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  1. I haven't seen any posts about SHO Shaun Hergatt's place in the financial district, but after a recent meal there I must say that needs to be changed. I actually found out about this place while perusing opentable.com and was intrigued by the amazing photos on its website. After several failed attempts to go a friend and I finally made it last Tuesday and had a fantastic meal. We settled on the 3 course $79 option which is a bargain in that it included an initial plate of three small bites, amuse, appetizer, main, dessert, then mignardises. the initial offering consisted of a plate of two bi
  2. hi, just wondering if anyone has been here recently or heard anything. I came across it a little while ago and am thinking about a visit in the near future. I also think the champagne lounge looks like a great place to relax with some friends. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, I was hoping someone could help me as I am in desperate need of a drink. I recently lost my phone and as such, also the new number to milk and honey. I managed to find the number that worked around march/april and I recall last time I texted it i received a reply stating they had changed their number and they sent me the new number. However, when I tried texting the old number again I received no such reply. Could someone please help me by pm'ing me the new number. I would be forever in debt. As such I had another question. last time I was there in june they made me this great drink s
  4. Hi, With as much as I love going out to eat I've decided I need to get a lot more serious about learning to cook beyond some basic things. I've tried searching the web without many promising results and figure I'd turn to my friends at egullet to see if anyone knew of anyone who offers either private or small group cooking lessons. My schedule is quite variable so its hard for me to commit to steady classes. perhaps there are some trained chefs who are interested in some extra money on their days off? Any help is appreciated. thanks.
  5. I have recently learned that the kictchen counter is now only offered and available when a party of six makes a reservation. I have a group of four interested in going on May 21st, but we are having some difficulty acquiring the required two extra people. We are still waiting to hear back from some prospects, but I figured I would put out a bulletin to see if anyone here might be interested in joining if possible. just pm me with questions. Thanks
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    i was hoping someone could refresh me on the walk in bar policy for babbo. If I wanted to go for a few small plates at the bar is this still possible? what is the best time and day to attempt such a venture.
  7. I got a reservation the other day for my first visit to minibar on may 19th at 830. it was the last available seat. This will be my first visit to DC. So I plan on driving down early from NJ to go to smithsonian during the day, then minibar at night. Can't wait.
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    It was tandoori spiced. I was misspoken when I said THai.
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    the butternut sorbet was the first amuse. I'm not sure I could classify it as completely savory or sweet. It wasn't as rich, creamy and savory as a butternut squash soup, but it wasnt too sweet either. It was a light, interesting, clean flavor that perked up my palate for the meal to come. The menu simply says tandoori spiced black cod. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I thought it was one of the most well composed and harmonious dishes of the night however.
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    Had a fantastic meal at Gilt last Saturday. This was our first visit I must start off by saying that this is probably my favorite room of any high end restaurant I've visited. It drips with luxury and antiquity. We opted for the expanded 7+ course menu Two amuses included a butternut squash sorbet on top of toasted sesame crumbs followed by a delicious short rib filled dumpling in broth Next was the tuna tartare on top of a black olive paste with breaded quail egg. sweetbread polenta thai spiced cod over black beluga lentils and salsify - coconut foam kobe beef with a side of roasted beef sho
  11. Had my first meal at DB townhouse on 2/13 and was a bit disappointed. While I love the decor, we were put off my the 30 minute wait for our 9:30 reservation and the fact that a few other couples were seated before us, though they arrived after. The main dining room, while beautiful, is was extrememly cramped and it was annoying having servers and guests bumping into my chair every few minutes. The food was decent, but nothing remarkable or any standouts other than the beef stroganoff which just hit the spot on that particular night. I had high hopes of finding a new place to frequent, but
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    Had an amazing first meal here on Valentine's Day. We were seated downstairs, which I did not find the decor to be anywhere near the level of the food. I didn't go upstairs to see if its any nicer. It has been awhile since I've had so many surprises and unique flavors at a restaurant. I look forward to a return visit in the future.
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    Thanks for pointing out the fact that I have yet to realize its 2009 I actually mean I found our meal at scarpetta to be one of my top 5 meals in NYC in the last 7-8 months since moving here....and I think I've been making some good progress eating around the city's top spots i.e. KO, per se, etc.
  14. Just finished having dinner here. Third visit, but first dinner. I love this place. I have always had excellent and consistent service and delicious food. A great value for such great quality. Especially tonight as the $45 prix fixe included an amzing pork chocroute platter that was HUGE!! and had a wonderful variety of various pork products. If you haven't been here, its time to go.
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    we also ate at scarpetta for the first time last sunday 1/18 and had an amazing meal and excellent service. The wild mushroom polenta and scallop tartare were spot on and delicious. I was amazed at the huge portion size as well especially given the great price of ~$15 I agree the duck&foie ravs didn't have that much foie flavor but I think this is good considering the amount of raviolis we were given. Don't get me wrong, I love foie, but I think that much would be far too rich and become unenjoyable halfway through the dish. There must have been 25 ravioli on the plate. The cavatelli
  16. Had an amazing dinner at Scarpetta last night. Probably more west than you are looking for but I was amazed at the food, service, and especially the price. I look forward to returning soon.
  17. Went for the first time, Finally, last thursday. Great experience. Love the entrance and the overall vibe. Service was courteous and quick when I was there. The green deacon was good but the black flip was worth the trip. My friend also enjoyed his two drinks called Remember Maine and something else I don't recall The wylie dogs were good, but a bit sweeter than I was hoping. I think it was the tomato molasses. Anyway, can't wait to return.
  18. babern38


    Ate dinner here for the first time with my parents this evening before seeing Don Giovanni at the Met. Overall we had a very nice meal. It definitely wasn't a jaw dropping experience, probably not even on top ten meals list, but very well done and an enjoyable part of the evening. There were three amuses, tempura chantarelle lollipops, a cauliflower panna cotta with lemon gelee, and a celery puree with truffle foam. I had the foie gras shabu shabu as previously discussed here. It was an interesting dish that I find difficult to describe. As mentioned above its not about the foie, but I did
  19. Had dinner here for the first time tonight. I had gone back and forth on whether to take my parents here or not, but we were all quite satisfied with the experience. The space is much cozier and warmer than the pictures I had seen. I had been looking forward to the tasting menu they show on their website, but when we arrived it was not mentioned or printed on the menu. I asked and was told they were not offering it tonight I'll comment on the food I tasted" bone marrow, caviar appetizer - how can you say no to this. An interesting combo, but for anyone who loves salt and fat as much as m
  20. any places serving Haggis? (sp?) always wanted to try it
  21. I recently moved to NJ, though I spend most of my time in NYC and I have been trying to find a place with good irish and scottish food. I've really been craving scotch eggs, but also want the staples of great stews, shepard's pie, and even haggis. Can someone please help me out. Thanks
  22. thank you for the clarification. I didn't realize it had been a gradual increase.
  23. I was dining at Ko the other day and one of the other diner's there works at Masa and it was mentioned that they just increased the menu price from ~$300 to ~$475!! or something close to that. Thats incredible! I've never been to Masa and while I've read plenty of the amazing reviews and I'm sure there is something to be said for the exclusivity and priviledge of dining there, I can't possibly imagine how it should cost that much and not even include alcohol. I realize the fish is flown in fresh daily, etc, etc. but come on. This has to be the most expensive menu on the planet, at least
  24. Going for lunch tomorrow. It will be my first time there and I'm very excited. I'll be sure to give a report when I return
  25. I recently moved to NYC and have been working my way around the various cocktail revival bars (pegu, PDT) and I heard about Milk & Honey, but have not been able to find anyone who has been and knows how to get in. I did hear something about them changing their phone number recently anyway. I was hoping someone on this board may be able to provide me with their new contact info via private message. It would be greatly appreciated.
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