in Columbia, my family and I went to Sycamore withing the few weeks weeks of its opening. Our experience sounds similar to yours. The room was very nice and the service was acceptable (with minor problems) and the meal had its ups and downs. However, it sounds like the menu items have become a bit more creative since our meal. For instance, I don't remember sweet breads, truffles, etc. Perhaps things have stepped up a bit and I am now looking forward to another try. Going to Trattoria this Saturday first and I'm looking forward to seeing if anything is new. I do agree that the ma
  2. I have taken my sweet (& savory) time getting around to this review, but here goes. My parents and fiancee dined at S&S on December 27th around 7PM. I had read all of the great comments about this place here and decided we should check it out. I had e-mailed the chef to let him know that my fiancee was a vegetarian and if we would still be able to do a tasting menu. I was told that that would not be a problem. I had also asked about the possibility of doing a white truffle menu. Upon walking in the door, we didn't have to give our name, the host/waiter was expecting us. We were sea
  3. Chef Achatz, If there is some question about the desire of people to either, go back to revisit old dishes, or simply want to experience past classics for the first time, why not do a 3rd menu option for a limited time consisting of ~10 courses of past classics. It would be interesting to see how many would elect to do this menu. I would think it would be more than the 10% of those ordering the 6 course menu. If I knew that for one or two months a year, Alinea offerered a tasting of past classics, you could definitely count me in.
  4. Chef Achatz, Now that you have eliminated menu 2 and are just doing the 12 course and Tour are you planning on creating any new menu variations (spontaneous menu, prix fixe, etc.) or will you leave it with only the two current options?
  5. Those pictures are fantastic. I have thought about my meal everyday for the last 2 weeks and can't help but smile every time. The more I reminisce, the stronger I feel about all my experience at Alinea. It truly is an amazing restaurant that I look forward to visiting again in the future. Sorry to get off the NYE discussion, but I was curious about the plate/bowl used for the hot potato. I think I read somewhere that the bowl is made out of wax and is remoldable? I'm just wondering if there is a reason for this as opposed to having a hard plastic bowl? Also, I also loved that Curious & An
  6. it was that episode. It was part of the first week's episodes. I think it was episode 1 or 2. It was cool, but the buffering was way off and it sucks to watch a 4 minute clip in 5 second intervals.
  7. I briefly caught a glimpse of an add on the food channel about a new show or some already existing show that would be talking about new technological ways of cooking and I thought I caught glimpses of Cantu from Moto in Chicago. I overheard the add talking about edible menus out of risotto. I have not seen this add again. Does anyone know what i'm talking about or have any more info?
  8. I briefly caught a glimpse of an add on the food channel about a new show or some already existing show that would be talking about new technological ways of cooking and I thought I caught glimpses of Wylie and Cantu from Moto in Chicago. I have not seen this add again. Does anyone know what i'm talking about or have any more info?
  9. On December 29th, my parents, fiancee and myself experienced Alinea for the first time. It will not be my last. I have read everything on this thread and elsewhere on the web over the past several, months, numerous times, waiting for the opportunity to go and experience the amazing creations of Achatz and his kitchen. I will mostly make a few general comments and then list the menu, with minimal discussion as most of the dishes have been listed previously and I can't possibly do the experience justice. At times I had wondered if reading all these threads and seeing the pictures would someho
  10. Now for a report of out tasting....... 1st course: delivered on a long rectangular piece of "sheet metal?" that was placed between my fiancee and myself. For me, a single kumamoto oyset in the shell atop a bed of sea salt. There was more to the oyster, but I don't quite remember. I think there was a soy gelee, smoked salmon pearls, and green foam. very good. for my fiancee: a slice of artichoke with a fried mayonnaise sphere atop it. There was a red pepper mayonnaise sauce dividing the plate making the dish resemble a percentage sign "%". very cool 2nd course: Brought out on smaller ve
  11. The squab was not encrusted in brioche It was a loveseat, a light gold color with purple silk pillows. do you mean sofa or loveseat(small sofa) some may be confused by this due to tha fact that one of the changes made was the removal of the banquet. that is the infamous value to portion to experience problem many have with WD-50 and of course this thread is great even if you have no interest in Masa Is Masa worth it? ←
  12. I was wondering if anyone had any info on the menu or special New Year's Eve plans at Alinea? P.S. I can't wait for my reservations on Thursday.
  13. There is one other thing that confuses me about this restaurant compared to others I have eaten at such as TRU in Chicago and La Ferme in Chamonix, France For the price payed at Seeger's there was half as much food for the same price at TRU. Also at TRU, I was given a staircase of various caviars, not just a spoonful. At TRU truffles were shaved thick and generously as opposed to my two pitiful nickel sized slivers. Do you think Seeger's is trying to pay off their new renovations or is it that being a fairly new foodie I am missing something at Seeger's compared to other places? Thanks fo
  14. I traveled to Atlanta(for the first time) last week with only a few days notice and after much perusal of reviews on-line and here on eGullet, I decided that one night I would go to ONE.midtown kitchen and Seeger's the second. (I considered myself lucky to get a 5:30 res at Seeger's on such short notice). I will try to keep this review brief, but would like to mention two things. TFirst, the previous night I had an amazing tasting menu at ONE.midtown and two, this was to be my first time dining alone at such an "upper level" restaurant (not a major factor, but makes one desire to be enterta
  15. Last Tuesday my fiancee and I arrived in Atlanta after a 9+ hour drive from St. Louis. We only had about 1 1/2 hours after checking in before we left for our 8:30 reservation at ONE.midtown Kitchen. I was a slightly nervous for two reasons. First, my fiancee is a vegetarian and usually quite restrained on the styles and variety of food she eats. Second, OMK's website did not offer much of a feel for their menu and I was worried whether my fiancee would find it enjoyable, since I decided on the restaurant after reading some recs on eGullet, and whether I would enjoy the experience as well.
  16. I would really like to visit and have the tasting menu, but am wondering if you may be able to accomodate my fiancee's non-fish vegetarian needs for a tasting menu so she could accompany me? thanks.
  17. I will most likely be visiting Atlanta just before christmas and would like to get some recs for a great, fancy, restaurant that has a tasting menu. Price is not really an option. Also, my fiancee is a vegetarian, so it would be nice if the place was also friendly and accomodating to her needs. I look forward to your suggestions.
  18. I was just wondering as I am not very familiar with california other than 2 days in LA and a couple visits to San Fran when I was a little kid, but what is the most efficient way to plan a trip to TFL? I'm in missouri, so would I fly out of STL or KC into San Fran or where? Then do I rent a car, etc. how long is the drive to TFL and where do you recommend I stay that's close by? Thanks. I gotta start planning my destination dining.
  19. so what is the report on lunch? no one ever replied. Also, from the general discussion of the menu it does not sound like a vegetarian would do very well here.
  20. I can only hope that the white truffle explosion is still on the menu at the end of december, as I have read so much about the original version at Trio, but have never had the dish. I believe my family is only going to do the 12 course menu however and I am wondering if we could add the truffle explosion on as an extra course? I think I've read about people adding an extra course or two. Does anyone know what type of charge this incurs? Thanks.
  21. from the previously mentioned article" "kobe beef lozenges encrusted with toasted pumpkin seeds mired in sweet taffy, arranged along a ribbon of dehydrated orange squash". I don't recall this being mentioned on the site before. Could this be a forthcoming item on the new menu? It sounds awesome! I can't wait till my first visit at the end of December.
  22. Thanks for the reply. I'll actually be arriving wednesday afternoon, so I could go grab the burger for dinner. I would like to do their full tasting menu, but I'll be at Alinea the next night and I think that might be way to much good dining. (not necessarily for me, but my parents and fiancee). I've only seen comments on the various sweets and savories threads about either the burger or the tasting menu. Do they have a good selection of ala carte items as well? Thanks and is there a dress code?
  23. I'm gonna be in chicago in a couple weeks and I am dying to try the kobe burger. Are they open for lunch everyday or just fridays? citysearch.com says they are only open for lunch fri-sun, but then they also say they have $10 kobe burgers on wednesdays. Can someone please sort this out for me? Thanks.
  24. do you know if they cater to vegetarians there?
  25. On a recent trip to New York, i found restaurants websites crucial to deciding where we would dine. Of course I also referred to eGullet, Zagat's, etc. but they do not provide you with menus. Since my fiancee is a vegetarian, I really appreciate a restaurant with a website that offers menu selections so I can see if she would be happy eating there. I really liked Daniel Bouluud's website, but was frustrated by the lack of info on Vongerichten's site. I don't necessarily care how fancy the websites are, I'm just expecting some info on what type of food is offered, possible prices, and a f
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