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  1. I can't believe I didn't think of a potato masher. I have been plugged in for two long. After reading this forum I am going to go home to experiment. Thanks all!
  2. Does anyone make hummus without a food processor or a blender? How was it made before electricity? My food processor packed it in and I am getting tired of buying the store's hummus.
  3. I have heard good things about this restaurant in Abbotsford Restaurant 62 I too am always on the lookout for restaurants east of Vancouver.
  4. From the picture, I might consider making sandals out of them.
  5. Thanks for the info and the link. Just this weekend Safeway had a sign up. I did think it was weird that I was finding fresh lemons but no Realemon. I use the lemon concentrate when I require the acid rather than the flavour. I use reconstituted lemon juice when I bake buns with whole wheat flour. It appears to help the leavening. I haven't down the research to figure out why, but it what my mother taught me and it works. Anyways, thanks again.
  6. Okay, so please don't razz me too hard about buying lemon juice when I could be squeezing fresh lemons (yes, I do that too), but this hunt is beginning to make me curious. About two weeks ago, my wife was going to buy a bottle of reconstituted lemon juice. It was out of stock at her local grocery store. After a couple of days, she tried at another store and it too was out of stock. Since then we have been checking at every store more for curiosity rather than real need and there is no lemon juice to be found. Lime juice is in stock and fresh lemons and limes are not difficult to acquire but lemon juice has disappeared from the shelves. Does anyone have any insight into this perplexing problem? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. NWCAV Cooking Class Anyone here signing up for this class this year? I know EGulletters have been populating this one for years. It appears that the Monday sessions are already sold out!
  8. Thanks for the heads up Kentan -- good brekky places in that hood are especially welcome. ← So, you think that this breakfast place will be even better than Rickey's?
  9. Oops, I didn't look close enough to what I was doing. I can't believe I posted in the wrong forum. Anyways thanks for the responses. I normally stay in downtown Ottawa but I have long days here in Kanata. I just brought up the Brookswood and that looks like a wonderful evening. I purposely didn't ask for any specific type of food as the options out here seem rather limited. I have just been informed about Fratelli's. I think I will have to try this before I leave. (Moderator, please accept my apologies and move this thread to the proper location. Thanks)
  10. I am out in Kanata for a week staying at the Country Inn. Is everything here a chain restaurant or a box store? Please help me find some good food. I did have a pretty good steak at Baton Rouge, but I understand that is a chain as well. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am ready to try just about anything.
  11. Did anyone join the facebook group for Dine Out 2008? My workmate tells me that there are over 6000 people who have joined this face book group. Do you think that this will affect the attendance of Dine Out?
  12. Two Greek restaurants that my wife and I enjoy are Stefano's in New Westminster and Simpatico's on West 4th. Stefano's has a really pleasant atmosphere and great decor. It seems a little more elegant than the average taverna and the food is great. It is family run and the staff never seem to change. I like the professional service. Simpatico's is the place to go when we attend Bard on the Beach. It is pretty casual but consistently okay. The food is better than the run-of-the-mill greek places. Excellent Greek bar food (is that a category?) can be found at River's Reach in New Westminster. They used to be Venus' Pizza but reduced their dining area to put in a beer and wine store. There are some reasons to dine outside of downtown Vancouver!
  13. This year we are doing renovations and haven't had much spare time. My wife spent the weekend painting the basement and on holiday Monday, I changed the taps on the kitchen sink. As our basement is being renovated, I took the laundry to the laundramat and spent two-plus hours cleaning dirty clothes. This meant that Thanksgiving dinner was up to my ten-year-old daughter with close supervision from her Grandma. Grandma's other responsibility was to supervise the other children, one nine-month old, one three year old, and one independent seven year. They are all girls and all busy. I was a little worried. They stuffed the turkey and put it into the oven while I, pretending to be a plumber, had the kitchen torn apart. I left for a couple of errands and got back just after six to find an excellent dinner awaiting me. The turkey was done beautifully. The sides were all very simple but well prepared. Grandma and Lydia also made pumpkin pie and apple pie from scratch. The crust was rolled a little thick but it was a fantastic first effort. I was so proud of my daughter (and mother-in-law) I had to tell someone. We might make a chef out of her yet, although I am hoping she choses an occupation with a little better financial compensation.
  14. ddueck

    Pomegranate made easy

    That technique is fantastic! Now, how do I cut a mango so I don't loose one tasty morsel.
  15. Speaking of Tofino and Wickaninnish, has anyone ever been to the Wickaninnish Restaurant owned by Oak Bay Marine Group. I go fishing once a year with a bunch of guys at the Canadian Princess in Uclulet. We also take their bus over to the restaurant at least once each trip. It is an attempt at fine dining, but nothing seems too adventurous. I enjoyed decent fish and a spectacular view. I would like to try something with a little more pizzaz but I don't think I could convince my fellow fishermen! http://www.canadianprincess.com/wickaninnish-restaurant/
  16. I am interested in the Patios Milestones at English Bay anyone? but I am even more interested in "innappropriate use of a Seadoo" There has got to be a great story in there somewhere.
  17. I started washing dishes at a family style buffet restaurant and eventually they started letting me do some prep. Thankfully I got out of the industry, but it gave me the early confidence to continually expand my cooking skills at home. I'm still not very good, but I sure enjoy eating what I make!
  18. I have been lurking in the Sourdough thread and have been doing some bread-baking at home. I have now come to the realization that I need to aquire a couple of items. Kitchen Scale - The stacking tupperware measuring cups aren't cutting it any more. I want to be an obsessive baker and measure every gram. The scale buying guide on egullet is good, but I am now looking for a more specific recommendation. I don't care about calorie-counters and all that crap. I would be interested in something that could help me with the "JACKAL formula" Specific brand suggestions and locations would be helpful. Please note that I live near Vancouver, British Columbia (that's Canada for the rest of you). Baking Stone-I had a pizza stone that was doing all right, but it broke in half. Should I bother buying an official "BAKING STONE" or would I be better off picking up something from my local hardware store? I know a lot of people talk about bricks or stones on the bottom of their oven, but that is where my elememt is. Does this strategy still work. My oven is a standerd (for Canada) boring electric range. (PS. I did invest in a little oven thermometer and my oven officially heats 50F more than it displays). Baskets-I think I want some for fermenting bread dough. (I always called it letting the dough rise.) Again, I use the big tupperware bowl and put a towel over the top. Should I be looking for anything specific in a basket? Do you just drop the dough in the bowl or do you put a towel or something in to line the basket? I appreciate your advice. I am having a good time, but I haven't yet realized the perfect loaf. Luckily my kids will eat any of my experiments, at least so far. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  19. 1. Keg Boring, but good. My wife wasn't feeling good and the Keg was her definition of comfort food. A good choice for a hunk of meat. 2. Stephano's Every Mother's Day Stephano's has a Sunday Brunch. It is a thoroughly enjoyable way to eat all your favorite Greek treats in one meal. Some items suffer by being served on a steam table, but the smoked salmon made up for it all. Every year it is a huge family production for all of us to go there and the experience is always excellent. 3. Frogstone Grill I don't hear about this place on Egullet (probably because it is not downtown). It is a family-style restaurant which means nothing is too interesting or challenging. What it does offer is well-prepared, fresh food that tastes like you would expect it to taste. This is another place I can bring kids and grandparents with all of them having something they like. They make their own Guacamole tableside. This place reminds me of White Spot, but with a little more character and a little more flavour.
  20. My Dad still tells about a date he had with my mom. The year was probably about 1960 and my dad was propably about 20 years old. For both of their families, going to a restaurant was a very rare and special thing. My Dad picked up my mom and drove to the big city of Langley to go to the Rickshaw Restaurant (still there). It was their first time in a Chinese restaurant. Dad ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork and was rather surprised to simply receive a large platte of meat without any starch or veggies. He and mom were too shy to share with each other or ask about the situation. But, even then, they learned their lesson. The next time back, they shared.
  21. There is a new bakery and deli in New Westminster. 6th Ave. Bakery and Deli (creative name). They make their own bread and other baked desserts on site. They bring in a pretty good selection of Deli meats. They are just getting going so it looks a little sparse, but the quality is great and the prices aren't bad. I can finally have a great deli sandwich only three blocks from my house!!!! They are right across from Safeway and right beside a little vegetable stand. I sure hope they do well!!!
  22. This is the first year that we have not made New Years Cookies (our anglicization of Oliebolen). I am from Russian Mennonite background but the tradition is the same as we started out in Holland. There is a german name for them, but I can't pronounce it and I certainly can't spell it! My wife is overdue with our fourth child and I am not committing to making anything that is not completed in a very short time. We have had a few false starts, but nothing so far. We have agreeed to make new years cookies as soon as the baby comes. These pictures make the waiting harder than it should be!
  23. On the location of cheese shops . . . The Holland Store in New Westminster sells a variety of (you guessed it) Dutch cheese (Gouda, etc). They cut it themselves from the infamous big wheels. Their cold cuts aren't bad either.
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