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  1. while walking around waiting for our reservation at Topolobampo I walked by Kevin Restaurant. I had never heard of this place before, but it looked great. It was a beautiful restaurant with french doors that opened to the street. It was a wednesday night, but the place looked completely empty at 7pm. Not much is discussed on this thread and I wonder why. I'm looking forward to my next trip to chicago because I think this place may be worth a try. It could be a great find.
  2. Honestly, I would consider lunch at primehouse instead of dinner. I was there on the weekend when they only serve brunch which doesn't offer their steaks so I wanted to go back for dinner. However, I do think you can get a steak for lunch during the week. Also, they offer all of their interesting and tasty appetizers on the lunch menu. I'd save your dinner for somewhere else and try some of the interesting things Primehouse has for lunch. Their 3-course prix-fixe doesn't sound too bad. http://www.brguestrestaurants.com/restaura...ehouse/menu.php
  3. we found it pretty reasonable. The family dinner is $39 per person. I don't remember exactly how much the wine pairings were. There are three different levels, but I think the first level starts somewhere between $17-25. Given the amount and quality of food for two people a price of around $120 was very reasonable.
  4. I went to Primehouse with my mother this last Tuesday for my first dinner there. I had been twice for brunch in the past, but was looking forward to trying their steaks I've read so much about. First off, I really enjoy the look of the restaurant and I was surprised in the difference in atmosphere from daytime to night. We were not extremely hungry so we skipped appetizers. Besides, i had experienced the surf and turf dumplings (good, but a little chewy) and lobster bisque (very nice, but needed more lobster) in the past. I did have the ceasar prepared tableside which was done very well
  5. My wife and I went to Tru for our one year anniversary. This was our mcuh anticipated second visit. First I will transcribe the menu with a few notes and follow by some comments and observations. Its been awhile and I din't take notes so comments will be brief 1. Amuse - Buffalo mozzarella dumpling with green olive emulsion & black olive powder - a wonderful amuse. got us warmed up as its supposed to do 2. Zucchini pea Gelee, crunchy zucchini, Orange, ginger, spring vegetable cream Lieb cellars Blanc de Pinot Blanc North Fork of long island 2002 - okay. Very well done, but no
  6. My wife and I were in Chicago for the weekend to celebrate our 1st anniversary at TRU on Saturday May 20th. The night before, I talked my wife into going to Osteria via Stato (OVS) for dinner as she is a vegetarian and we were not completely sure of their vegetarian options. Plus, she was just considering having a salad for dinner. After arriving and being seated in the back room at a large communal table which I had read about and curious how these tables worked. Another family of four was dining at this table and there was a small 5inch high wood divider between us and them as well as tw
  7. This Wednesday I had my first visit to the Frontera/Topolo restaurant for a 7:45 reservation at Topolobampo. I went with my mother to celebrate the completion of the 2nd part of my medical boards. We had tried to kill time walking downtown, but eventually decided to head to the restaurant about an hour early to see if we could be seated or at the very least, have some of the margaritas I've read so much about. We were told to wait in the bar and that we probably could be seated early. At first we both ordered one of the seasonal margaritas(blood orange for my mom and mango-mulberry for me).
  8. First, we must have gone to Glenn's cafe on the same night because they were out of trout that night too. I wish I had seen your review earlier, because I wouldn't have ordered that dish. You are right, the morels were sooooo bland!!. That was one of the biggest reasons I ordered that because I hadn't had morels in so long. very disappointing. The desserts (bread pudding and the sampler) were the highlight. Their gumbo is still pretty good and far better than that served at Jazz. I had hoped that the effort of driving to booneville would have been more rewarding. I also agreed that th
  9. I was wondering if someone could elucidate the differences between osteria via stato and osteria di tramonto. My wife and I recently dined at via stato for the first time and were made instant fans. I was unable to find a menu of OdT on the web, but some of the dishes described upthread (short ribs on parsnip puree) sound identical to what I had at via stato. I wish their website was more informative. If OdT is anything like via stato, it looks like I might have to plan a visit.
  10. could anyone comment on whether this restaurant could do a vegetarian tasting to accomodate my wife? Thanks
  11. I am wondering if you are required to do the 3 course deal or if you can just order ala carte. Basically, my wife and I are flying in for the weekend and were looking for a new place to try on friday when we get in late. Often my wife just feels like a salad (she's a vegetarian) and not a big meal (especially since we are eating at TRU on saturday). Would we be okay? Also, could someone comment on the available vegetarian dishes if ala carte is available. Thanks
  12. I passed by that the other day. Its in the building where george's steakhouse used to be. I don't know why George's closed, but now its a mexican resturant. Maybe I'll go for lunch tomorrow since I'm off work. I'll be sure to let you all know. Hopefully it will be a favorable report.
  13. While I apologize for your unfortunate experience, I do appreciate you taking one for the team and writing a review to spare the rest of us.
  14. My mom stopped by Jina Yoo's today after I mentioned hearing about it here. She said it looked like it wouldn't be open for another 1-2 months. There was no ceiling or anything else in place she said. On another note, have you seen that a new thai restaurant is open on nifong. It took up the building where (blue moon cafe) or whatever its name was. Its right next to the break time and across from first national bank on nifong. I think they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've never had thai breakfast, but it sounds intriguing.
  15. yeah, the place is pretty dirty. Its like an old house made into a restaurant. Food was pretty good though. I'l have to go back now that I know its still in business.
  16. Sutton's Bar-b-Q used to be pretty good, but I think it might have closed for the second time. I don't remeber where it is, since I had only been to the new location once. It may be worth looking up.
  17. I was just hoping to check in on this thread and see if those posts from awhile back regarding the absence of the caviar staircase with most collections (unless you fork over $200) is true or not. I have been looking forward to returning to Tru in a couple months and would hate to be disappointed if I was expecting to dine on "the staircase" again.
  18. I just ate breakfast at Taqueria El Rodeo for the first time and it was AWEOME!!!! I just ordered the breakfast plate, choosing chorizo as my choice of meat. It came with the chorizo mixed with 2 scrambled eggs, their awesome potatos, chilaquilles, and their beans. Flour tortillas were served alongside. The also have tacos for breakfast and one of the filling choices said Nopalitos. I asked what this was and was told it was cactus, so I had to try one. I thought it was pretty good. Definitely not what I imagined cactus to taste like. It was like a very mild pepper. Great place, will defin
  19. I love HuHot. It takes awhile to figure out what sauce combinations you like. I've found that adding a ladel of the chili oil helps make the sauces less sweet or salty and keeps your teeth from grinding. Sounds weird, I know, but its great.
  20. Sweet lord!! Why was I not invited!!!???? Sounds amazing. Makes me wish I was turning 34 soon.
  21. for non-italian, more fine dining I recommend NIche - http://www.niche-restaurant.com/ - 3 courses for $30 - I think they've also started a 7 course tasting for ~$50-60 Savor - http://www.saucemagazine.com/savor/ - enjoyed my one visit there. Lots of variety Monarch - http://www.monarchrestaurant.com/ - we did a tasting menu here where the chef personally comes out to plan the menu with you depending on your likes/dislikes. 1111 Mississippi - http://www.1111-m.com/ - great atmosphere and really enjoyed everything on my 2-3 visits here Chez Leon - http://www.chezleon.com/ - the only
  22. I've only eaten at cherrhill brasserie once, which is unfortunate because I thought it was quite good. I really enjoyed the gorgonzola cheesecake appetizer as well as the frog legs dish. I'm looking forward to going back. Going to Taqueria El Rodeo for like the 5th time tonight. Last weekend I visited to try two of their (weekends only) dishes. My first experience with menudo led be to learn that tripe is not my thing for textural reasons. The soup itself wasn't as flavorful or spicy as I thought it would be either which didn't make the expereince any better. It was basically some orange
  23. I completely agree with Ulterior Epicure's assessment. Chef Bowles was robbed. I found his dishes to be far more creative, beautifully plated, and intriguing in their unique and complex creations.
  24. made it to taqueria tonight. in short, I was very pleased. I had the alambres special, steak, pork, shrimp, homemade tortillas, yummy. The refried beans are excellent as well as the charo beans. The salsa was fresh and unique from other mexican places in town. I'm really looking forward to returning.
  25. I ate at Nikai grill the first week or so after it opened and was very unimpressed. It seems like it is more burger and bar food with a few greek items like gyros that is hoping to get business from people going to the attached club. Every time I drive by there is only about 1-2 people in there. I don't know how they afford all the radio advertising they do.
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