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  1. I've order directly form PCB around 3 times in the past year and a half. Twice I've ordered from the web and once I ordered on the phone directly with PCB. I agree that the exchange rate has gone up and made things more expensive but I am just doing some home and holiday chocolates so I am not ordering bulk. Also since I am doing small amounts they send me samples which allows me to experiment. I like the idea of dealing directly with them and not worrying about minimums etc. I don't recall what I paid in shipping but the packages arrived very quickly even with standard shipping. I don't have the old invoices in front of me but when I get home I can check to see what I paid in shipping.


  2. I have been able to find the sanyo induction heater in the US. Only the large Zojirushi model.

    My decision is now between the sanyo 5.5 cup and the Zojirushi 5.5 cup (both fuzzy logic).


  3. I've narrowed down my choices of rice cooker between the Sanyo ECJ-D55S 5.5-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker.

    I decided against the induction heater and larger machines only because of size and counter space limitations.

    I can't tell the major differences between the Sanyo and Zojirushi. They seem like the same machines besides button layout and the canister to cook the rice in.

    Also, Would these machines do Thai sticky rice?

    Is the zojirushi worth another $60 or is that just for the brand name?



  4. How did you pack them up so they didn't bounce around? Did you use boxes / plastic trays? (I am always wondering the best way to transport my chocolates to a party without them bouncing around).

    Also what are the chocolates on either side of the jess and eli chocolate? It looks interesting. I like the look of the long table with all the chocolates. Did you temper by hand or with a machine?

  5. Does the induction heating on the Zojirushi make the extra cost worth it?

    I like the idea that I can set it up before work and have the rice ready when I come home but if I decide when I come home from work that I want some rice I like the shorter cooking times that the induction cooker would take over the other fuzzy cooker.

    Does it do Thai sticky rice? (Or would the other cookers also do sticky rice?)

    I also heard some conflicting info regarding oatmeal. (could I do some quaker oats oatmeal in the rice cooker?)



  6. alanamoana,

    I did let them sit overnight. So I am not sure why they didn't come out. The transfer sheets I used (the post cards and puzzles) have thick images. I felt that possibly the transfer sheets should have been a little warmer, (Or the chocolate warmer?). Anyway, keep me posted. I may not be using these molds until christmas time or next easter (I have the christmas and easter post cards and puzzles.)


  7. Just because someone will bring something exotic doesn't mean that it holds up well and tastes good.

    I've made a chocolate sour cream cake which remains very moist and is very easy to make. Instead of making a cake I also did it in the small nordicware pans to make mini cakes or use a muffin pan.

    (I was looking for the recipe but I don't have it handy.)


  8. I've had a similar issue with the PCB transfer sheets. Not sure why? I was making my easter chocolates using their post cards and puzzles. The post cards came out ok (for the most part) and the puzzles didn't come out. I think it had to do with the temperature of the tempered chocolate. I was working in a similar environment as you. (I let my molds sit overnight to set.) Keep us posted on anything you find.



  9. Thanks Artichoke,

    I saw your reply after your post.... If only I had unlimited funds and space .....

    I can see that the light enamel would be good for making caramel or frying and seeing the color of the food better.

    I am leaning towards the LC.


  10. My difficultiy is due to the multiuse aspects. I like the idea of staub's browing qualities but the fact that LC might be easier to clean is a big advantage. Does food stick more in the staub? If I use it for rice, would it stick more in staub or LC?

  11. I am looking for a small Cast iron Dutch oven to cook curries, rice and risottos to replace an old farberware pot. I am looking for a 2 quart and found that Le Creuset and staub make a 2qt. My question is does the inside matter that much? Would they both work well for what I am doing? (The staub pot is less than the Le Creuset by $20).

    I seem to like the weight of the staub pot more than the Le Creuset but the light inside of the le creuset seems more practical in cooking and in preventing food from sticking.



  12. I agree with the above, but if we didn't use them the NYS inspectors would shut us down. That being said, we throw them away before handling money, then wash hands. At least that how staff is trained.  :hmmm:

    Why is training people to use gloves properly supposed to be easier than training them to wash their hands and handle food properly? :hmmm:

    It isn't. In fact, because the plastic gloves are unnatural, workers tend to misuse them and food ends up at even more risk of contamination than before. :shock:

    But it makes the inspectors job easier, and that's what counts. :wacko:

    SB (plus, the poiticians and beauracrats pretend they "solved" a problem) :angry:

    It is hard to check if a person has washed their hands or if their hands are clean. But it is easy to check for rubber gloves and if the gloves are dirty. I find gloves really usefull in that I work on something where my hands get stick or messy with a dough or batter then 2 seconds later those messy gloves are in the trash with new ones on my hands ready for the next task.

  13. Thanks for the input Derek. During my lunch hour I went to JB prince to look as some knives. I decided to go with the Global knife if only because it appeared to be more durable and forgiving (like you mentioned). (I spent some time at the Korin website as well reading up). One thing I was wondering is the rough strip (haze) on the some if not all of the Yanagi knives I saw. Is that a more decorative aspect or is there a functional aspect?

    I think my knives are pretty sharp but they were just clunky when it came to slicing sashimi and other fish. I was using a slicer (for meats) I had from culinary school but didn't like the results or feel I got from using the knife with fish. Since I make some sort of sushi / sashimi / tartar fish for dinner many nights of the week I felt Yanagi kniife would be a good investment.

    I did read the egci and will be checking it out again when I sharpen my knives.



  14. I make a lot of fish at home and specifically tuna and salmon sushi and tartar (or lightly grilled tuna and salmon) sliced thin. I haven't been happy with my current knives in how they slice the fish.

    I saw a global sashimi knife for around $100 and was thinking of getting for when I make sashimi and sushi.

    What are your thoughts? Is there a difference between Sushi and Sashimi knives? How do these compare to samon slicers?



  15. From a business prospective I wouldn't share anything that gives you (a) a competitive edge, (b) differentiates you from other cake makers © could be a new and innovative method /ingredient (which could be patentable)

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