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  1. If you are looking for a stuffed pork recipe I can recommend one from epicurious for pork loin (not tenderloin) stuffed with mortadella and truffle butter. So delish and could be stuffed and tied a day ahead: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Mortadella-Stuffed-Pork-Loin-with-Rosemary-Roasted-Potatoes-107808 Recipe is a bit annoying because there is a potato side that is sort of integrated into it, you have to do a bit or sorting to make just the pork.
  2. SPQR is tasty and fun, but the portions are tiny and it ends up being pricey. Also all that great Italian wine will run the bill up. My faves in your price range are EMMY'S SPAGHETTI SHACK and FRONT PORCH. They are both in the Mission and are fun, hip, young places with really tasty food. If you go to Emmy's get the scallop and melon app, so delicious. The spag and meatballs are always a pleasure and a huge plate is under $10. The other menu items are generally great, though I usually go when I crave the spaghetti. Front Porch is kind of Jamaican influenced soul food. Good fried chicken
  3. Thanks everyone for the very excellent ideas and advice. Exactly the expertise I was hoping for! Glad to have my expectations of these preserved fungi in line. I decided to wait on the truffles-- do a dinner for fewer people and use them then...probably the chicken or the potatoes anna as these dishes will both be good even if the truffles are just ok. Chef Johnny’s Risotto sounds great as well. Busboy, I was tempted to run open the bottle and stick my nose in after reading your post, but restrained myself in case there might be some additional loss of freshness/flavor since I am not going
  4. A few more... Boulette's Larder at the Ferry Plaza (gourmet/yuppy) Citizen Cake (also gourmet/yuppy, wonderful baked goods) Elite Cafe (gourmet/gut buster) Slow Club (gourmet/yuppy) My other faves have already been mentioned: Dotties (really the BEST!), Boogaloos (because of that cabbage salad), and Just For You. These are all a bit more on the hipster-diner continuum.
  5. I don't post much but I do drink a lot of gin, so here are some ideas: Gin and lillet combos: 1 part Lillet 1 part red grapefruit juice (squeezed fresh) 2 parts gin lemon twist Or: Handful of mint Muddle the crap out of it (mortar & pestle are best) with 2 tbs superfine sugar Scrape into shaker with 1 1/2 oz Lillet 2 oz gin And the juice of half a large lemon Add lots of cracked ice Shake Serve up w/ lemon twist I have had good luck with ginger syrup/lime juice/gin combos. For the strawberry thing...your idea reminds me of a Pierre Herme dessert that called for strawberries, mint, and cra
  6. I got a lovely jar of Italian black summer truffles (tuber aestivum) for Christmas. 3 truffles for a total of 50 gr, etruria brand. I have not cooked with truffles before and have had limited (but memorable) experience eating them. Friday evening I am having a party...drinks and dinner...needs to be buffet style as my small SF apartment won't accommodate more than 10 for a sit down dinner... Any ideas for recipes? Advice about how to treat them? Comments on the quality of jarred truffles vs fresh? I was thinking a risotto, but the recipes I've seen are for white truffles. Can I just subst
  7. I went to Winterland the other night and I hear they are closing mid-July! Very sad! I think it was not a good location, way too residential. I don't know what's next for the staff; if I hear more I will post.
  8. Hi Gabe- I think this part of the world is more known for the Chez Panisse style of organic/fresh/local/simple, and to me the best places aer in that vein. Even the top fine-dining restaurants (eg Michael Mina) are less edgy and avant-garde than the places you mention, even though they often serve creative and fabulous food. That might be why there have not been faster responses to your post. But here are a few ideas: Winterland in San Francisco. This place is one of SF's more avant-garde spots. The reviews on this site have been less than amazing, but I like the place a lot, especially si
  9. mixmaster b

    Pork Orgy

    Make crock pot Chile Verde!! If you have a crock pot, this is a great weekday meal as it will be busy cooking while you are aout. If you don't have a crock pot, it is worth buying one just beacuse this pork is so insanely good. The inspiration can be found on This Crock Pot Thread. (Many thanks to Jaymes and KMPickard for the posts that inspired me to make this stuff.) When I make it I get a grizzly, inexpensive piece of pork shoulder, about 3 or 4 lbs, no bone. I sear it well on all sides then dump it in the crock pot. In go a few cloves of sliced garlic, a big diced onion, some cumin,
  10. I had a really yummy, meat-heavy, fantastically satisfying meal at the homey Hitching Post in Buellton, near Solvang. Also I am a fan of their pinot, which tends to be very heavy and rich. (Yes, this was the place in Sideways, but that is really not so important, as it's been there for ages and has plenty of character.) Bon voyage!
  11. Le Petit Beaujolais croissant looks very good...but how did it taste? Edited to add more info: My faves are Michelle Richard and La Dijonaisse. Michelle Richard's are smaller, and more emphasis on the flaky pasty aspect of things, therefore they get first place. La Dijonaisse croissants are slightly bigger, with a more present/chewy interior. The outside is still nice and crispy. (I will admit that I moved up to SF about a 2 years, so I haven't been able to compare the newer spots. But La Dijonaisse is a favorite of a co-worker/friend of mine who is Swiss, and I have had the pleasure of ea
  12. Some randon thoughts... When you go to Chez Pannise get there early and go to Cesar next door for a cocktail and a snack (a light snack) first. It is a wonderful place, interesting drinks and very good tapas. I hope you enjoy Chez, it is one of my favorite places, both for the food and the vibe, and upstairs and down both ahve their own charms. I've heard that there is a new food-related complex next door as well but I haven't been. Also when you go the Slanted Door go check out Boulette's Larder at the other end of the ferry plaza. beautiful space, food is always interesting. They sell mi
  13. Cheryl, all the advice you posted here and on the other thread was SOOO helpful. I am making Herme's carioca cake for a b-day and am an out-of-practice novice home baker (yikes) so reading up on your experiences gave me a lot more confidence going in. The genoise is done (baked in a 3" high pan, thanks to more good advice from Wendy and others) and it it high enough to make me happy! The mousse is done, and the coffee syrup is done, and so now it's the ganache (which is always mysterious to me) and the almonds, and of course the final assembly...whish me luck. In any case thanks for the posts,
  14. I've just been back in SF for 6 months and have yet to do all the research, but if you are up for the trendy mission scene, Tokyo GoGo is really excellent. The specialties are thin-sliced sahimi with great sauces. It is fusion, for sure, so don't expect a purist experience. But very fresh fish, creative presentation, and most importantly, delicious.
  15. Harry's Bar on Fillmore has quite a decent burger. The price is great and they serve until 2 in the morning! (This is new--it used to be 11) The best part is that it is a thick burger so you can get it rare or medium rare. As a matter of fact they have a tendency to undercook them. The fries are good, too, but no malteds.
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