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  1. Great job on the website! I think it is one of the best restaurant websites I've visited. It shows just enough, but not too much. I didn't think it was possible, but I am even more excited for my upcoming December 29th visit. I was also wondering if anything has become of the audio spotlight that had been discussed previously? I knew there were some difficulties due to the composition of hard surfaces in the room, so has the idea been scrapped? I was interested to see how it would be used.
  2. Does anyone have any comments on either Arthur Clay's or Cafe de France in St. Louis?
  3. I'm curious, I have never heard any mention of a cheese cart or mignardises or parting gifts being served at Alinea. Am I correct in thinking that these things are not done there?
  4. Is it just me or are the porous wooden chopsticks easier to eat with? I tend to have trouble getting enough friction to grasp slippery foods with the shiny plastic sticks given out at P.F. Chang's etc.
  5. I was wondering if anyone here is a vegetarian who has dined at Alinea and done the Tour. I am hoping to go with my vegetarian fiancee and while I know they are accomodating to such needs, I was wondering how the quality/inventiveness/etc. holds up to their meat-containing dishes.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has had the sea urchin ragout I mentioned above and/or if they have a similar recipe so that I may recreate that dreamy dish at home. Thanks
  7. babern38


    I had one thing to add to my previous review. More of a question really, but is the bread at Babbo supposed to be soooo tough? Perhaps this is a traditional preparation/recipe, but it made it difficult to enjoy as crumbs would fly everywher when trying to pull off a bite.
  8. Ate at Gramercy's main dining room for the first time friday night with my mother and fiancee. I didn't know what to expect of the restaurant, but we all loved the homey decoration that was done for fall. The colors were beautiful. I had planned on doing the seven course tasting menu, but upon arriving there at 6pm and sitting down with the menu, no one, myself included, felt hungry enough for such a venture. Also my fiancee (a vegetarian) was hesitant about some of the offerings on the vegetarian tasting menu. She has an aversion to fennel and celery, of which were items for two of the di
  9. babern38


    Well, I had a much more thorough review written up, until my new kitten stepped on the keyboard somehow erasing everything..... Here is the short of the meal I had saturday night with my parents and fiancee. First, my mother was very glad we were seated upstairs as the noise and crowd would have been to much to be able to hear our own conversation. We should also mention that everyone at the table commented on how tiny the bathroom was. I don't know how a larger person could fit. My fiancee is a size 0 and still found it tiny. But we don't go to restaurants for the bathrooms (initially at
  10. Sorry for the delay, but I finally managed to retrieve a copy of our menu from my parent's house. Just to recap, my father and I had the Chef Tramonto's collection, my mother hand the Grand collection, and my fiancee had the vegetable collection. After being seated in proper, synchronized fashion, a waiter brought over four, rather large spoons, with large curled handles that were filled with a a sweet corn panna cotta, vidalia onion marmalade, and a single kernel of popcorn. This was quite enjoyable even considering my rather lackluster desire for onions. Grand Amuse: Next was the Grand Amu
  11. I was wondering if anyone has been to The Cupping Room. I found this on the net and thought it might be a nice, little laid back place for a late breakfast on saturday. Any thoughts? I was also wondering about people's opinion of doing breakfast at Town.
  12. Thank you for the replies. I had looked at Devi and Madras Cafe, but my parents and fiancee aren't too fond of indian/thai cuisine. Awhile ago I had seen pictures of Tao and was allured by the decor as well as the relatively vast menu. There were enough vegetable salads/dumplings/desserts that my fiancee would like. We have a thing about fortune cookies (as her engagement ring was in a silver fortune cookie) and I would love to see their stuffed giant fortune cookie dessert. Aquavit and Balthazar are two possibilites. Unfortunately our plane is leaving Sunday morning at 11 so a leisur
  13. My family and I are going to new york in 4 weeks and I am in charge of planning meals. I have already made a few decisions, but would like your suggestions to fill in the missing spots. Comments on my current selections are also welcome. My parents and I will eat anything (while my parents don't really like sushi/rare Tuna) and my fiancee is a vegetarian (no meat, fish, or animal broths, but dairy is ok). We are staying at the Waldorf Astoria, so it would be nice to stay within a 15min cab ride radius. Thursday: We fly in Thursday evening and are planning to eat at a diner: Any sugge
  14. Along with this thread, I would like to comment on Le Fou Frog. I had gone there a couple years ago and thought it was wonderful. I remember that was where I had my first glass of Tokaji and have been in love since. I was wondering how 40 sardines compared to this place?
  15. babern38


    I made reservations for Babbo today for October 15th. I began calling promptly at ten (when they open), but continued to receive a busy signal until 10:30!! I finally got through and secured a 5:30 spot. I also questioned about the possibility of the whole table doing the pasta tasting menu, but with my fiancee receiving a vegetarian pasta tasting. The reservationist made it clear that the whole table would then need to have a vegetarian pasta tasting I can understand that they want the whole table to do the tasting, so everyone is served at the same time and so they can make the correct
  16. babern38

    Per Se

    service charge meaning tip?
  17. I had the pleasure of dining at the RTR a few months before it closed. I loved it and was sad to learn of its closing. I was just wondering if anyone has any information about what became of all the artifacts of this restaurant. i.e. the tiffany stained glass, giant acrylic bears, $20,000 african zebra wood panels, etc. It was a beautifully audacious place that had importnant history and food that I really enjoyed.
  18. I never came across that restaurant when doing my on-line research. I pulled up the website and it looks great. It looks like a great tasting menu. You can't beat 7 courses for 70 dollars and only$20 extra for wine. Have you eaten there? How was the food?
  19. babern38

    Per Se

    The last mention on this board about prices at Per Se was that all menus had been bumped up to $175. I just looked at the website and it says that the 5-course, 9-course veggie, and the 9-course chefs menus are all $210. Those prices seem to be getting steeper by the month. I find it hard to believe that a vegetarian course can command the same prices as meat, foie, caviar dishes. For those of you that have dined there, do you think this restaurant is above other restaurants charging $135 for 7-9 courses? When it comes to meals like this, money is fairly well spent, but i'm wondering why
  20. babern38


    I've been looking over this thread and did not see much mention of vegetarian dishes. I am considering going to Babbo with my parents and vegetarian fiancee in a month and would like some more info on options for a vegetarian. She is fine with dairy, just not meat, fish, or animal based broths. I appreciate the info anyone can offer.
  21. babern38


    I was there last march and stayed at the Hameau Albert 1er. We had dinner at the Albert 1er Degustation Restaurant and it changed the way I think about food. It was my first experience with french, degustation dining and I loved every minute of every dish specially prepared to look and taste amazing. I remember it was very expensive, especially when the exchange rate was so terrible, but still worth it. The wine list and cellar were also quite impressive.
  22. I was wondering if anyone has eaten at either Circe or Zin in Kansas City and what their impression of them were. I am curious to hear about the 5 cours menu available at Zin.
  23. A couple pages back, someone was asking about an "audio spotlight" I was never able to discern from this brief discussion what this was exactly. I can generate a general idea, but it may not be correct. Would someone please explain what this is and how it intends to be incorporated at Alinea. Thanks
  24. 2 years ago I was fortunate to have my first gastronomic degustation experience at the Albert 1er Restaurant in Chamonix, France. It was a totally new way of experiencing food. The numerous, petite courses, prepared with intricacy and amazing flavors. Well, since that experience I have been looking forward to visiting another restaurant of such caliber. Luckily, I came across an article featuring TRU about a year ago and was fortunate enough to dine there this weekend. While I have been to many countries and dined in many well-known restaurants, TRU has to be my favorite. I had done my res
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