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  1. I have been reading this site for about six months now and drooling all over my keyboard. (Good thing I keep buying cheap ones.) I just moved from Mission and am now living in New Westminster. I am curious as to the opinion this esteemed group of food geeks concerning my new local restaurants. I know most of you stick pretty close to the downtown core and West Granville is like a trip to the country, but there are a few restaurants out here. My wife swears (ok not really swears) by Stefano's. The day our baby was born, she went there for lunch (yes, twelve hours after birth!). I live just around the corner from La Spaghetaria and La Rustica but don't know much about them. There is also quite a cluster of coffee shops near the corner of sixth and sixth, but none are very good. I think this is a perfect location for another Cafe D'Artigiano. Anyone interested? Anyways, let me know what you think.
  2. Greetings, I stopped by the Kolachi store just before the Vancouver Eats show last spring. The fine young gentleman who served me told me about this site. I have been lurking ever since. I felt it was most appropriate to come out, so to speak, on this topic. My buddies, who work for an unnamed employer close by to the lure of the Kolachi have turned me on to these delectable treats. Unfortunately I live in New Westminster and work in Surrey, so I don't get them very often. Are you thinking of making sweet flavours (If you already do, just ignore me).
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